It's impossible for your staff to note everything that's going on at your church. The Connect plan invites your entire church body to engage with you on a whole new level. As people connect with each other and the opportunities you offer, you'll gain true insight into actual involvement, personal growth, and church health.

Equip Leaders

New responsibilities shouldn't discourage people from serving in a leadership role. We approached Realm in their shoes and built tools to make their life easier and more rewarding.

  • Assign to Groups or Teams
  • Provide Communication Tools
  • Train with Pathways
  • Enable Profile Updating
  • Can Mark Attendance
  • Share Files & Resources
  • Manage Group Events

Engage Members

Just because someone calls your church home, doesn't mean they make it their home. Give people multiple ways to get involved, connect, and take advantage of all you have to offer.

  • Join Groups
  • Give Online
  • Register for Events
  • Accomplish Pathways
  • Participate in Discussions
  • Monitor Giving/Pledge History
  • Maintain Profile Info

Plan Highlights

Get everything in the Inform package + engaging Connect features all for one simple monthly price based on your typical weekly attendance.

Connected Groups

Give people the tools to build meaningful relationships.

Increase Group Participation

Anyone in your church can search for and join a group. They can also post messages to the group, check its meeting schedule, and sign up to bring listed items.

Organize People Into Groups

Your staff can define your ministry areas and then create small groups, build teams, and assign leaders that fit under the oversight of specific ministries.

Simple Setup and Oversight

Realm makes it easy to create groups that meet specific ministry objectives and assign group responsibilities to the appropriate people.

Give Leaders Tools to Lead

Create groups with discussions, meetings, rosters, and resources, then delegate group management to the people best suited to keep everything up to date.

Help People Find Connections

Anyone in your church can use Realm’s group search capabilities to find a group that fits their interest, needs, or ministry affinity, and get involved.

See Who's Connected

Attendance dashboards provide immediate insight into attendance patterns. Pivot on date ranges, campuses, ministry areas, demographic attributes, and much more.

Provide a Place to Connect

“We love Realm! We love that it’s online and can be accessed from anywhere. Our worship team loves that they can have their own forum to stay connected easily!”
Kari, Fort Collins, CO

Attended Events

Engage people before, during, and long after they walked through the door.

Oversee Check-in System

Your staff can centrally manage individual check-in kiosks, assist with checking people in, run attendance reports, and view attendance activity in real-time.

Track Group Events

Group leaders can mark attendance during or after a meeting. Members can check their kids in, verify allergy information, or add special instructions on the fly.

Eliminate the Line

Optimized for accuracy and speed, parents use a simple touch-screen to indicate which children they’re checking in and quickly print name tags.

Create a Welcoming Environment

Customizable check-in kiosks make a great first impression and help you set a tone of trust and security with Realm's quick, seamless check-in.

Automatic Attendance Tracking

There’s no need mark attendance when your check-in system does it for you, reducing manual tasks while increasing accuracy and giving you powerful insights that help you care for families.

Staff-Managed Registration

Your staff can register people for events and track relevant attendee information. You can also produce lists of people to communicate before or after events.

Simple Event Check-in

“Realm is very focused on the end user’s needs and how we’re using the product in real ministry life. Realm goes above and beyond.”
Belva, Tomball, TX

Targeted Communication

Stop blasting and start targeting.

A Variety of Options

Realm is committed to giving your staff the tools they need to communicate more efficiently, from posting announcements to leaving messages on group walls.

Broadcast Important Messages

A unified database and multi-dimensional notifications give you the power to send instant communication to your whole church.

Target Specific Message

When you need to get your message to a single group of people, Realm lets you do that effortlessly, while enabling group members to communicate with ease.

Facilitate Getting In Touch

Similar to an online directory, your church body can look up available contact information for their friends and post messages for their groups.

Self-Managed Contact Info

Everyone in your church can create and manage their own personal and family profile, delivering a church directory that’s never out of print.

Always In Control

Give everyone the ability to determine who can see which information. Plus, Realm gives people personal control of their own notification preferences.

Plus More

  • Self-Maintained Profiles
  • Personalized Check-in
  • Self-Registration for Events
  • Serving Opportunity Listings
  • Volunteer Check-in
  • Invite-only Events
  • Attendance Dashboard
  • Delegate Group Leaders
  • Small Group Sign-ups
  • Personal Notifications
  • Threaded Group Discussions
  • Group Resource Sharing
  • Direct Messages
  • Group Pages
  • Group Search
  • Custom Check-in Systems
  • Skills & Interests Tracking
  • Auto Address Correction
  • Name Badge Printing
  • Customizable Kiosks
  • Event Reporting


Get everything in the Inform plan + engaging Connect features all for one simple monthly price based on your typical weekly attendance.*


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*Typical weekly attendance includes kids but only counts people once, even if they attend or serve at multiple services.

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