Make sure people know what's going on.

Realm feature - Messages


Connect like never before.

Direct messaging makes it easy for you to get in touch with people in your church. You can quickly communicate with members of a group or start conversations with one person or multiple people–just by searching for them by name. People who use the mobile app will be notified immediately when you send a message and can respond right away.

Church-wide Broadcast

Get your message out to everyone.

A unified database and multi-dimensional notifications give you the power to send instant communication to your whole church.

Realm feature - Church-wide Broadcast
Realm feature - Group Posts

Group Posts

Find the right audience.

When you need to get your message to a single group of people, Realm lets you do that effortlessly, while enabling group members to communicate with ease.

Church Directory

Help everyone be known.

Everyone in your church can create and manage their own personal and family profile, delivering a church directory that’s never out of print.

Realm feature - Church Directory
Realm feature - Personalized Settings

Personalized Settings

Let people choose 'just right.'

Realm gives people personal control of their own notification preferences, so they get relevant communication in the way that’s just right for them.

Privacy Preferences

People can control visibility to other members.

Give everyone the ability to determine who can see which information. It is easily controlled for many different items at the individual level.

Realm feature - Privacy Preferences
Realm feature - Group Communications

Group Communications

Find the right audience.

Communicating with groups can be a struggle, especially when you need to get information out quickly. However, Realm lets you do that effortlessly, while enabling group members to communicate with ease. Group members can be notified via email, in-app notifications, and even texts, allowing them to stay in contact with their groups.