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Have peace of mind knowing your church data is secure

Share this information with others in your church.

Secure ministry software
to keep your church safe.

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Custom Fields

Share what’s important.

Your church is filled with unique individuals who want to share their lives in different ways. Realm is a secure church platform and allows your congregation to choose what level of detail they’d like to share their information with the congregation, allowing for a secure and personalized experience.

Roles and Responsibilities

Keep confidential information secure.

Realm secure church software understands that different people should have access to information based on their responsibilities in your church. Assign roles to staff and lay leaders to give the access they need without compromising confidential information. Enable two-step verification to add another layer of security to your data.

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Security Empowerment

Set security measures that work for your church.

Choose what an individual in Realm can view based on their member status by setting privacy and security measures for each member status that works best for your ministry.

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Security Levels

Give confidently.

A secure church giving experience is a top priority for your ministry. That’s why it’s a top priority in Realm. Every online transaction is processed with a PCI Level 1-compliance and backed by the latest industry standards.

Data Imports

Your church environment. Secured.

Realm church management software is securely built for the needs of your specific church. This means your church – and every one of your members – accesses Realm through HTTPS SSL-encrypted connections for top-of-the-line church data security. We’ve also added an extra layer of security with multi-factor authentication.

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The future of doing ministry.

Realm is 100% web-based, so there’s no need to have on-premise servers or workstations that you constantly need to manage or update. Your church data is securely placed on our state-of-the-art server network and updates to Realm are made automatically.

Feature Highlights