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Create and maintain accurate financial records.

PDS Ledger simplifies the administrative tasks of financial management by providing a full accounting solution for your parish. This program helps your office comply with IRS and FASB requirements. From organizing a unique chart of accounts to running annual reports, PDS Ledger removes the worry and hassle from bookkeeping, allowing you to do your job quickly and efficiently.

Accounting to fit your parish.

Organize your data the way you need to keep track of it in your Chart of Accounts. Keep track of up to eight years of cash-basis or accrual-basis account balances. Record basic account information and assign types to each account, such as asset, liability, income, or expense.

Generate detailed reports.

Choose from dozens of predefined reports, such as your Statement of Financial Position or Statement of Activity, generate lists and comparisons for analysis, or design your reports. Use Easy Reports to simply select the fields you want to print or export reports as needed.

Efficiently plan with your budget.

Maintain an easy listing of monthly, quarterly, or yearly budget information for income and expense accounts. Prepare budgets using spreadsheets. Export your current actuals to a file. Share the file with others for input/feedback. Once the budgets have been finalized, quickly import them back into the program.

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