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Ministry Scheduler™

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A flexible solution for scheduling masses.

Easily coordinate and assign ministers for various functions at weekend or daily liturgies. PDS Ministry Scheduler is a customizable solution for scheduling masses, allowing the administrator to establish preferences and adjust for conflicts.

Schedule every detail for each Mass.

With PDS Ministry Scheduler, you can schedule mass and add a mass type. Only the fields you need are displayed for each mass type, and you can easily adjust the number of ministers needed for each mass.

Manage minister assignments and preferences.

Specify days and times when ministers are unavailable and assign class types to ministers so they serve with those who have the same classifications. For those who serve in more than one ministry, assignments will automatically be rotated among the ministries they serve, or you can choose their direct assignments if needed.

Communicate ministry schedules.

PDS Ministry Scheduler allows you to print the mass schedule for a specified date range, including all ministries or any subset of them. You can limit the schedule to a particular mass type. You can also generate reports that show who received assignments and the number of assignments received.


View your schedule on the go.

Using the Minister Web App, ministers can access their schedule using their smartphone, accept or decline assignments, and pick up open assignments.

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Make payday painless with payroll management.

Take the hassle out of preparing and managing your office’s payroll with PDS Ledger/Payroll. This program integrates with PDS Ledger™, enabling you to quickly prepare payroll for salaried, hourly, exempt, and contract employees.

Better manage your employees.

Easily track all of your employees and their positions in PDS Ledger/Payroll. With the user-friendly screens, easily add address and contact information, pictures, evaluations, benefits, and tax information for one or multiple positions per employee. Plus, easily accrue vacation and sick time in the program.

Automatically calculate payroll withholding taxes.

PDS Ledger/Payroll posts all federal and state tax table changes as they occur so you can download all updates quickly. All of your monthly, quarterly, and yearly needs are met, including automatically calculating wages, withholdings, salaries, tax liabilities, and benefits. Create and print federal and state reports.

Print tax forms or file electronically.

PDS Ledger/Payroll understands the special rules around handling differences between the IRS and SSA for clergy compensation. Quickly fill out and print W-2, W-3, 1099, 1096, and 941 reports. Plus, PDS Tax E-File™ makes it easy to file federal and state forms electronically.

Use the full functionality of PDS Ledger.

PDS Ledger/Payroll includes the full functionality of PDS Ledger, including cash or accrual basis accounting, budgets, checks, direct deposits, transactions, and much more.

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Create and maintain accurate financial records.

PDS Ledger simplifies the administrative tasks of financial management by providing a full accounting solution for your parish. This program helps your office comply with IRS and FASB requirements. From organizing a unique chart of accounts to running annual reports, PDS Ledger removes the worry and hassle from bookkeeping, allowing you to do your job quickly and efficiently.

Accounting to fit your parish.

Organize your data the way you need to keep track of it in your Chart of Accounts. Keep track of up to eight years of cash-basis or accrual-basis account balances. Record basic account information and assign types to each account, such as asset, liability, income, or expense.

Generate detailed reports.

Choose from dozens of predefined reports, such as your Statement of Financial Position or Statement of Activity, generate lists and comparisons for analysis, or design your reports. Use Easy Reports to simply select the fields you want to print or export reports as needed.

Efficiently plan with your budget.

Maintain an easy listing of monthly, quarterly, or yearly budget information for income and expense accounts. Prepare budgets using spreadsheets. Export your current actuals to a file. Share the file with others for input/feedback. Once the budgets have been finalized, quickly import them back into the program.

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Formation Office

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Easy management of religious education programs.

Organize student and family information, quickly see who is enrolled in each class/session, and coordinate large amounts of financial data from tuition and fees to contributions and fundraising. Use Formation Office to take care of the details, and free yourself and your staff to manage the crucial human interactions at the heart of your institution.

Better manage student information.

Keeping information on your students and their families is vital to the effective management of your religious education programs. PDS Formation Office enables you to keep phone numbers, email addresses, emergency contact information, medical alerts, and so much more.

Track student progress and attendance.

From viewing class schedules, rosters, meeting dates, and catechists to running enrollment reports, PDS Formation Office does it with ease. You can quickly locate information for each student’s attendance and view other vital data such as their sacraments, ministries, talents, certifications, and more.

Offer tuition tracking and payments.

Easily manage and maintain all your payment information and keep your students’ families informed of their payment records and histories with PDS Formation Office. Plus, support for most EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) methods gives your students’ families payment flexibility.

Provide online registration for programs.

PDS Formation Office helps you create forms to add to your website so parishioners can easily register students or update their family information. You can post blank forms for the general public or email parishioners and send them to a form that is already filled out with their information that’s ready to be updated.

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Church Office™

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Efficiently manage family and parish information.

PDS Church Office empowers parishes to simplify the tasks associated with the daily management of family and parish information. Manage the myriad of details required to make your church run efficiently so you can effectively deal with the needs of your parish community.

Better manage parishioner information.

PDS Church Offices allows you to track personal and contact information for families, individuals, and personnel. This includes addresses, phone numbers, sacramental details, ministries and talents, and more. Plus, easily compile data on your parishioners for submission to The Official Catholic Directory™.

Communicate throughout the week.

You can send quick emails and texts to families, members, or personnel. PDS Church Office also gives you several family, member, and financial letters and statements, like anniversary, census, and welcome letters. You can print and mail or send via email. Also, track interactions with your members, including emails, letters, phone calls, and visits.

Efficiently manage contributions and pledges.

PDS Church Office manages and maintains all of your contribution information. It keeps you and your members informed of their giving records and histories and can even track progress toward fulfilling pledge campaigns.

Analyze data that matters to your parish.

Dashboards are customizable, statistics-at-a-glance to give you a quick snapshot of your data. You can choose from predefined reports or build your custom reports to dig deeper. Plus, Easy Lists allow you to quickly view information about your members, such as, “Who has a birthday this month?”

Stay connected with your parish family.

Parish life doesn’t happen strictly inside the walls of your church. Give your parishioners ways to connect and contribute to your parish using the Parish Life portal. 

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Know more about the people in your community.​

Use data to make better informed decisions.

Catholic Dioceses

Develop thriving parishes and clergy.

Use geographic, demographic, and religious belief data to learn the real potential impact for your diocese.

Catholic Parishes

Minister to communities unlike ever before.

Generate household reports based on your membership data and communities within your reach.

Equip your team with the right info.

Plan your local ministry focus in the most cost-effective and volunteer-friendly manner.
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