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Bridging ministry and technology for the Greek Orthodox Church, her parishes, metropolises, and Archdiocese.

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America is pleased to partner with Parish Data System to bring software solutions for your parish membership, stewardship, management and financial accounting needs. It is the only approved and supported Orthodox Software. Church Office is being rolled out across the country, regional training is taking place, and Ledger is also available now. Ledger comes preloaded with the National Chart of Accounts, and a separate sample database module, allowing for “what-if” scenarios without affecting your actual data.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did we adapt Church Office for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, and what are a few enhancements for the next release?

We’ve included many Orthodox features, and continue to develop the program in conjunction with the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese. Here’s a small portion of what we’ve incorporated so far.

  • Set Up: We provide a specific Orthodox option during setup.
  • Database: When setting up the program the first time many tables are pre-populated with data specifically for Orthodox churches. This includes every feast day celebrated in the parishes of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.
  • Email/Phones: Phones/Email screen renamed to Communications. Now includes links for Facebook, Twitter, and blog.
  • Member Communication: Member Quick Communication report allows you to send text messages and emails to members, students, catechists, and teachers.
  • Dates: PDS now supports approximate dates and new date formats. Full dates, month and year, year only, month only.
  • Relationships: The new Relationships screen allows you to link related families and members together. For existing families/members, link families/members not in database, Similar to Contacts. Tracks multigenerational families, and is also a solution for how to handle Godparent/Godchildren relationships, grandparents, and children in divorced/separated situations.
  • Import: Enhanced import processes enable you to import family, member, ministry, sacramental, and contribution information.
  • Funds: Funds updated so that the Funds Used menu is now grouped by fund for easier selecting when you have many old fund periods.
  • Member Memorials: Track memorials with ease: send thank you letters to contributors and get a list of contributors for the family.
  • License/Sacraments: Select Metropolis from a list of choices on License and Sacrament Place Names and Address screens.
  • Reports: New Listing Reports that support voting procedures so your parish can comply with election rules, member in good standing letter, and others.
  • Email: Use “Email is Unlisted” check box so you can omit the selected email address from any reports created for external use.
  • Sacraments: Select a Saint Name from a pre-defined list of choices. Manage and maintain data for Chrismations, Memorials, Ecclesiastical Divorces, and others.

And additional features are currently in development.

How does PDS support my Time, Talent, and Treasure Stewardship initiative?

We believe it is part of our ministry to help you use technology to minister to your Parish. For this purpose we have developed a process for evangelizing your local community through Stewardship. We have included worksheets, reports, sample letters, labels, payment booklets, in short, the ideas to help you use the information you have in PDS Church Office to initiate or enhance a Ministry and Stewardship campaign to those enrolled at your church. PDS takes you from the beginning of your Stewardship campaign through goal reporting and progress reports.

How can I ensure the continued confidentiality of my data while working with PDS?

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese and PDS have a joint Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which covers all Greek Orthodox parishes in the United States. This includes:

  • Program and technical support
  • Assistance with reporting and selections
  • Data conversion
How does my parish receive training?

Training is available via a variety of methods including:

  • Regional training
  • Online self-paced videos
  • Webinar training, one to one, or group
  • Training champions
Can I continue to use my QuickBooks program?

Yes, you can continue to use QuickBooks or you can use PDS Ledger. Quick posting process of payments and donations from Church Office will generate a file that can be imported into either QuickBooks or PDS Ledger. PDS Ledger is now in full production, and available to all of our parishes.

Can data from my current program be converted to PDS Church Office?

Yes, your data will be converted and migrated from your current program to PDS Church Office.

What more can I look forward to?

PDS and the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese have teamed together for a multi-year partnership. The program continues to evolve, and new modules are being released.

I would like to move forward, what is the next step?

We are working closely with Effie Marie Smith as we coordinate and schedule program rollout and implementation plans. Since the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America will be covering the costs of the program and for the first year for all the parishes, Effie Marie asks that parishes interested contact her directly for more information. Please contact Effie Marie Smith at 1-212-774-0273 or email her at EMSmith@goarch.org.

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