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PDS Facility Scheduler

Schedule rooms and equipment efficiently and easily.

PDS Facility Scheduler™ removes the worry from scheduling events for your church or organization’s facilities. With this specialized software, you can simplify the most complex scheduling processes, eliminate conflicts, and maintain regular communication with facility users. The result is that you never overbook or forget key details such as setup or cleanup requirements.

  • Schedule Rooms & Equipment
  • Communicate Schedules
  • Powerful Reporting
  • Secure Program Access

Painless Scheduling

  • Start immediately and simply with step-by-step wizards to schedule a year’s worth of recurring events as easily as a one-time event.
  • Don’t worry about being limited by the system. You can schedule event packages that require multiple facilities over a series of days.
  • Quickly check the availability of any facility for any time or date range.
  • Make sure the financial side is handled appropriately. You can track charges and payments credited and due.

Communication Tools

  • Make it convenient for everyone at your church – print calendars for posting at each facility resource.
  • Upload events to Google Calendar.
  • Take your calendars online with no design experience required. Just create the Web calendar in the program and publish it to your Web site.
  • Maintain contact information for both organization leaders and facility administrators.
  • Take advantage of the program’s compatibility with other PDS solutions, and import contact information from PDS Church Office™ or PDS Formation Office™.

Powerful Reporting

  • Maintain flexibility by generating daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly calendars.
  • Maximize your time and efficiency with the ability to create reminder letters, billing statements, envelopes, and labels directly from the program.

Secure Program Access

  • Determine who has access to each area of the program so that you can keep confidential records private. The system administrator can decide who can view or change data.
  • Link your Windows or OnDemand username to your PDS username to create a single
    sign-on experience.
  • Set up a password system, and stay informed with a log of users’ activities in the program.
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  • Events Calendar

    There are different ways to schedule events in the PDS Facility Scheduler.

  • Flexible Scheduling Options

    • Setup how the event should print on calendars.
    • Enter any reminders.
    • Identify on which calendars events will print.
    • Conflicting events are highlighted in red.
  • Scheduling Wizards

    Wizards step you through each scheduling process, whether it be for a single event, a series of recurring events, a package of related events or using past history. Each process is broken down into easy to follow steps.

  • View Annual Calendar

    View the entire year at a quick glance.

  • Organization View Listing

    On the Listing Screen you can scroll up, down or sideways through the list. The Customize View button allows you to determine what is displayed. Reordering the columns is a drag and drop operation. Double click any entry to jump to the details screen.

  • Facility Features

    A Facility is any space that you want to make available for scheduling. Each facility may have features that you want to record. These features can be used as part of the selection process when deciding where to schedule an event. The names of the features are user definable and can be setup as either numbers or check boxes.

  • Multiple Contacts for Event

    A wedding is an example an event package where there are a series of meetings and list of various requirements. Additionally, some of the events may involve fees.

  • Report Selections

    Selecting a report is easy and quick. Double clicking on any of the selection headings will bring up another listing of specific report selections.