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Designed to fit who you are.

For Parishes

Everyone plays a part in church ministry.

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Pastoral Teams

You're called to change lives. Our solutions give you the insights you need to grow people spiritually, build a healthy church, and fulfill your life's mission.

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Parish Staff

Software alone can't do all the big and little things your staff does everyday to keep your church afloat. It never will. But if it can help them do what they do better, we've done our job.



When someone calls your parish their home, it has to mean something more than names on paper. Give people multiple ways to get involved, connect, and take advantage of all you have to offer.

For Dioceses

Coordinate information, service, and resources.

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For The Greek Orthodox Church

Parish Data Systems provides software solutions to the Greek Orthodox Church, her parishes, metropolises, and Archdiocese.

For Specific Ministry Goals

Focus on what matters most.

There’s nothing more important than serving the Church. That’s why we continue to invest in all the ways we support the Church. We’ve never been more capable of serving Catholic parishes than we are right now. 

Reading the Bible

Lead Spiritual Formation

It's really hard to guide the spiritual growth of everyone in your church. People are different and move at different speeds. So how do you keep track of it all? We've got some ideas.

Woman in church

Stay Relevant

Church is not an out-dated institution. It's current. It's real, and right now there is a generation desperately needing the Church to be a relevant influence in their lives.

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Protect God's Children

Make your church a place kids love to go. That means putting the right people, programs, and safeguards in place to help children experience the fullness of God's love.

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Retain Parishioners

Counter the consumer mentality. Give people a meaningful way to connect with other people in the church and form lasting relationships and make your church their home.

Talk to an Expert

We’ve helped thousands of parishes reach their goals, and we’d love the opportunity to hear about what you hope to accomplish next. Our real, friendly experts are standing by to help you make the best possible decision. No obligation.