SecureSearch Faith

Instant online background checks of employees and volunteers add safety and confidence to your staffing process.

Keep your children, youth, school, and ministry safe with state-of-the-art background check technology. Submit background check requests directly from your PDS software to SecureSearch Faith without having to key in information twice. SecureSearch Faith is a premier online pre-employment, volunteer, and tenant screening service used by Human Resource professionals, hiring managers, and volunteer recruiters. ACS Technologies and Secure Search have partnered to bring you this integrated solution, because we know how important being able to properly manage and review background checks is to your organization.

  • State-of the-Art Technology—Enter data once and automatically order a background check via PDS software. The most comprehensive national search in the industry to date returned to you quickly and easily!
  • Peace of Mind—Partner with a national company specializing in helping ministries with due diligence. Dedicated experts in pre-employment, post-hire and volunteer background checks.
  • Save Time, Money and Headaches—Entrust your screening processes to Secure Search and PDS. You will save precious hours, reduce your overall costs, and lessen the potential of hiring habitual offenders. All of our services are priced at economical rates to save your budget dollars.
  • Consistency in Processes (Compliance)—Eliminate employment bias with consistent screening packages designed for each position and comply with local and federal laws. Batch processing available!
  • Greater Security and Safety—Keep your children, youth, school, and ministry safe. Feel confident in selecting SecureSearch. Thousands already have!


Option 1 - $12.00

SSN Trace (Name and Address History) plus Alias Name (all found versions of the name from the SSN and not just the provided name) for Multi-State Criminal and National Sexual Offender Searches.

Option 2 - $4.00 (Plus State MVR Fee)

MVR Search

Option 3 - $8.00 (Plus any applicable court access fees)

County Search

Option 4 - $9.00

Multi-State Criminal and National Sexual Offender without the SSN

Option 5  $8 (Plus State Fee)

Statewide Criminal Search

Sign Up

Clients will need to sign up with SecureSearch Faith to use this new feature. Please fill out the SecureSearch Faith Agreement for Service. Once the paperwork is submitted, the button inside the product will no longer open this Web site but will take you to the application that will submit and store the requests.

SecureSearch Faith Agreement

For more information on packages and pricing, please call 1-866-891-1954 to speak with a SecureSearch Faith representative. SecureSearch Faith will be billing for the requested reports and handling support for questions about the information in the reports. There is no set up fee.

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