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Introducing a new giving paradigm: Amen Generosity

    The groundbreaking new annual model is offered through a strategic alliance between ACS Technologies and Greater Mission.

    September 15, Florence, S.C.ACS Technologies®, the world’s leading ministry software and service solutions provider, announced today that it has formed an alliance with Greater Mission to offer Amen Generosity to parishes and local churches across the United States. This innovative program offers a unique pairing of spiritual inspiration and proven campaign methods to help parishes and local churches encourage faithful giving and build ministry life among members.

    Greater Mission is led by Thomas Sonni, who serves as Founder and President. “Our team is excited about our new alliance with ACS Technologies. We love ACS Technologies’ heart for the Church’s mission and its tremendous portfolio of services,” Sonni said. “This alliance is all about helping churches to grow. Together we can build on the many ways that we help all those we serve to further their transformational work in God’s name.”

    Across the country, churches of all faiths have seen a sharp decline in regular giving as a result of the pandemic and subsequent economic pressures. This decline in giving has created financial challenges which preoccupy churches with meeting basic operational needs at a time when mission advancement and expansion is needed.

    According to a Pew Research report, 18% of American families have reduced the amount they give to their local church, and 17% don’t contribute at all. Among Catholics in particular, those numbers increase to 28% and 22% respectively. Add to that a large generational gap in giving behavior with baby boomers accounting for 42% of church giving, GenXers 19% and millennials just 7%, and it’s clear that churches must adopt new approaches that ignite generous giving to grow ministry.

    With Amen Generosity, parishes and local churches will benefit by:

    • Generating member awareness of church programs and how they serve the mission.
    • Connecting giving to spirituality for a deeper level of engagement among members.
    • Reintroducing and refreshing regular giving efforts with a mission-driven focus.
    • Building giving levels annually through incremental increases.

    “We are thrilled to help inspire even more faithful giving by aligning with the highly skilled and deeply faithful leaders of Greater Mission to enable Amen Generosity,” said Terry Poplava, Director, Strategic Expertise, at ACS Technologies. “This alliance expands ACS Technologies’ services to support diocesan and church leaders in their ministry. Amen Generosity is transformative. More than simply increased giving, the process invites a personal renewal of faith and generosity in support of the church mission.”

    Amen Generosity offers an innovative, comprehensive approach that combines spiritual inspiration with proven campaign methods designed to shift the giving paradigm from one of obligation or responsibility to one that encourages leaders to expand and grow ministry. The tailored services of Amen Generosity include in-person consulting, training and coaching services via a dedicated team of fundraising experts who tailor the process to your diocese and church. The process includes  tested and proven materials like messaging for announcements, weekly reminders, videos and mailings, among others, all of which are designed to deepen the connection between financial giving and spirituality. Amen Generosity also offers robust reporting and analysis and ongoing implementation support. 

    The Amen Generosity model is best suited for Catholic parishes and liturgical churches who practice weekly giving or tithing.

    Amen Generosity is the kind of creative approach to inspiring a generous response to God’s love the bishops are calling for in their pastoral letter on stewardship,” said Michael Murphy, Executive Director, International Catholic Stewardship Council. “Greater Mission and ACS Technologies have teamed up to offer this service that has the potential to transform giving in our parishes.”

    For more information about increasing offertory, or to request a one-on-one consultation, visit: 

    About Greater Mission

    Headquartered in Annville, Pennsylvania, Greater Mission helps churches and faith-based organizations advance their sacred mission through an innovative array of planning, campaign and fund development services. Greater Mission brings together a team of experts with extensive experience in successful fundraising methodology and implementation. The organization works to extend the fundraising and stewardship capabilities to advance and accelerate the Church’s mission in a spirit of urgency for the sake of all those the Church is called to serve and all those they call into service.

    About ACS Technologies®

    Founded in 1978, ACS Technologies is the leading, most comprehensive provider of church ministry software and service solutions to nearly 50,000 churches, schools, dioceses and denominational offices. With the mission to enable everyone in the Church with a personalized ministry environment to make God-honoring decisions in actionable ways, ACS Technologies desires to build the Kingdom by being a trusted ministry partner in the daily life of every church. ACS Technologies stands apart by providing a whole church approach, meeting the needs of the denomination/diocese, pastor/priest, staff/volunteers and congregants/parishioners with unique value to each role with each ministry goal. ACS Technologies is a privately held independent Christian family-led company based out of Florence, SC, with remote employees across the U.S.

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