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MinistryPlatform can easily be integrated with a variety of software and services to create real solutions to real challenges the church faces.

We want our churches to realize the full potential and value of the investment they have made with us by continually expanding the power that MP can bring as the center of the church software ecosystem.

We are honored to link arms with each of these great products, services, and organizations that not only extend our platform, but serve to equip and flourish our community of churches.


Growth Method

Growth Method is a ministry engagement hub that facilitates engagement by providing pastors and staff with automated communications, task tracking, and processes. Integration with MinistryPlatform allows you synch events, forms, groups, milestones, and more with Growth Method. 

PCO Connect

The Planning Center Integration Tool allows you to link your PCO People, Service Types, and Teams to MP Contacts, Programs, and Groups (respectively). PCO Plans are then automatically imported into MP Events, displaying PCO Team Members who RSVP’d to serve as Event Participants. All managed from within MinistryPlatform!

Background Checks

Active Screening Faith

Active Screening Faith (formerly SecureSearch) offers quality background checks and screening options to ensure ministry leaders can perform their due diligence—without going off-budget. This premier online screening service offers a full array of easy to use, paperless tools for managing the background screening process.


From kids, to cash and keys, BIS has got you covered with in-depth and legally compliant background checks delivered quickly using innovative technology.

Applications are at your fingertips with options to text or email candidates, and easy to read reports will help you place qualified people where it matters most.


Checkr is powered by the most advanced technology in the background check industry to make onboarding faster, easier, more accurate, and lower risk. Their screenings deliver higher-quality data in less time, so you can make safe, informed decisions and get new team members to work sooner.

“50 million background checks and counting.”

Protect My Ministry

Protect My Ministry can help you fill the gaps in your risk management strategy by offering complete background check and volunteer screening services. They are committed to helping faith-based organizations maintain a safe environment through vigorous custom background screening solutions, so you can focus on fulfilling your mission.

Verified First

Verified First is known for raising the bar on streamlined background screening solutions backed by the best client support, and for developing the easiest, fastest HR system connections. Compatible with Ministry Platform, Verified First’s seamless integration provides clients with a turn-key experience and enables them to process comprehensive screens in one, convenient place. 



Protecting children and those who serve them is a top priority. MinistryPlatform offers an integration with MinistrySafe enabling you to submit training requests for selected individuals. You receive their training results automatically in the Platform as they are completed.


Message Metrics

Message Metrics is a core tool developed by Points North Systems that displays statistics about messages sent through MinistryPlatform.

Analyze opens, clicks, bounces, right from inside MP!


Twilio’s “Messaging” allows you to send and receive messages at scale with Messaging APIs. Which makes it the perfect integration to send SMS messages from within MinistryPlatform directly to your congregation! With a one-time configuration, you will be good to go.

Their pricing is based on your usage, with additional discounts for committed usage as you scale.



MinistryPlatform partners exclusively with SendGrid to provide the ability to send emails using their superior email delivery platform and gain access to world-class expert services.

Send emails that cut through the noise and make a connection with SendGrid.



eSPACE’s Church Facility Management software can help you more efficiently manage – and steward – your facilities all while leveraging and updating your MP data! eSPACE offers two integrations:

HVAC Management – pulls room schedules from MP and sends commands to building automation systems or thermostats to automatically control heating and cooling (HVAC) based on individual room schedules.

Events Management – one-way sync from eSPACE to MP to add/edit Events.


Events2HVAC pulls room schedules from MinistryPlatform and sends commands to HVAC controls to automatically control heating and cooling for each individual event. Pre-start times for each room or zone ensure that rooms are comfortable when events begin.


InThrMa EMS (Energy Management Suite) is an award winning platform for modernizing and optimizing your church’s HVAC systems. With a focus on energy efficiency, InThrMa EMS will help you identify HVAC and building inefficiencies that can lead to operating a more sustainable church.

Giving/Donor Development


Generosity by LifeWay is an online giving solution designed to nurture generous hearts using all six channels of digital giving available to today’s giver (Online, Text, App, Crowdfunding, Noncash, and Events) while leveraging and updating your MP data!

Generosity not only equips your church with a digital giving platform, but provides discipleship oriented coaching designed to unleash giving in your church.


GiveCentral is a comprehensive giving and donor engagement solution that helps grow giving, enhance donor communications and streamline operations.

Featuring an extensive suite of easy-to-use tools – including flexible giving, donor engagement and customized communications – this full-service platform centralizes and simplifies operations to power your mission.


Kindrid’s digital giving solution and services work to empower your community to experience, understand, and participate deeper in the unique vision of your church.

When integrated with MP, your Donations, Congregations, and Donors automatically import to their respective “homes” in the platform. Free up your admins to serve more effectively and efficiently as your church grows!


MortarStone Basic Analytics integrates for free with MinistryPlatform, allowing you to track giving patterns at deeper levels and increase church funding.

Ditch those complicated excel worksheets – you’ll have access to comprehensive giving reports and dashboards that allow you to easily share information with your ministry teams.


OnlineGiving’s innovative platform provides tools for your church with easy digital giving, engaging text marketing, a chatbot that connects, and mobile apps rich with integration. Your donors can give on any device with 12 methods available including web, mobile, text, kiosk, chatbot, Facebook, embedded, Express and more.


PushPay is a simple, secure, and powerful giving platform designed to increase generosity. PushPay includes multiple giving options including online, text, kiosk, and pledging as well as flexible giving options for donors.  

Leveraging the  PushPay and MinistryPlatform integration, donation records  including the amount, donor, and fund will be created for any gifts processed through PushPay. 


SecureGive is the first and only digital giving platform created by a pastor for pastors. With online, mobile, kiosk, or text giving, SecureGive provides donors with a way to make one-time or recurring gifts using their card or checking account.

This donation management solution assists churches of all sizes with donor engagement, payments, custom branding, recurring gifts program and more. is an all-in-one online giving solution that’s simple to use and built to help churches grow giving. Plus, you can leverage mobile, online, text, and offline giving all in one place.

With and MinistryPlatform working together, you’ll consolidate systems, improve the giving experience, grow financially, and save thousands of dollars. And don’t worry about getting started. The team will do all the work to “move you in” and get you up and running!


Trusted by more than 25,000 congregations, Vanco helps churches increase donations and engagement with giving solutions that meet people where they are: online, in-person, and on-the-go!

Vanco understands the power and flexibility of Ministry Platform and is excited to provide innovative integration solutions that will create seamless donor and staff experiences.

Vision 2

Vision2 is a comprehensive giving solution for effective stewardship that helps churches connect with their congregation in the same engaging way they would in person.

Vision2 increases donations to the church with an approach to online giving that establishes trust with donors via embedded giving forms, customizable content, personalized communications, consistent look and feel with your website, and visual demonstration of each gift’s impact.


Higher Ground Technologies

Higher Ground Technologies is the cloud hosting provider that actually knows MinistryPlatform. Their knowledge of the MP ecosystem allows them to support and optimize the entire infrastructure stack, not just the operating system.

As a church-focused IT Managed Services Provider, Higher Ground also helps organizations with their other on-prem and cloud needs, including network and server management and support.


Go Method

Trip management featuring family and group registration, social fundraising, automated background checks, electronic signatures, automated application references verification, automated group travel quotes and booking, and in depth financial tracking.

All for the affordable price of $20 per trip/month.



Airship designs, builds, and maintains custom web and mobile software applications. They understand that leveraging technology is important to you and are here to help you integrate MP with your web or mobile application.

Airship has experience in both corporate and non-profit arenas and strives to create transformational change for their clients through remarkable experiences.

Church Online Platform

Church Online Platform is a free tool for churches to launch an online ministry. ChOP allows you to broadcast church services, as well as to provide live chat, live prayer, and other ways to help create community.

We are excited to partner together and offer MP authentication through the Church Online Platform. And that’s just the beginning!


This website content management system is simple enough for a church plant, yet powerful enough for a world-wide ministry. And it offers complete customization of your website and extensive integrations. 

Ekklesia leads the way in helping churches and organizations broaden their reach, deepen their engagement and develop their community using technology.

MP Extensions

MP Extensions is a collection of texting, button snippets, and other functions to extend your MinistryPlatform.

Congregants can send a text message to inquire about/register/check-in to an event, respond to an opportunity, inquire about a group, subscribe to a publication, send a feedback request (prayer, praise, etc.), or text a pledge to a campaign.

PlainJoe Studios

PLAIN WHO? As the name suggests, they’re not in this to build their story; they’re in it to build yours.

Plain Joe is not a full-service agency; rather they’re down-to-earth specialists, artists, architects, strategists and problem solvers that know how to design brand identities, interactive experiences, architecture and physical spaces that connects story, creates value, and captivates audiences.

Juxt Marketing + Blackpulp

Juxt Marketing + Blackpulp specializes in building killer websites, iPhone & Droid apps, e-commerce solutions, graphics, custom programming, web hosting, and more. These MP Integration Experts are highly experience in integrating MP with your church’s website and they’ve served over 70 MP churches.

If you need the job done right the first time, send in Juxt Marketing + Blackpulp!


PocketPlatform is the first and only app platform built from the ground up for MinistryPlatform churches!

Built by a team of designers and developers with decades of experience serving the church, PocketPlatform is focused on facilitating interaction between your church and the congregation because being connected in the life of your church is the most effective way to help people grow in their walk with Christ.

Snap ‘n Post

Points North Systems developed Snap ‘n Post as a utility that allows a user to snap a photo using their smartphone and upload it as the default image to any contact or household in MP. Great for volunteer and staff use, it can also be used securely by the general congregational user.

Responsive communications, customer care, and building top-quality solutions are their highest priorities!

The StudioC

Add an integrated member dashboard to your PocketPlatform mobile app to encourage members along their discipleship journey and inform them of Next Step engagement opportunities. 

From assisting you with your data to helping you implement your member engagement program church-wide, we tailor our services based on your needs.​


Front Porch WiFi Presence

Front Porch’s Wi-Fi Presence uses your existing Wi-Fi technology to bring new visibility to church attendance, enabling churches to see individual attendance trends in a new way, even for those who might fall through the cracks of other traditional attendance systems such as connection cards and check-ins.


Customize for your needs


MinistryPlatform allows almost any functionality almost anywhere you need it. Create new fields, tables, and structures that meet the unique needs of your organization. Email from anywhere in the system. Create a chart or graph for just about anything, and customize reports to give you exactly what you need.

ministryplatform integration


MinistryPlatform has integrations with a variety of software and services, allowing you to use the systems you want while relying on MinistryPlatform as the single source of truth.


MinistryPlatform implements a series of industry standards to make Application Development as easy as possible. Create your own ecosystem of integrations with OAuth providers leveraging REST API and Swagger.


Protect your data and your people


Your data is important, and keeping it secure is a top priority. Make sure the right people have access to the right information. Assign specific user rights to roles to control access to data in MinistryPlatform with the ability to choose rights down to the field level.

church view tool

Filtered PAges

Control access to specific data on a page by creating a filtered page, which essentially limits users to see only the fields they require on that page. This limits user access to sensitive information and gives users only what they need from your data.

Secure Login

Keeping your sensitive data secure is a top priority, which is why you have not one, but two ways to increase security when logging into MinistryPlatform. Authenticate via Code removes the need to remember yet another password by providing a code via text or email. Enabling multi-factor authentication adds yet another layer of security by sending the user a second code when it’s multi-factor time.

The biggest threat to your church or office is not something you likely think about often. You’re consumed with managing operations, enabling ministries, strategizing for the future, and helping people. However, data threats continue increasing, so it’s important you bring security to the forefront and safeguard all avenues into your church or office. 

Higher Ground is your partner in protection and can conduct a complete assessment of your environment, from your email service to user passwords to the devices used, to shield you from external threats.


Equip and care for your people


Empower your care team by giving them access to everything they need to know on-the-go. They can view Care Case details, prayer requests, and needs, as well as create new Care Cases and new Care Log entries that automatically carry over to the Platform.

covid-19 self isolation tool


NeedConnect was created to help churches face the new challenges of serving and mobilizing your community amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, and now we pray it enables greater reach and connection as we look to the future. NeedConnect gives users a way to request assistance and offer to provide assistance to others in need.  


Give your group leaders a fully responsive and integrated app, allowing them to see, manage, and engage with their Groups (or Classes, Teams, Life Groups, etc.). They’ll be able to see their group members, schedule meetings, take attendance, manage volunteers, send messages, and more.

Engagement Tracking

Follow Each Person’s Journey


We want to see lives changed, growth happening, people coming to know Jesus more intimately and living their lives the way he would want them to. And many of the steps that it takes to get to life change can be tracked, making it easier for the church to see where their people are in these processes and where they may need assistance or to be ushered into their next step of Christlikeness. Build a path of steps for members and visitors to complete such as sacraments or leadership to track the journeys you find critical to faith.

church engagement tracking tool

Engagement Tracking

Determine criteria for engagement levels to keep track of your flock and MinistryPlatform will automatically update their status when it changes. Set engagement levels that fit your ministry to fully understand how your people are interacting with your church.

Routines, Views, & Notifications

Automate Processes


Let MinistryPlatform handle processes such as identifying new users and duplicate records or promoting classes. Automated routines are designed to enable easier data cleanup and management, and can be scheduled to run at the desired time and frequency for your church.

church notifications tool


Combine routines or advanced searches with notifications to send automated communications we call notifications to a user or group of users. This may be an email to your first-time visitors thanking them for attending and inviting them back. Or maybe you want to send a notification to your pastors alerting them of their open care cases. Remove the need to run constant reports and automate notifications for things you need to stay on top of.


MinistryPlatform includes over 200 out-of-the-box reports to view detailed information about your church, people, and ministries. All reports are built on MicroSoft SQL Server so they’re all customizable, and all reports can be exported to multiple formats.

church contact demographic report
church views and notification report

Views & Notifications

A view allows you to slice and dice your data in MinistryPlatform and see real-time results. Set up notifications, which can send an email to a user or a group of users, to share the data with others in your church.


Branded Congregant App

Streamline Communications

Publishing the same content to multiple platforms can be exhausting! Widgets allow you to cut down on double entry to add content from MinistryPlatform to your website. PocketPlatform takes that a step further by allowing you to push information like giving, events, and volunteer opportunities directly from MinistryPlatform to your app. No more triple entry to communicate!

church communication tools
church communication tools

Dynamic Content

We all know the frustration of having to weed through information just to find what matters to us. With your PocketPlatform app, you can push tailored content designed specifically for each MinistryPlatform user showing what they care about, such as check-in reminders for registered events or notifications about ministries in which they are involved.

Group Management

Group leaders need on-the-go access to tools that help them manage and communicate with their groups. Empower group leaders to view group members, check out their group meetings, and engage in group chats within the app. Leaders can also access curriculum to push out to their group members, add/edit/cancel group gatherings, and take attendance.

church engagement analytics tool

Engagement Analytics

Your group leaders need to truly be able to shepherd your congregation, and that starts with useful analytics showing changes in behaviors or how engaged your congregation is via trackable activities. View analytics in real time for both logged in and guest users.


Integrate MinistryPlatform with your website


Groups enable your members to connect and build relationships outside of worship service. The Group Finder widget allows members to view available groups and group details and sign up for those that interest them. The My Groups widget allows users to view the groups in which they currently participate.

church group finder tool
church events tool


Events bring your people together in fellowship and discipleship. Our event widgets provide a seamless experience from searching for an event to seeing its details to registering to paying. You can even plan your visit with a widget designed to allow individuals to express interest in attending your church. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Opportunities help your people get plugged in to serve. Publish open opportunities using the opportunity widgets to show all the possibilities for volunteering and allow your members to make sure they find a good fit to serve.

church volunteer opportunity finder tool
church prayer request tool

Prayer Requests

Prayer is at the heart and soul of believers. The Prayer and Feedback Widget gives members a way to submit a prayer request, even making it confidential if they prefer! They can also submit a praise report, comment, or other feedback as they feel led to do so.


Sometimes your ministry may have a specific need or ask that is out of the ordinary from the general needs of churches. This is where custom forms come in! Build your custom form and use the Custom Form Widget to add that form to your website.

church forms


Customizing widgets for your website can be a lot of work, especially if you’re unfamiliar with all the technical nuts and bolts. Now, we have Microsites that can provide the same functionality as some of our Widgets, without the configuration! Our dev team builds your microsite and you simply add the microsite URL to your website to give your members access to contribution statements, giving, pledges, profiles, and more.

Email & Texting

Communicate with your people


Build robust, branded emails using templates in MinistryPlatform. The Template Editor Tool allows you to easily create or edit email templates with a drag-and-drop editor. Include links to Vimeo or YouTube videos and previews are generated! Preview desktop and mobile versions of your emails in the tool. Responsive designs ensure your message looks great on any device.


Texting is a great way to get a short message out quickly. You can send church-wide or group specific text messages, or send a text to the parents of a selection. Schedule a text for later, add attachments or links, and include contact field to personalize the text for those receiving it. You can also create text message templates to ensure consistent language.


Gather contacts for a specific send group, such as your church newsletter or prayer devotions, through publications. Users can manage their publication subscriptions, and you can easily email or text those who subscribe to a specific publication.

church contact log

Dashboard & Reports

Understand all aspects of your ministries


View real time information on engagement, giving, congregant needs, and more. Build your graphs and select which graphs you want to see on your dashboard for a personalized experience showing you what matters most in your role.

church dashboards
church reporting tool


Access over 200 out-of-the box reports, all fully customizable to meet your needs. All of our reports are exportable into a variety of file types, and we love adding new reports often to help make ministry easier for you. The reporting possibilities are endless!

Advanced Search

Search for data across MinistryPlatform to meet your specific needs. Advanced search lets you create and edit personal views that can be shared with other users or user groups, or added as a system view so all users can access it. Build your search to show what you need and add a description so others can also understand.

ministryplatform advanced search


Views show you a filtered list of data on a single page. For example, your view may show all current small groups or any first time visitors for the week. Keep your data clean with views showing duplicate information or missing information, and create notifications so you can take action.