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Four Philanthropy Essentials for the Church

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“There are two times I hear from the church about my giving: asking for my stewardship pledge and letting me know if I got behind on it!”

We hear this from church members across the country too often. The reality is that today’s donors and tithers to our churches are most often donors to other causes and ministries. The harsh reality is that they’re often making their best and most sacrificial stretch gifts to those causes.
While support of the church is a Biblical calling and obligation for most, many of today’s donors also have expectations shaped by their experience giving to other causes. With the national decline in church membership and participation, churches have to re-evaluate how they’re inspiring donors and how they’re treating them year-round.
four philanthropy essentials large churches should never miss
Four Philanthropy Essentials for the Church outlines simple, effective strategies for a healthy stewardship program.

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Ahhh…it’s almost fall! School has started. The leaves will change soon. Cooler air is just around the corner and the volunteer opportunities in your ministry are likely greater than ever. Now is the time to engage with your congregation to prepare for all of the ministry events that will be taking place this fall and the volunteers you’ll need to make them thrive!


Pastors are called to shepherd their flock. You are called to lead and serve your members well. But how often do we hear the pastor talk to their congregation about their expectations on how the church members should volunteer, serve, give and more. It needs to be addressed. The healthiest churches are those where the pastoral staff has expressed their expectations on how members should serve based on what the Bible says.


If you want to increase the number of volunteers, there are several things you can do, but it all starts with a goal of engaging people to serve more. Several factors are important to keep in mind when making goals for initiatives. Remember the who, what, when and how.

gearing up for fall volunteering

Download our guide, “Gearing up for Fall: Volunteering”, for helpful tips and tricks.

  • Learn the best and most effective ways to communicate
  • Learn how to establish lead and lag measures and what those mean
  • Learn how to set the right goals and monitor against progress


We cover other topics that are essential for a prosperous and successful fall, like:

  • Events – What shapes and molds events at your church?
  • Outreach – Learn how to communicate and nurture
  • Giving – How are you communicating and encouraging faithful stewardship in your church?

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Use the summer to
grow your church

Summer. It’s a time for youth camps, kids activities, and other unique moments for your church—if people show up, that is. Because the summer months also bring the dreaded “summer slump,” that predictable decline in attendance and giving. 

Your schedule and responsibilities don’t slump, though. You’re still responsible for reaching your community, making disciples, and leading well. How do you get it all done? That’s what this guide shows you: the path to reaching more people and getting more done this summer.

This isn’t unproven theory or pie in the sky thinking. These insights come from real churches led by leaders just like you. 

In this guide, you discover:

  • The power of specificity in reaching more people
  • Why giving people a way to respond engages them more
  • How delegating responsibility is the key to making more disciples
  • How organizing groups is the path to greater engagement
  • How to increase giving and avoid the summer slump
  • Technology so you can work from anywhere, empower your staff, and engage your congregation
Pastors: get more people engaged and get more done

Imagine if this were your summer:

  • More people reached than ever before
  • Giving that stayed consistent or maybe even grew
  • More people who felt connected because they were reached in groups
  • Less stress, more done, and real growth happening in your staff and community


This guide shows you how this becomes reality. Download it today and see for yourself.

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Everything You Need to Connect with Congregants

Everything You Need
To Connect With Congregants

A Toolkit with Pre-made Content to Plug and Play

People have less and less time to connect. Which means they need it even more. Your team has less and less time to reach out. Which means we’ve made it easy. 

This free toolkit has been created to provide church leaders, staff, and volunteers with copy-and-paste content that will save time while still allowing you to make meaningful connections. 

Everything You Need to Connect with Congregants Guide

The content provided in this toolkit is designed to be used as-is, with slight customization opportunities to make it authentic. Just edit what’s unique to you and send it out. 

  • More than 55 messages you can use today! 
  • Covering the most important areas of ministry. 
  • Helping church members help with connection.
  • Empowering staff and saving tons of time! 


Our goal in creating this toolkit is to make it easier for church leaders to engage staff and volunteers in the connection process by providing them the tools they need to reach out to others with confidence. We’ve broken out the content into sections, so you know exactly what to use and when.

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5 Reasons Your Parish
Needs Parishioner Portal

Work, family, friends, extracurricular activities...your members have a lot going on. So how can you make sure they are staying involved in your parish?

Your parishioners go online to manage and plan their work life, family life, and social life. And the same should go for being better connected to their parish life.

We’ve seen firsthand how an online parishioner portal can benefit parishes, both staff and members. Check out the free guide below to see the five reasons your parish needs a parishioner portal.

5 Reasons Your Parish Needs Parishioner Portal - Guide - Thumbnail Images

You’ll learn how an online parishioner portal can:

  • Connect your parish family
  • Increase contributions
  • Reduce outdated contact information
  • And more!

Download the free guide and see how a parishioner portal can benefit your parish.

Re-Energize Volunteer Momentum

Volunteer Momentum

Having difficulty getting your volunteers back in the game? 

Every church depends on volunteers to carry out the life and operations of your ministry. Your church’s health and impact directly correlate to the people who serve on your teams’ quality and competency. 

And yet, many church leaders remain frustrated at their lack of volunteers or the lack of enthusiasm for serving and being part of their church teams. 

We created this guide to show you how to re-energize volunteer momentum at your church. 

Re-Energize Volunteer Momentum Guide

You’ll discover how to: 

  • Energize volunteers for the various roles at your church
  • Define and cast vision for roles and teams
  • Recruit and schedule the right people for the right positions
  • Ensure the safety and health of your teams
  • Empower staff and leaders to manage teams effectively
  • And more! 


Now is the time to get your people back in the game, thriving in fulfillment as they pursue their God-given purpose through your church. 

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Know Your People and Protect Your Church

Know Your People and

Everything you need to screen your staff and volunteers properly.

Background checks can mitigate the risks you have when hiring new staff, recruiting new volunteers, or welcoming new members into your ministries. But do you know there are many different search options and screenings available for background checks?

So many options, but which do you use and when? 

This guide will explain the many search options and answer questions other ministry leaders like you have about screening, such as: 

  • Which searches should I run for each position within my church? 
  • How often should background checks be renewed? 
  • What is a public search record?


And many more!

Don’t leave your doors open to risks to your people and ministry. Learn how to protect them today!

Know Your People and Protect Your Church Guide

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Top Easter
Quick Tips

Making your critical ministry areas work effectively

The COVID shutdown last year made Easter chaotic for most churches. They struggled to pull together a semblance of a normal Easter service and all the events surrounding it. This year churches have time and technology to make up for last year’s disruptions.  

However, there are areas in your ministry you don’t want to lose sight of as you prepare for Easter. We want to help with our quick list of tips per ministry area.   

top easter quick tips

Quickly apply these tips to:

  • Increase giving opportunities;
  • Plan new visitor follow-up;
  • Organize worship planning; 
  • And so much more!


Don’t forget about each of your ministry areas and their specific needs during one of the most significant events of the year, Easter.

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Everything you Need
To Increase Generosity This Easter

A Toolkit with Customizable Giving Tools

Your church will see many members and visitors this Easter, which is why you are spending much time planning and preparing. So let us help! 

This free toolkit has been created to provide you with customizable slides and graphics as well as copy-and-paste content for your bulletin, emails, and mail letters that will save time while giving you ways to increase your giving.

easter giving toolkit

The content provided in this toolkit is designed to be used as-is – with customization opportunities to plug your church’s giving website and keywords. Just edit what’s unique to you and send it out. 

  • Customizable tools you can use today! 
  • Increase awareness of the benefits of online giving.
  • Help church members and visitors give easily and quickly.
  • Empower your staff and save tons of time! 

Our goal in creating this toolkit is to make it easier for church staff to increase generosity and grow your church’s giving by providing you the tools you need to reach out to others with confidence this Easter. 

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Church From


People are increasingly living their lives in mixed settings and multiple locations. Shouldn’t your church adapt to those realities? 

The Church is relational. Its work is missional. Its aim is eternal. Why limit its settings to the institutional? 

As many companies and organizations around the world are learning, you can actually get a lot done, and include more people, when you stop limiting your work and fun to only those who can get in the same place at the same time. The concept of “work from anywhere” has revolutionized the way people conduct business. 

The concept of church from anywhere will revolutionize the way you’ve imagined Church in a post-COVID era. 

We developed a free resource that will walk you through what you’ll need and how to implement the best ideas to help your people “meet” and encourage each other to be the Church, regardless of their location. 

church from anywhere

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Develop an online community that supports real-life interactions. 
  • Plan service projects without everyone present at the same time. 
  • Get more people to give to the new initiatives you’re starting. 
  • Engage online audiences with more interactive conversation.
  • And more!

Download your free resource and get more people engaged with church from anywhere.