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Facility Scheduler

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Schedule rooms and equipment efficiently and easily.

PDS Facility Scheduler removes the worry from scheduling events for your parish or organization’s facilities. With this specialized software, you can simplify the most complex scheduling processes, eliminate conflicts, and maintain regular communication with facility users.

Avoid overbooking or overlooking key details.

With PDS Facility Scheduler, book your equipment and view requirements, such as setup or cleanup details, and be alerted when there are scheduling conflicts.

Publish your event calendar.

Take your calendars online with no design experience required. Just create the Web calendar in the program and publish it to your website. Also, upload your events to Google Calendar for sharing. Print calendars that can be posted at each viewing facility.

Track and manage facility fees.

Ensure the financial side is handled appropriately when managing events by easily monitoring fees required, paid, and owed for facility usage.

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Accept your parish’s collections and appeals online 24/7. Financial contributions are the primary source of funds for Catholic churches, so it’s critical your parishioners can easily and securely give online to your parish. With Online giving for Catholic parishes, you receive donations directly from your website. Parish Data System is pleased to partner with Vanco Payment Solutions as our preferred service provider for all donations and payment processing services. In PDS, your collections are always customizable, secure, and available. Parish online giving solutions from PDS make giving simple and straightforward.

Abundant, the Catholic Parish eGiving solution in PDS, offers giving via text, mobile, online, and so much more.

Overcome traditional hurdles in eGiving with Abundant, the most robust Catholic online giving platform in PDS. Catholic donation software allows members to give at their convenience – 24/7 with flexible payment and mobile options. Abundant in PDS can help you raise money online for specific appeals, such as the Bishop’s appeal, building fund, or mission trip. With no monthly fees, Abundant is an affordable option to give your parish flexibility and allow your parishioners to connect, engage, and continue on their spiritual journey together.

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Customizable Giving Forms

Abundant eGiving has been designed specifically for Catholic churches and dioceses. In addition to featuring multiple payment methods, Abundant also has customizable giving forms to engage your parishioners fully. Each form can have a unique look and tailored messaging for your parish’s different activities and appeals. Create looks to match your website, dioceses, or parish activities. You can also embed your parish’s online egiving forms directly on your parish website. 

Text Giving

Text giving is another option we’ve made simple for both parishioners and visitors alike to use. Increase engagement by encouraging them to donate via text while the collection plates are passed during Mass. Simply setting up a keyword and sharing it with the parish will allow donors to text the keyword to a number and then choose their donation method. They can save the donation method for future giving as well.

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parish life family contributions

Online Giving through the Parish Life Parishioner Portal

PDS is proud to offer Parish Life, a parishioner portal that integrates with Abundant giving your parishioners an additional way to give online. When a parishioner logs into their Parish Life portal, they will see a Give Now button that displays your parish’s Abundant giving form. Parishioners can also view their contribution history through the Parish Life portal, as well as view Mass times and parish activities, view and edit their profile and privacy settings, view their parish directory, and more.

Privacy and Security

Our software keeps donor information secure and private with password-protected online access.

  • Staff members must sign in with a username and password before they can view any giving data.
  • A staff administrator creates the staff member accounts and sets up their passwords. (Staff can then change their own password)

ACS Technologies is PCI Level 1 compliant, which means we maintain the strictest security measures.

Learn more about PCI compliance.

Merchant Account

A merchant account is required to process and receive payments via your parish online giving app. You can sign up for a Vanco merchant account here. Or if you need additional details, please contact an eGiving Consultant.

Want More Information?

Interested in learning more about other solutions for Catholic parishes and dioceses? Take a look at our most recent church management app, Realm. It has all your favorite features rolled into one solution, including giving.  

Let’s connect and find the best solution for you! Or call us at 1-800-892-5202.


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Streamline financial reporting between parishes and diocese offices.

PDS DioView™, coupled with PDS DioView Server™, helps your diocese streamline the process of financial reporting by enabling your parishes to submit their financial data online and equipping your diocese with the ability to consolidate parish reports.

Map accounts to the diocesan master chart of accounts.

Parishes may have accounts outside of the standard diocesan master chart of accounts. These accounts are mapped to accounts in the master chart of accounts within PDS DioView. The diocese can map these accounts or let individual churches map them.

Powerful reporting for your diocese.

Choose from dozens of pre-defined reports to generate lists and comparisons for analysis, design your own reports to meet immediate needs, and even group the chart of accounts for specialized reports. When it’s time to print, use Easy Reports and simply select the fields you want to print.

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Create synergy between the diocese and parishes.

Keeping accurate and up-to-date contact information is a challenge facing any diocesan office. DioEdge is a companion for Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge NXT™ and works along with PDS DioOffice™ to provide the capability of automating additions, changes, and deletions of name and address information from parishes using PDS Church Office™ into Raiser’s Edge NXT, and for Dioceses to send changes for review to parishes.

Synchronize data between Raiser’s Edge NXT and Church Office.

Increase mailing effectiveness by synchronizing head of family and spouse names, addresses, emails, and phone numbers between the diocese and parishes. DioEdge presents possible matches and duplicates for review prior to updating data.

Customize to fit your unique needs.

Have more control over Raiser’s Edge NXT data formats and ensure proper translation between solutions by defining styles for addresses, names, and phone types. For example, you can define prefix and suffix styles and change the data to match, such as changing every instance of Mister to the prefix Mr.

Manage changed information.

When information is changed or updated, you’ll see a review window allowing you to accept, ignore, or reject the changed data. Enter follow-up remarks on records in DioEdge and manage inactive families who are no longer connected to a parish.

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Maintain consistent databases across your diocese and parishes.

Help your diocese maintain up-to-date contact records by enabling your parishes to exchange the most current contact information with your diocesan offices. PDS DioOffice helps your diocese know and interact with your parishes, even as they grow and change, and facilitate effective fundraising and communications.

Synchronize data for accuracy.

Synchronize key information with your parishes, organizations, and diocesan departments. Parishes using PDS Church Office™ can submit data to the diocese through the PDS DioOffice Server. Diocesan users can accept, ignore, or decline data, or edit the data with updates to maintain accurate data.

Collect additional information from parishes.

Parishes using PDS Church Office can upload optional member data to DioOffice, such as Safe Environment data, phone numbers, email addresses, ministries, photos, and communications.

Manage funds, campaigns, and appeals.

View campaign progress for all funds and parishes on one screen, send payment reminders, and analyze financial data for your diocese and parishes all within PDS DioOffice.

Establish effective communication.

Create mass mailings or email directly from PDS DioOffice to communicate with all those within your diocese. You can also print Rolodex cards, coupons, letters, and mailing labels for your convenience.

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Refresh Websites

Build a professional, user-friendly site.

With Refresh Websites, choose from sixteen pre-formatted templates and customize them with your parish’s branding to take your virtual presence to the next level.

church website templates
church websites unlimited pages

Expand your website to all your ministries.

Create pages for each area of your parish. You can create a page to welcome new visitors, let parishioners know about activities within your parish, share a staff directory – anything you want.

Understand who is engaging and how.

View which pages people are visiting most, how people came to your page, where visitors are located, and so much more.

Graphics Library

Choose images that best represent your parish.

Select images from the gallery or upload and edit your own to customize your website to fit your parish.


Fill out your information and we will be in touch.

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Background Checks

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Provide security for your parish.

Your parishioners want to know your parish is a safe environment for their families. That’s why we’ve partnered with Verified First to provide the most comprehensive background checks available. The integration with PDS makes it simple to run thorough background checks on anyone volunteering, working, or caring for the young people in your parish.

Better manage background checks.

PDS’s seamless integration with our Background Check solution makes it easy to use and to quickly manage all your background screening needs. Track the date background checks were processed and maintain history of your background checks in the Safe Environment section of PDS. Plus, search for cases where follow-up is needed or when it’s time for a renewal.

Relieve your screening budget.

Protect your parish while removing financial burdens with our Applicant Pay Serving Volunteer package. This package allows your volunteers to support your parish by paying for their screening.

Limit access to screening.

Privacy is important when screening your staff and volunteers. In PDS, you can designate which staff members have the ability to view, submit, and manage background checks.

Packages to fit your needs.

Background screening for churches isn’t one size fits all. Each role within your church requires different levels of screening, which is why we’ve created packages that fit those roles. Plus, add-ons enable you to dig even deeper when needed.

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Background checks are already part of PDS.

To take advantage of the integration between PDS and Verified First, you will need to be on version 9.0G or later.

How to set up your new, integrated background checks service in PDS:

  • In the Personnel section, click “Safe Environment.”
  • Click “Request Background Check.”
  • Click “Sign Up”, and you’ll be taken to the Verified First signup page.
  • Follow the prompts to start using background checks.

Sacramental Register™

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Quickly locate registry entries and preserve your valuable records.

PDS Sacramental Register provides a searchable electronic database of all your sacramental records, making it easy for you to quickly locate entries in your written registers and helping to preserve your valuable records.

Preserve valuable sacramental records.

PDS Sacramental Register allows you to store and display Baptism, Confirmation, First Communion, Marriage, and Death records in a format similar to your physical registers, reducing unnecessary handling and deterioration of your older physical volumes.

Spend less time searching for records.

PDS Sacramental Register saves time by allowing you to search on a variety of information to quickly find the exact volume and page number of an entry in your physical register. Filtering makes it easier to search on many options including name, sacrament date, birth date, maiden names, and more.

Automatically update your database.

The first time you access PDS Sacramental Registry, it will search for all existing sacrament entries in your PDS Office programs and copy them into the permanent Sacramental Register database. As you enter new sacramental information, the register automatically updates and reflects these changes, saving you time and reducing the chance for errors.

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Save money with discounted bulk mailing procedures.

PDS CASS It! provides your office with the tools to CASS certify mailing addresses to meet US Postal requirements for address verification while saving you money and helping take the confusion out of ever-changing requirements for postal rate discounts.

Save money to focus on ministry.

PDS CASS It! helps you qualify for postal discounts and helps reduce the return of costly non-deliverable mail. Discounts include Carrier Route Rates, Bulk Mail, and Automation Rate Mailings.

Meet regulations with your mailings.

In cooperation with the mailing industry, the USPS has developed a process of evaluating address-matching software known as CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) certification. The purpose of CASS certification is to improve the accuracy of 5-digit ZIP Codes continually, ZIP+4 Codes, delivery point codes, and carrier route codes, including the new Enhanced Line of Travel (eLOT) applied to mail. Using PDS CASS It! ensures the accuracy of all ZIP Codes.

Ensure you’re reaching the right destination.

PDS CASS It! includes a process to report addresses to the USPS and help you identify and correct invalid addresses. Reports include Form 3553, which prints all required information for the bulk mailing form, and an Invalid Address List, which lists name, address type, address, error code, and error description to help you identify invalid addresses.

Add on additional services.

Geocoding and NCOA processing are optional services for PDS CASS It! and require additional fees to your monthly subscription. Rates are tiered by the number of addresses processed each month.

  • Geocoding — get the latitude and longitude values as part of the address record while you are CASS certifying addresses. Use this data with your choice of third-party mapping software. 
  • NCOA Processing — Ensure you are compliant with the USPS Move Update requirement with our National Change of Address (NCOA)* processing upgrade. This optional service updates your database with any address changes.

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Parish Life™

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An online parishioner portal for anytime access to your parish.

Parish life doesn’t happen strictly inside the walls of your church. Give your parishioners ways to connect and contribute to your parish using the Parish Life portal.

Keep your records up to date.

With Parish Life, your members can edit their profile information and parish office staff can sync those updates to PDS Church Office, ensuring your records are never out of date.

Maintain trust with your parish.

Parish Life gives your parishioners control over their privacy by choosing who sees their contact and personal information. This gives them peace of mind knowing their information isn’t shared without their approval.

Provide more giving options.

With the integration of Abundant in Parish Life, parishioners can give and view their giving history online or in their mobile browser through the Parish Life portal.

Never miss a parish activity.

Parish staff can integrate the parish’s Google calendar with Parish Life so parishioners can view parish activities in the portal. Staff can also set up Mass times for parishioners to view and register if needed in Parish Life.

Launch Parish Life to your parishioners.

Parishes who plan the most succeed the quickest. But you’re not starting from scratch. We’ve created free customizable resources you can use to launch Parish Life to your parish.

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