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Easter Toolkit

Resources to Grow Attendance & Giving

Every Easter serves as an opportunity for powerful ministry growth. We’ve created this free, comprehensive Easter Toolkit so that your church can make the most of the season, grabbing hold of all that God has in store for your community.

Use these
resources to:

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Get more people to come to your
Easter services than ever before

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Grow your church by turning first-
time guests into regular attendees

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Increase giving by mastering
donation requests

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Engage children and keep them
coming back for more

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Easter is one of the most anticipated and celebrated times of the year for your church. It is a wonderful opportunity to reach new people, grow your church giving, engage more families and kids, and expand the Kingdom of God.

We want to help you have a fruitful Easter season, so we’ve created customizable resources including announcement slides, invitation cards, social media graphics, and pew cards. Be sure to check out the templated giving messages to help remind people why supporting the life of your church is important. Plus, we have included some fun, easy activities to get the children involved and entertained.

Invitation Cards

The tried and true – and still most effective – way of growing your church is through personal invites. Customize and print these invitation cards so everyone in your church has one to give out in the weeks leading up to Easter.

Website Banners

church invitation cards

In the weeks leading up to Easter, you should have a big, bold banner or pop-up on your church website with Easter event details and an option to “Plan Your Visit.” This link/button could lead to a simple webpage with event details, what to expect, and a contact form. Help people plan their visit by making general information about parking, kids, attire, and service flow easily accessible. It’s a great way to help people through the awkwardness of a new church experience and capture their information for easier follow-up later.

Worship Slides

easter web banners

Your worship announcement slideshow is a great place to remind your members of your Easter service and various giving options. Download and customize these slides to use for both your in-person and online worship slides.

Social Media Graphics

church guides

Social media is a great way for you to connect with your members and those who are potentially planning to visit your church this Easter. Our social media graphics are sized for the major platforms, and can also be used as images in your newsletter, on your website, or wherever you see fit. Encourage your members to share your posts to reach even more people.

Bulletin Messages

church guides

Your church bulletin keeps your members informed and is a ministry preview for the visitors you will have this Easter. What better way to tell them of your Easter service and all of your giving options than to include them in your bulletin? Customize these bulletin messages to make sure you grow attendance and generosity this Easter.


Your members and visitors this Easter may not be aware of the many ways they can conveniently donate to your church. Customize and print these bulletin inserts to show how easy it is to donate online or through text.


Church Bulletin Inserts

While mentioning the importance of tithes and offerings from the pulpit is one of the strongest ways to encourage generosity, we have to think of those who aren’t able to worship with us in person. Use this email template to get you started as you send your Easter service details along with a reminder of the impact of giving this season.


You would be setting a record if you had the email address of every single member in your church. Which is why we’ve created a template you can use to send a personalized letter through the mail requesting donations and communicating your Easter service details.


Even though online donations are common and popular these days, the action of dropping something into the offering plate is reverent and important for many. These offering cards can be placed in your church pews this Easter as an option for those who give online but still want to partake in offering time during your worship service.


church pew cards

Typically, families with kids will likely be the largest portion of visitors you see but, many of these children may not have much practice sitting in church. so, it’s a great idea to anticipate their involvement and make arrangements. Even small gestures go a long way in helping your youngest guests (and their families!) feel right at home when they join you on Easter.

church childrens activities

Rejoice in the Lord and this blessed holiday.

In all your planning, don’t miss the power of the moment by being caught up in the preparation of it. Remember that what we’re celebrating is a miraculous spiritual event that has brought hope to billions of people throughout history. When people come to worship and celebrate the resurrection at your church, it’s a big deal! All of your plans are important, but not as important as letting God lead you to reach your community profoundly this Easter. And remember, we’re praying with you, trusting that God will lead your church to big things for his glory!