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Church Websites

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A virtual front door to your church.

realm streaming


Build a professional, user-friendly site.

Choose from sixteen pre-formatted templates and customize them with your church’s branding so you take your virtual presence to the next level.

site navigation


Expand your website to all your ministries.

Create pages for each area of your church. You can create a page to welcome visitors, let congregants know about events in your church, share a staff directory – anything you want.


Choose images that best represent your church.

Select images from the gallery or upload and edit your own.

graphics library


Understand who is engaging and how.

View which pages people are visiting most, how people came to your page, where visitors are located, and so much more.



Add widgets for a single event, list of events, list of groups, or giving to your website.


WANT TO LEARN MORE? Fill out your information and we will be in touch.

Feature Highlights

Have peace of mind knowing your church data is secure

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Secure ministry software
to keep your church safe.

realm security
realm manage account privacy

Custom Fields

Share what’s important.

Your church is filled with unique individuals who want to share their lives in different ways. Realm is a secure church platform and allows your congregation to choose what level of detail they’d like to share their information with the congregation, allowing for a secure and personalized experience.

Roles and Responsibilities

Keep confidential information secure.

Realm secure church software understands that different people should have access to information based on their responsibilities in your church. Assign roles to staff and lay leaders to give the access they need without compromising confidential information. Enable two-step verification to add another layer of security to your data.

realm edit pastoral staff
realm edit security and privacy

Security Empowerment

Set security measures that work for your church.

Choose what an individual in Realm can view based on their member status by setting privacy and security measures for each member status that works best for your ministry.

real ministry connect church

Security Levels

Give confidently.

A secure church giving experience is a top priority for your ministry. That’s why it’s a top priority in Realm. Every online transaction is processed with a PCI Level 1-compliance and backed by the latest industry standards.

Data Imports

Your church environment. Secured.

Realm church management software is securely built for the needs of your specific church. This means your church – and every one of your members – accesses Realm through HTTPS SSL-encrypted connections for top-of-the-line church data security. We’ve also added an extra layer of security with multi-factor authentication.

realm login

The future of doing ministry.

Realm is 100% web-based, so there’s no need to have on-premise servers or workstations that you constantly need to manage or update. Your church data is securely placed on our state-of-the-art server network and updates to Realm are made automatically.

Feature Highlights

Communication tools to keep your church connected

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Keeping engagement front and center.

realm communications congregants
realm newsfeed


Posts to keep your church informed.

Keep your members engaged by posting to their newsfeed. Group leaders can post prayer requests, encouragement, or announcements to their groups and members can comment. Leaders can post to multiple groups they lead at the same time to create multiple conversations, and choose whether to allow comments.

Photo Posts

Share memories to create connections.

Being able to post photos from group events reminds your group members of the wonderful bonds they are creating through your church and Christ. Using photo posts in Realm, you can also share images of encouragement like scripture readings or devotionals.

realm post
realm mobile app newsfeed


Empower groups to organize, plan, and engage.

Realm church management software gives your group leaders the opportunity to share events with their group members. With our incredible church group management software, group leaders can attach files to the events for members to see ahead of time such as a meeting agenda or menu. Plus, leaders can add items for group members to sign up to bring when they RSVP.

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constant contact logo

Foster a more engaged and connected community with the integration of Realm and Constant Contact for email and SMS marketing. Seamlessly sync congregant contact information, allowing you to leverage a unified solution for both email and text messaging. Craft impactful messages using Constant Contact’s user-friendly editor, AI-driven content generator, schedule emails and texts, and view valuable analytics for optimal engagement.

20% OFF
when you prepay a 6-month subscription

30% OFF
when you prepay a 1-year subscription

30% OFF
For 3 months*, plus a one-hour kickoff call to help your ministry get set up for success. SMS can be added to any plan.

realm constant contact sync


Communicate with anyone in the moment.

Checking in on a member and family or planning a surprise event with just a few members within a group means communicating with the whole group isn’t necessary. And thanks to Chat in Realm, you can contact just one or a few members at a time without having to message an entire group.

realm chat
realm communications inbox


One place for all communications.

We all know the routine of searching through texts, emails, and direct messages trying to find a conversation. With Realm’s inbox, all of your communications are saved in one place. Your members can see their messages in their Inbox, even if they choose to receive messages as emails or texts.

Constant Contact SMS

Instantly reach your audience.

Maximize your ministry’s outreach with Constant Contact SMS. Effortlessly sync mobile numbers to Constant Contact to leverage the power of texting to better reach your congregation. Your church will have a dedicated phone number to schedule or send texts to your entire congregation or specific individuals. You’ll also have insightful data to help you understand engagement with your texts.

realm texting
realm send email


Reach the right audience.

Easily connect with individuals in a group or pathway, from a custom query, parents of children in your ministry, or people in a dashboard filter through email. Use Realm’s native email tool or take your email content to the next level using Realm’s integration with Constant Contact.


Send customized emails to targeted lists.

Realm’s integration with Constant Contact means you can sync your email contacts between both to ensure contacts are up-to-date. Send your contact lists from Realm to update, replace, or create new lists to email through Constant Contact.

realm constant contact sync


Track your communications.

See who is receiving your messages via Email, Text, or Inbox. With Realm’s Communication History, check the status of your messages and see those that are sent, queued, undelivered, or those who have unsubscribed.

realm communication history
realm notification settings

Notification Preferences

Reach them where they prefer.

Realm gives you the opportunity to connect with your members in the way they choose is best. If they prefer email, your Inbox messages and posts will reach their email inbox. Enable texting for groups who are always on the go to reach them quickly. Push notifications keep those using the Realm Connect church mobile app informed of new messages, posts.

Feature Highlights

Reports to dive deep into your church’s data

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Detailed church reporting solutions into your ministry.

realm reports
realm predefined reports

Predefined Reports

Generate detailed reports.

When more details are needed, staff can utilize Realm’s predefined reports for churches and ministries. From eGiving and accounting to groups and events, one of the nearly 30 reports in Realm will serve up answers to questions you have about your ministry.  

Custom Queries

Access all your data.

Attention administrators: Realm’s custom queries were built for you. Unlike a prebuilt report, custom reports for churches and ministries let you search, sort, and output your data in any way needed.

realm custom query
realm saved reports

Saved Reports

Make better use of your time.

Building reports over and over shouldn’t be how you spend your time. Save your custom and predefined church reports in Realm ministry management software and access them from “My Saved Reports” anytime you want to re-run, edit, or output your data again.

Shared Reports

Teamwork just got easier.

Working together in Realm is easy with shared reports. Create your report and share it with others directly in Realm so they can see the results and take action as needed.

realm shared with me
realm recent report history

Recent Report History

Don’t lose your work.

Run a report but forget to save it? Realm gives you recent report history so you can see your history and download a recent report you may have lost.


Save time reviewing details.

Realm ministry management tools aren’t just for your people.  You’ll also get complete church expense reporting software for Realm church accounting and payroll. Customize standard accounting reports by selecting all the criteria you want to include in your report, such as specific time periods, funds, core accounts, and departments. Then save your reports to use again at a later time.

realm financial reporting

Feature Highlights

Gain insights into your church through Dashboards

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Access ministry insights when
you need them most.

realm dashboards
realm dashboard


Have a pulse on your ministry.

From demographics about your congregation to statistics for church health, the Overview Dashboard is out-of-the-box ready and provides church leaders needed insight into their ministry.

Custom Fields

Remove the guesswork of giving.

Realm’s giving and pledge dashboards provide church leaders with important information like campaign progress, breakdowns by fund or payment type and year-over-year giving totals.

realm dashboard giving pledges
realm dashboard attendance timeline

Security Levels

See attendance trends.

Realm understands that different people in your church should have access to different information about people. Assign roles to staff and lay leaders to give the access they need without compromising confidential information.

Data Imports

Take action on your ministry insights.

Dashboards serve you valuable information about your ministry, but it doesn’t stop there. Take action on the information you’re given by communicating with lists, adding them to groups or discipleship tracks, or even inviting them to take part in your ministry on Realm.

realm dashboard first time attendees

Feature Highlights

Manage payroll and time off for your church staff

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Simplify the process of paying your staff.

Learn How to Use Church Accounting Software in Realm

Payroll Runs

Process and pay U.S. employees automatically.

Once your employee data and timesheets are all set up, Realm® will calculate necessary tax withholdings, process adjustments, communicate status, and post payments in its payroll software for churches.

Quickly Run Payroll to Process and Pay U.S. Employees Automatically
Maintain Employee Details for Accurate Church Payroll

Employee Details

Ensure everyone receives a correct paycheck.

Payroll is part of Realm church management software designed specifically for churches, allowing you to maintain important details about your employees and accommodate special tax requirements and allowances for your ministerial staff.

Time Entry

Process timesheets for individuals or groups of employees.

Split employees into manageable groups for processing pay periods or for structuring compensation for specific jobs. Timesheet groups run separately and give you complete control over how employees are paid.

Create Timesheets to Process Church Payroll
Manage and Define Jobs within Church Payroll Software


Define and assign jobs to your employees.

Realm’s tools allow staff to manage the church and run your ministries, and Payroll gives you a way to manage all those staff positions quicker and easier. Add all of the jobs available at your church—including full-time, part-time, and one-time positions—and assign these jobs for how your staff is paid.


Track any additions and subtractions to employee wages.

Keep track of employee benefits, additional compensation, employer-paid items, and special situations such as housing and auto allowances, phone reimbursements, retirement plans, insurance, and one-off deductions.

Track and Adjust Employee Wages within Realm Payroll Service
Print Checks Through Realm's Church Payroll Service and Post Directly to the General Ledger

Print Checks

Print physical checks and post to General Ledger.

Using Realm church accounting software with payroll, you can run payroll, print checks, and post payroll checks to the general ledger according to the payroll transactions list.

Tax Withholding Settings

Automatically calculate payroll withholding taxes.

Realm’s payroll software for ministries, along with Symmetry Software, calculates payroll withholding taxes for federal, FICA, state, and local taxes. Only taxable jobs and adjustments will be used to calculate taxes.

Realm's Church Payroll System Automatically Tracks and Calculates Paycheck Taxes

Feature Highlights

Accounting software designed with churches in mind

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Demonstrate solid financial discipline to your congregation and vendors.

Learn How to Use Church Accounting Software in Realm
realm giving integration

Giving Integration

Automatically post deposits from contributions.

Realm’s accounting software for churches fully integrates with Realm Giving by allowing you the option to post batches into General Ledger as deposits. Simply link your Giving Funds to your General Ledger accounts. Of course, you can control which batches to post automatically and which ones to handle yourself anytime.

Accounting Basis

Choose Your Accounting Method.

Realm Accounting offers the flexibility to manage your church’s finances with cash and accrual-based accounting methods, ensuring accurate record-keeping and compliance with accounting standards.

realm chart of accounts

Fund Accounting

Organize finances by fund.

Your Chart of Accounts is organized by listing core accounts below their account headings: Assets, Liabilities, Net Assets, Revenues, and Expenses. You may add subheadings to specify how each core account is used, and then drag and drop your subheadings into whatever order you prefer.

Account Segments

Intelligently record greater details.

After you set up core accounts to use across multiple funds, departments, etc., you can create segments to track additional information such as subdepartments and campuses. Account segments are used when entering transactions, entering budget information, performing inquiries, and processing reports.

Create Account Segments to Record Greater Detail
Track Your Church Transactions More Efficiently


Track income and expenses efficiently.

Transactions record the church’s financial activity, such as paying a vendor and receiving donations. You can enter expenses, including attaching supporting documents for vendors and transactions, income, and other transactions, and switch between transaction types within any of these categories, making it quick and easy to enter another type. Reference numbers are automatically assigned to each transaction you enter.


Pay bills and write checks.

Open checks from the Transactions screen can be placed into a queue and printed as single checks or as a batch. Realm also provides a Printed Checks Log where you can view previous check runs and print a check register report. When printing is complete, any unposted checks that you printed are automatically posted.

realm accounting
Church Accounting Reconciliaiton for your Bank and Credit Cards


Reconcile with bank and credit cards.

Bank reconciliation is an auditing process that helps uncover discrepancies in your accounts and prevents future mistakes when recording transactions. To ensure that your account is in balance, you will compare your bank statement to the transactions recorded in your general ledger.


Track individuals and businesses.

Vendors are businesses and individuals that provide services or supplies for you, and Realm church management software allows you to track and manage those vendors. Vendors are associated with expenses because you pay for those services or supplies, such as the power company, a landscaper, a government tax agency, or an office supply company.

Track Your Church Vendors with Realm Accounting Software
Plan Ahead and Budget with Realm Church Accounting Software


Money in determines your money out.

Budgets help you plan and measure your fiscal performance. By estimating what your income and expenses will be, you can make plans for how you spend and save. Budgets can live completely in Realm, or they can be exported for revisions or imported from an existing CSV file.


Save time reviewing details.

Reports can be customized with account segments to show only what you need to see. Customize standard accounting reports by selecting all the criteria you want to include in your report, such as specific time periods, funds, core accounts, and departments. Then save your reports to use again at a later time.

Realm Church Accounting Offers Customized Reports

Feature Highlights

General Ledger
Giving Integration
Reports & Analytics

Build meaningful connections with your church community

Church Community Mobile App

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Church doesn't always happen at church.

Get the best mobile app to connect your entire church and create community.

realm mobile apps
realm communications chat


Connect like never before.

Messages makes it easy for you to get in touch with people in your church. You can quickly communicate with members of a group or start conversations with one person or multiple people – just by searching for them by name. When you send a message, people will be notified by the app and can respond right away.


Share life together.

Life happens between Sundays. The newsfeed contains a personalized feed of posts, photos, and events from the groups you’re in. People in your church will see messages from their group leaders and other group members. They can respond with comments or show their support by tapping on the heart. People can share something with their group by posting a message, uploading a photo, or inviting people to an event.

realm communications
realm newsfeed

Church News

Keep people in the loop.

Communicate what’s happening across your church—anytime. People can browse through the app to read churchwide posts, check out upcoming church events, and more. They can double-check their group meeting schedule or find another opportunity to participate in a new church event. Whatever’s going on, it’s all right there in the palm of their hand.


Look people up.

Good news! Everyone can recycle their outdated directory now. The next time you need to look someone up, you can pull out your phone and search for them in the Realm® Connect app. You can also browse through the list of your entire church and look up someone’s family members. And similar rules apply from your printed directory—people can opt out of being listed if that’s their preference or choose what information is available for others to see. It’s a great way to put names to faces and learn more about the people in your church.

realm profiles
realm giving


Encourage consistent personal giving.

Give people the tools they need to make their giving more consistent. Anyone who has given can open the app to review their total giving year-to-date or check if a recent gift has been processed. People can also set up recurring gifts, create new pledges, and track progress toward their pledge goals. It’s a new way for your church family to manage their giving from the convenience of their mobile phone.


Capture RSVPs to events.

Know who will be there (and what they’ll bring). Open up the app to get details about an upcoming event and see who has RSVP-ed. As part of their response, they can note any number of guests or items they have signed up to bring. People can also register for events that require payment, such as a youth camp or adult retreat. Your church family can see who else is coming and post comments about the event.

realm events
realm profiles


Allow self-maintained profiles.

Can we get an “Amen?” Yay, no more bottlenecks! Give people the ability to keep their own family information and photos current. It’s super simple and a great way to start people off using the app. (It also means you don’t have to struggle to read someone’s handwriting on those contact cards.) People can set their own preferences about who else—besides staff—can see their information. They can make contact information visible to anyone in the church or restrict it to people in their groups, their group leaders, or just the church staff.


Contact people.

Connect with those who need it most. Realm’s mobile app makes it possible to go one step beyond looking information up. When you find the person you want to contact, you can simply tap on his or her contact information to initiate contact immediately, whether that’s a phone call, a text, or an email. It’s super convenient, and you don’t have to try to memorize phone numbers and email addresses.

realm communications

Feature Highlights

Stay connected to each other and to the ministry of your church.

Deepen relationships, celebrate milestones, boost giving, and participate in the work of the Lord. Download the “Connect – Our Church Community” app for iOS or Android devices. With Realm, it’s freely available to anyone in your church. 

person using realm connect app

Pastoral care tools for on-the-go ministry

Church Pastoral Care App

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Pocket-sized tool for God-sized ministry.

realm mobile apps
Realm Shepherd


Quickly access last-touched info.

Shepherd keeps your most relevant information at your fingertips. You can easily jump to any of the last 10 profiles you looked up, and you can see your most recent conversations all on one screen.


Find anyone in your church.

Just start typing in the search bar and matches will automatically start showing up. The search is even smart enough to recognize nicknames.

Realm Shepherd

Ministry is in your hands.

Take your pastoral care ministry to the next level by giving your pastors and pastoral staff on-the-go mobile access to your church directory, groups, pastoral notes, and messages in messages in the Realm® Shepherd app.

Realm Shepherd
Realm Shepherd

Family Members

View family members.

This is a great way to see everyone in a household. It also gives you a way to look someone up when you can only remember a family member’s name. (It happens to the best of us.)


See how people are involved.

Now you have a quick and simple way to see how someone is involved in your church. You can see the groups a person has participated in, the sacraments or religious milestones you want to track, and whether or not this person has completed or been part of any pathway.

Realm Shepherd
Realm Shepherd


Add pastoral notes to profiles.

Pastoral notes help you keep record of your interactions, observations, visitations, and more. You can either add notes for your entire pastoral team to see or you can mark them as private to be the only one who can see them.


Categorize your notes with tags.

Create your own custom tags to organize your notes. They can be anything you want, and the tags are shared across your entire pastoral team.

Realm Shepherd
Realm Shepherd


Communicate directly with people in your church.

Pastors love having a separate inbox dedicated to ministry and discipleship conversations. This keeps life-changing discussions safe from getting lost among day-to-day emails.

Install Shepherd today.

“Realm Shepherd – for Pastors” puts ministry within reach for all pastoral staff. Look up people, view activity, add notes, and send messages. Shepherd works on iOS and Android devices.

Feature Highlights

Keep your church safe in all areas with through Background Checks

Mitigate Risk Minimize Legal Liability Prevent Abuse in All Areas Save Time and Effort Protect Core Assets Encourage Peace of Mind

Share this information with others in your church.

Trust, but verify.

It’s never been more important to know exactly who is volunteering, serving, working, and caring for your church family. That’s why we have partnered with Verified First to provide the most comprehensive background checks for churches.

See How The Falls Church Anglican Keeps It's Community Safe with Background Screening

Seamless Integration

Safety doesn’t have to be complicated.

Realm’s seamless integration with our church background check software makes it easy to use and quickly manage your background screening needs. Order background checks directly through your Realm church management software and track history and progress along the way.

verified first background check
applicant pay

Applicant Pay

Relieve your screening budget.

Protect your church while removing financial burdens with our Applicant Pay Serving Volunteer package. This package allows your volunteers to support your ministry by paying for their screening.


Limit access to screening.

Privacy is important when screening your staff and members. In Realm, you can designate which staff members have the ability to view, submit, and manage background checks.

realm background checks
verified first logo

Screen for critical information in the top worldwide databases.

realm background checks

Follow Up & Renewal

Better manage background checks for church volunteers.

You can search for cases where follow-up is needed or when it’s time for a renewal, as well as query and report on other key background check information all directly in Realm, enabling your volunteers to stay up-to-date on their screenings.


Packages to fit your needs.

Background screening for churches isn’t one size fits all. Each role within your church requires different levels of screening, which is why we’ve created packages that fit those roles. Plus, add-ons enable you to dig even deeper when needed.

Background checks are already part of Realm.

Getting started is super simple:

  1. Sign in with administrative permissions.
  2. Under the Admin menu, click “Manage Realm Account.”
  3. Click the “Additional Features” tab.
  4.  In the Background Checks section, click “Learn more.”
  5. Click “Sign up for background checks.”
  6. Complete the provided application form.

Feature Highlights