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Realm Online Giving

Provide multiple, modern options for giving.

Online Giving

Accept offerings 24/7.

With Realm’s online giving, you can accept one-time or recurring gifts using debit cards, credit cards, or eChecks (ACH). All gifts made online immediately show up in the individual’s giving history, along with any other online, text, or off-line contributions.

Realm - Mobile Giving

Mobile Giving

Giving is never out of reach.

People can give online with their mobile phones by signing into Realm from their mobile browser. Realm also takes advantage of mobile phone cameras. iPhone users can save time by scanning a credit card to quickly enter their payment method.

Pledge Campaigns

Meet ministry needs faster.

Raise money for important ministry needs by accepting pledges for a particular fund during a specified date range. Pledges may be added within the campaign dates, and you can choose whether to allow prepayments and post-payments to the pledge. When people make a contribution to that fund during the campaign period, the gifts will be added to the campaign total.

Donor Pledging

Back commitments with follow-through.

Staff can enter and manage donor pledges, or give donors the ability to create and maintain their own contribution pledges, including pledging to multiple campaigns or funds, start and end dates, and more.

Increase their options. Increase your giving.

Our comprehensive approach to church giving covers everything you need within the big picture of giving: single or recurring electronic payments, pledges, donor management, fund management, batch entry, check scanning, self-service contribution statements, and reporting.


Know more about the people in your parish.

Realm feature -- Sacraments


Document spiritual life milestones.

Celebrate important moments in someone’s life. Realm offers both Catholic and Protestant preferences for tracking sacraments. You can edit your default sacrament list any time and customize the information you want to record for each. You can also change the Sacraments tab’s label to match your church tradition.

Custom Fields

Track what’s most important to your staff.

Your parish is unique, and so is the information you rely on. You can create unlimited custom profile fields, with powerful control over field labels, attributes, and access — you can even let people view and update custom fields for themselves.

Realm feature - custom fields
Realm feature - security levels

Security Levels

Keep confidential information secure.

Realm understands that different people in your parish should have access to different information about people. Assign roles to staff and lay leaders to give the access they need, without compromising confidential information.

Data Imports

One unified database.

Import profile data from all your legacy systems to unlock the power of a single, unified database of every individual, family, or business connected to your parish.

Realm Feature - Data imports
Realm Feature - member updates

Parishioner Updates

Data that reflects real life.

Enable the people of your parish to manage their own profile and family information. Automatic validation and normalization gives you confidence that your data is always clean and ready to work for you.

Parish Directory

Connect every face and every name.

Invite people to connect in real life by making it easy for them to see an online photo directory of individuals and families within your parish or search for people by name.

Realm feature - Parish Directory