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6 Reasons People
are Leaving Your Church

Close the backdoor, once and for all.

You know that feeling you get when a church member asks you about so-and-so who was attending for a few months but who hasn’t been around in a while? Come on, you know. Your stomach drops, you gear up to act like it’s no big deal, and your mind races for an excuse; but on the inside, you’re feeling defeated, dejected, and down.

Stop that feeling and stop the bleeding. No matter how great your church is, you’ll always have people leave. But when they leave for no good reason (that you know of) you’re left to simply assume that your church, your message, your worship, your connections just aren’t good enough. But that’s not entirely true. There is something you can do!

Our free guide reveals the top 6 reasons people are leaving your church, and how you can put things in place to turn things around.

6 reasons people are leaving your church

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