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PDS DioView
PDS DioOffice is a Management Solution that Helps Dioceses Maintain Healthy Financials

PDS DioView

Timely and accurate financial reporting is essential to the operation of a healthy diocese. Financial accountability begins with reliable accurate data, which is why we developed PDS Financial Solution. It combines a reporting tool for parishes with an application for the Diocese to receive and consolidate the reports for easy review and analysis.

Streamline financial reporting between parishes and diocese/denominational offices.

Identifying and promptly addressing financial issues across your diocese hinges on your ability to receive timely and accurate financial data from your parishes and other institutions. PDS DioView™, coupled with PDS DioView Server™, helps your diocese streamline the process of financial reporting by enabling your parishes to submit their financial data over the Internet and equipping your diocese with the ability to consolidate parish reports. As a result, your diocese spends less time gathering information and more time analyzing it.

  • Consolidated Financial Reports
  • Chart of Account Mapping
  • Easy Data Analysis
  • QuickBooks Interface

Integrate with Other PDS Products

Integrate seamlessly with PDS General Ledger™ and PDS Ledger/Payroll™. Institutions can add account information to their database and then upload it to your PDS DioView™ database via the PDS DioView Server™ over the Internet.

Integrate with Realm Accounting

Realm Accounting appeals to churches and their connected non-profit organizations. It can track balances for several self-balancing funds like the church, daycare, building fund, or multiple campuses. Realm is available online through your web browser, so you can access it from anywhere. PDS DioView can automatically gather information from your Realm® Accounting data.

QuickBooks Interface

The QuickBooks Interface enables institutions using QuickBooks as their financial database to upload their financial reports to the diocese.

Customizable Security

The most important quality of a database is the security of the information entrusted to you. With PDS DioView, you have the peace of mind in choosing who has access to each specific part of your data.

Chart of Account Mapping

Churches may have accounts outside of the standard diocesan master PDS Chart of Accounts (COA). These accounts are mapped to accounts in the master COA within PDS DioView. The diocese can map these accounts or let individual churches map them.

Easy Data Analysis

  • Use the Quick Lookup feature to search for an institution’s account information and view it instantly.
  • Maintain up to eight years of budget information from parishes that use PDS Ledger or PDS Ledger/Payroll.
  • Keep an unlimited amount of income and expense account records.
  • Customize the way you view lists of accounts.
  • Search by account or institution.
  • Keep up-to-date contact information for churches and institutions.
  • Export information to Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets or Open Office Calc for more in-depth analysis.
  • Launch PDS Ledger to see transaction level detail.

Powerful Reporting

  • Choose from dozens of pre-defined reports to generate lists and comparisons for analysis.
  • Design your own reports with content you define to meet immediate needs.
  • Group the COA for specialized reports.
  • Use Easy Reports and simply select the fields you want to print.

Part of PDS Financial Solution

  • PDS DioView and PDS DioView Server, along with the QuickBooks Interface, are part of the PDS Financial Solution™. This solution includes a combination of products and services that empower dioceses to receive accurate financial data faster and focus efforts on analysis instead of data gathering.
  • PDS Diocesan Services help you to get your diocesan staff and parish staffs trained and ready to use the applications. Service consultants can help you implement the solution across the diocese and associated parishes.