Website management and media streaming tools designed for anyone on your church's staff.

Extend™ is an easy-to-use content management system that lets you edit the content, channel pages, and layout of your organization's Web site. It provides the tools you need to produce a wide variety of content from multiple contributors, both technical and non-technical, and publish that content on your Web site. Its defined editorial processes ensure that your site is up to date and appropriate, allowing your webmaster to focus on strengthening the value of the Web site instead of focusing on all areas of the site.

Versatile site building tools with built-in workflow.

Extend allows your church and staff to create engaging, informative content while giving you complete control over what is published. We offer different options for the look and feel of your Web site, including custom graphics, custom templates, and graphic setup.

We've created standard packages for Extend, and if you wish, we can even customize a monthly package for you. Our pre-packaged plans are:

  • SiteExtend Basic — a great way to get started and become familiar with our tools. It is for one administrative user and includes 100MB of storage. You gain a reliable, secure solution that helps you establish an attractive, affordable Web presence.
  • SiteExtend Plus — includes 250MB of storage space and 20 Web channels. This plan is primarily for small to medium-sized organizations that want a Web site with a professional look that engages interaction from its visitors. You can create your Web site using any of our standard graphical templates.
  • SiteExtend Pro — is for larger, more progressive organizations that have a culture of using the latest, most advanced technology. Manage content as a team, create list servers, generate revenue, and much ore. This plan includes 20 administrative users, 100 Web channels, up to 1GB of storage.

Professional-level design without agency expenses.

Extend helps you build and manage an advanced, professional-looking, user-friendly site that delivers an exceptional online experience. Best of all, you don't need special skills to get started. You can design a professional site using the built-in, straightforward layout tools. Organizations with Web expertise can achieve creative flexibility far beyond ordinary Web systems.

Secure online tools that are only available to authorized individuals.

  • Whether you want to build your Web site on your own or recruit the assistance of others, anyone in your organization can manage and maintain your Web site. As with your front door, you can decide who gets the keys.
  • Extend is a managed service, which means ACS Technologies serves as your Application Service Provider (ASP). The ASP implementation of siteExtend Pro is provided by a respected production facility offering Tier 1 hosting and connectivity.
  • Administrative access to sites and content is available via encrypted login (username and password). Aside from content, very little personal or sensitive information is stored on our servers.
  • Access to all server rooms is secured.
  • ACS Technologies backs up all data daily. In addition, we maintain a fully functional fail-over site in a physically and logically separate hosting facility.

Easy to use template-based system.

  • Extend is so easy to use, you don't need any HTML knowledge or Web development skills. An integrated editor gives you WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editing similar to word processors such as Microsoft® Word. Extend makes it easy for you to design and manage your Web site. It doesn't require special software, complex licensing agreements or expensive hardware.
  • Extend removes the bottleneck. You can develop or access ready-to-use content and avoid the expense and delay of building a site from scratch.
  • Extend writes the code for you. All you need to do is write the text and add your own pictures, graphics, and multimedia files.
  • Extend includes customizable layout tools and templates that make it exceptionally easy to create and post content such as news, information, articles, and more.
  • Changes are simple to make and can be done by your staff as they navigate your site from within our special Web content management system.

Accessible 24/7 from your browser.

Extend is a safe service that resides on the ACS Technologies secure infrastructure and is accessible online only to select users through standard browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer® and Mozilla® Firefox®. This means your staff can rapidly publish content from any computer in the world as long as it has a current browser and connection to the Internet.

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