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  • We want to continue to walk this path together. We know ministry is hard. That's why we think you will love our new ministry tool, Realm®.

    Realm is designed as an all-in-one ministry solution, so you'll find all the things you loved about The City™, plus administration and accounting.

    Using technology to enhance real world community is what The City was all about. We've made that even easier in Realm with fresh apps and a cleaner user experience.

    The City cared about providing data to church staff to highlight ministry opportunities. It just wasn't very good at it. Realm makes it a whole lot easier.

    The Realm community is already twice as large as The City ever was!

    Join the community!

  • Thank you for allowing us to be your partner in ministry! We have a special message just for you and hope you'll take a few short minutes to watch this video.

Hear from churches that have made the switch from The City to Realm.

  • "Our people are finding Realm easy to use and easier to navigate than The City. Adding people to groups is so incredibly easy and the reporting is a dream. Online payments is also easy and the Realm Connect app experience is excellent."

    – Jonathan, Small Groups Pastor, TX

  • "We were using The City for engagement in our church. But with Realm, we now have the ability to control the administrative functions too. We’re excited to enhance our communication within our church family with a 21st century tool."

    – Dave, Pastor of Ministry Leadership, IA

  • “Our transition from The City to Realm was smooth. Realm itself is extremely user friendly, and allows us to empower our ministry volunteers and leaders with more resources."

    – Dina, Office Manager, OH

  • “We love that all of our systems are now in one place. Moving from The City to Realm has created efficiency. Realm has allowed better care of our large congregation and opportunities for closing the back door."

    – Jenn, Director of Ministry Process Development, PA


Because you love The City, we think you'll love Realm too.

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