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Re-Energize Volunteer Momentum

Volunteer Momentum

Having difficulty getting your volunteers back in the game? 

Every church depends on volunteers to carry out the life and operations of your ministry. Your church’s health and impact directly correlate to the people who serve on your teams’ quality and competency. 

And yet, many church leaders remain frustrated at their lack of volunteers or the lack of enthusiasm for serving and being part of their church teams. 

We created this guide to show you how to re-energize volunteer momentum at your church. 

Re-Energize Volunteer Momentum Guide

You’ll discover how to: 

  • Energize volunteers for the various roles at your church
  • Define and cast vision for roles and teams
  • Recruit and schedule the right people for the right positions
  • Ensure the safety and health of your teams
  • Empower staff and leaders to manage teams effectively
  • And more! 


Now is the time to get your people back in the game, thriving in fulfillment as they pursue their God-given purpose through your church. 

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