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Parish Staff

Simplify your daily tasks.

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We're here to help business administrators do their job more efficiently.

Oversee Record Keeping

Stay on top of your parishioners' data without having to update everything on your own. Realm enables people in your church maintain their own contact information.

Enter Batch Contributions

Enter and post multiple contributions at one time, and with an optional check reader, contributions will automatically be matched up to the right profiles.

Administer Staff Accounts

Our tools provide granular, custom controls over who can see what information and what each person can do while logged in. You can determine how people access your system.

Relay Important Info Anytime

Communicate in multiple different ways with people on staff, in groups, or in your church. It comes with customizable system emails, mailing list exports, and more.

Track Budgets & Run Reports

Monitor the spending and operational health of your church finances. You can create annual budgets, run standard reports, or build your own reports to see exactly what you need.

Get Integrated Accounting

If bookkeeping is part of your routine, you can add our accounting tools to keep all of your important financial data connected and in one convenient place.

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Realm is easy to learn, use, and keep your whole church connected.

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PDS - Catholic Dioceses Church Management Solution

A single place to manage data and connect to your diocese.

Explore how PDS™ helps parishes:

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Know more about the people in your community.

New from ACST

Analytics, Maps, Reports, and More

Run your membership data against different community reports, like demographics, beliefs, religious affiliations, households, population, and more.

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