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PDS Church Office

Simplify the tasks associated with the daily management of family and parish information.

With PDS Church Office™, parishes across the United States can easily manage and review a variety of parish information from sacraments and outreach to member details and mailings to individual contributions and large fund drives. Quickly view vital information about any or all of your members at a single glance. Generate reports for summary and analysis of the state of your ministry and its vital work. Let Church Office manage the myriad of details required to make your church run efficiently, so you can effectively deal with the needs of your parish community.

PDS Church Office™ empowers your staff to keep families informed, active, and connected to your church. Easy to use features provide innovative ways to save time, maintain church records, and track funds and finances. Parishes use PDS Church Office to simplify the tasks associated with the daily management of family and parish information.

  • Customizable security
  • Efficient data entry and easy look up
  • Process tailored for speed and precision
  • Synchronizes with other PDS software
  • Powerful and easy-to-use reporting
  • Comprehensive gift, donation, and fund management
  • Stewardship enhancement
  • Included mailing features

Efficient Data Entry and Easy Look Up

  • Logical data input and easy record location allow virtually unlimited information on every individual. Standard fields like addresses, phone numbers, and birthdays combine with customizable lists and keyword data that you can create as a permanent part of the program.
  • Personal records are grouped by family unit so last names and addresses are entered once for the whole family.
  • Different last names or addresses can be easily changed for an individual while maintaining family relationships. Plus, you can print labels for households whose members have different last names.
  • Information can be stored on attendance, sacraments, background check data, ministries, talents, and other vital personal data.
  • Track a street address, mailing address, alternate address, and e-mail for each household. You can specify when the family is at the alternate address and automatically route mail to them during that time.
  • View and print maps for house visits.
  • Keep unlimited phone numbers and e-mail addresses for each individual.
  • Record unlimited comments for individuals and families. Include data such as emergency contacts, medical alerts, or restricted pastoral comments. Limit comment access to only the users you choose.
  • Import individual and family pictures from digital files.
  • Print your own photo directory.
  • Quickly locate records by first or last name, envelope number, phone number, address, or e-mail.
  • Create activity groups for your ministries and committees, music programs, and outreach programs. All the information is right at your fingertips.

Processes Tailored for Speed and Precision

  • Post changes to contribution, family, and member data automatically in bulk or one record at a time.
  • Use the "Pledge Card" quick posting process to make the process of entering pledge cards and initial payments more efficient.
  • Save your Quick Post process selections for future use.
  • Use the one-time process for EFT payments when using QuanComm as processor.
  • Quickly identify families whose credit cards will soon expire.
  • Archive inactive records and get them out of your way.

Powerful, Easy-to-use Reporting

  • Choose from dozens of pre-defined reports to generate directories, produce lists and comparisons for analysis and mailings. Design your own reports with content you define to meet your immediate needs.
  • Track contributions and contribution goals accurately, completely, and securely.
  • “Easy Lists” let you instantly generate lists of members’ details meeting almost any practical criteria.
  • Support your stewardship goals with pre-defined letters and reports specifically tailored for stewardship projects.
  • Powerful selections allow you to print exactly who you want in any report. Simply check off the families or members you want to print or
  • Enter the selection criteria. Any field available for printing in a report can be used as selection criteria.
  • Use the PDS Catholic Directory feature to automatically compile all your facility’s information and statistical data to quickly generate your report for The Official Catholic Directory™ (with which PDS has no affiliation).

Electronic Sacramental Register

Add the optional PDS Sacramental Register™ feature for a searchable electronic database of all your sacramental records. This add-on feature makes it easy to quickly locate entries in your written registers and helps preserve your valuable records.

Customizable Security

The most important quality of a database is the security of the information entrusted to you. With Church Office, you have the peace of mind of choosing who has access to each specific part of your data. Plus you can link your Windows or OnDemand username to your PDS username to create a single sign-on experience.

Comprehensive Gift, Donation, and Fund Management

PDS Church Office manages and maintains all of your contribution information. It keeps you and your members informed of their giving records and histories and can even track progress toward fulfilling a capital campaign pledge. It includes support for most EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) methods to give your contributors payment flexibility.

Stewardship Enhancement

Enhance your stewardship with the The PDS User's Guide for Stewardship, a comprehensive plan that includes a variety of time, talent, and treasure reports to help you plan, implement, and analyze your stewardship campaigns. Learn more about cultivating stewardship with PDS Church Office.

Synchronizes with Other PDS Software

  • Integrates seamlessly with PDS Formation Office™ and PDS School Office™. Multiple programs share a single database. Enter a member or family once; access and edit their records from any of the programs.
  • Export data to PDS Ministry Scheduler™ to easily organize schedules and duties for church leaders and staff.
  • Fully integrates with PDS Connects™, the online companion to Church Office. PDS Connects gives your members the ability to manage their profile information over the Internet and make online donations.
  • The PDS Ledger™ has the ability to import batch summary totals from PDS Church Office and PDS Formation Office.

Add-on Mail Features

  • Use E-Z Mail™ to sort your first or standard class mailings. Print the qualification report, tray labels, and post office forms right from the program.
  • CASS certify mailing addresses on your own schedule over the Internet with PDS CASS It!™, an optional add-on feature.
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  • Member Detail Information

    The Church Office is a stand alone program or can share data with the Formation Office and/or School Office or both. When used together these programs allow you to compare and use data that is common to any of these programs. For example, if Church Office and Formation Office are used on the same network, those using the Church Office can share their data with the data being used by the Formation Office program. This way data is only entered once and corrections are made only once. Each program can see the data that pertains to their particular screens. Fund information can be restricted from the view of other programs.

  • Family Detail Screen

    The family and member screens contain fields for regular addresses, alternate addresses, e-mail addresses and a check box to indicate a preference in sending e-mail instead of regular mail. This means that for any mailing you can automatically send information to all selected using either e-mail, regular mail or both. Mailing to alternate addresses: some of your membership may live at an alternate address for part of the year. This feature alerts the program when there is a mailing to the alternate address.

  • Sacramental Records

    The member screen provides space for detailed information about all sacraments received for each person along with birth and parent information. There is also provision for sending notifications either by regular mail or e-mail. Each Sacrament screen has access to the PDS Certificate maker screen which enables the user to print standardized or customized certificates. The program provides control over the sacramental tab names and their order on the screen.

  • Recording Letters, Visits, Calls

    Along with the ability to communicate more easily and quickly with the membership, the program provides a method of keeping track of each regular letter or e-mail sent. When this mailing occurs, each individual member record can be updated automatically with the date and purpose of the communication. This function for updating each record is optional at the time of the mailing. This feature could be used as part of a fund raising campaign or at the end of the year to identify the type of letter and the date the letter was sent to selected members.

  • Reports

    Generate a wide variety of reports such as personalized letters or statements, certificates, demographics, list of members that are in a specific ministry, billing statements, pledge reports, and many more.

  • Ministries and Talents

    This screen contains their involvement in ministries including the status and the start/end date.

  • Contributions

    The financial section can maintain any number of past years information. It can use more than one recurring rate, send multiple statements and provide courtesy copies if statements are to be sent to more than one person. The program can monitor and compare multiple funds such as church contributions, extra collections and a stewardship campaign. Financial statements can reflect any or all funds being used.

  • View Log of User Activity

    The program automatically maintains a Log of User Activity whether or not User Names are required to enter the program. When you use User names to enter the program, it is easy to identify who added a family, who deleted a keyword, who changed are codes, and son on.

  • Safe Environment

    Ensure proper background check such as fingerprinting, special classes that staff or volunteers need to attend, etc.