Demonstrate solid financial discipline to your congregation and vendors.

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Manage staff payroll in Realm.

With Payroll added on to Realm Accounting, you’ll be able to maintain employee information, track time and PTO, process payroll, and print checks. It will also include additional payroll reports, necessary tax forms, and more.

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Giving Integration

Automatically post deposits from contributions.

Realm gives you the option to post batches into General Ledger as deposits. Simply link your Giving Funds to your General Ledger accounts. Of course, you can control which batches to post automatically and which ones to handle yourself any time.

Fund Accounting

Organize finances by fund.

Your chart of accounts is organized by listing core accounts below their account headings: Assets, Liabilities, Net Assets, Revenues, and Expenses. You may add subheadings to specify how each core account is used and then drag and drop your subheadings into whatever order you prefer.

Account Segments

Intelligently record greater details.

After you set up core accounts to use across multiple funds, departments, etc., you can create additional segments to track additional information such as sub-departments and campuses. Account segments are used when entering transactions, entering budget information, performing inquiries, and processing reports.


Track income and expenses efficiently.

Transactions record the church's financial activity, such as paying a vendor and receiving donations. You can enter expenses, income, and other transactions, and you can switch between transaction types within any of these categories, making it quick and easy to enter another type. Reference numbers are automatically assigned to each transaction you enter.


Pay bills and write checks.

Open checks from the Transactions screen can be placed into a queue and printed as single checks or as a batch. Realm also provides a Printed Checks Log where you can view previous check runs and print a check register report. When printing is complete, any unposted checks that you printed are automatically posted.


Reconcile with bank and credit cards.

Bank reconciliation is an auditing process that helps uncover discrepancies in your accounts and prevents future mistakes when recording transactions. To ensure that your account is in balance, you will compare your bank statement to the transactions recorded in your general ledger.

Free Data Conversion Included

Get your last 5 years of ACS Financial accounting data imported for free. A $500 value available for a limited time. Just mention this offer.


Track individuals and businesses.

Vendors are businesses and individuals that provide services or supplies for you. Vendors are associated with expenses because you pay for those services or supplies, like the power company, a landscaper, government tax agency, or an office supply company.


Money in determines your money out.

Budgets help you plan and measure your fiscal performance. By estimating what your income and expenses will be, you can make plans for how you spend and save. Budgets can live completely in Realm, or they can be exported for revisions or imported from an existing csv file.


Save time reviewing details.

Reports can be customized with account segments to show only what you need to see. Customize standard accounting reports by selecting all the criteria you want to include in your report, such as specific time periods, funds, core accounts, and departments. Then save your reports to use again at a later time.

Plus so much more.

Realm Accounting appeals to churches and their connected non-profit organizations. It can track balances for several self-balancing funds, like the church, the daycare, a building fund, or multiple campuses. We'd love to show you.

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