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Pastoral care tools for on-the-go ministry

Church Pastoral Care App

Share this information with someone in your church.

Pocket-sized tool for God-sized ministry.

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Realm Shepherd


Quickly access last-touched info.

Shepherd keeps your most relevant information at your fingertips. You can easily jump to any of the last 10 profiles you looked up, and you can see your most recent conversations all on one screen.


Find anyone in your church.

Just start typing in the search bar and matches will automatically start showing up. The search is even smart enough to recognize nicknames.

Realm Shepherd

Ministry is in your hands.

Take your pastoral care ministry to the next level by giving your pastors and pastoral staff on-the-go mobile access to your church directory, groups, pastoral notes, and messages in messages in the Realm® Shepherd app.

Realm Shepherd
Realm Shepherd

Family Members

View family members.

This is a great way to see everyone in a household. It also gives you a way to look someone up when you can only remember a family member’s name. (It happens to the best of us.)


See how people are involved.

Now you have a quick and simple way to see how someone is involved in your church. You can see the groups a person has participated in, the sacraments or religious milestones you want to track, and whether or not this person has completed or been part of any pathway.

Realm Shepherd
Realm Shepherd


Add pastoral notes to profiles.

Pastoral notes help you keep record of your interactions, observations, visitations, and more. You can either add notes for your entire pastoral team to see or you can mark them as private to be the only one who can see them.


Categorize your notes with tags.

Create your own custom tags to organize your notes. They can be anything you want, and the tags are shared across your entire pastoral team.

Realm Shepherd
Realm Shepherd


Communicate directly with people in your church.

Pastors love having a separate inbox dedicated to ministry and discipleship conversations. This keeps life-changing discussions safe from getting lost among day-to-day emails.

Install Shepherd today.

“Realm Shepherd – for Pastors” puts ministry within reach for all pastoral staff. Look up people, view activity, add notes, and send messages. Shepherd works on iOS and Android devices.

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