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Case Study

Plainfield Christian Church Uses Realm Giving to Cut Processing Hours by 60%

Plainfield Christian Church


Plainfield, IN



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of all gifts given through Realm

Plainfield Christian church


Plainfield Christ Church in Plainfield, IN was founded in 1829 by 17 men and women who built a cabin for worship. Today, Plainfield Christian Church has a mission focus with member-led ministries and strategic partnerships with Gospel-focused organizations that extend the reach of the church into the heart of the community and around the world.


When Jill Stout first came to Plainfield Christian Church in April 2018, she immediately saw a need for change. 

As the financial secretary, she and several others would spend hours every week processing the checks and cash they’d received during their services the day before. 

“When I first came to my church, we had a team of seven people that met at the bank every Monday that did the giving deposit,” Jill says. “Every week, it took us 15 hours.”


Just before Jill joined the team, Plainfield Christian Church switched to a new system: Realm. Now, with the integrated accounting and giving modules coupled with check scanning capabilities, Plainfield Christian Church could drastically change what their giving processing looked like.

The switch to Realm was not only a time and labor saver for Jill and Plainfield Christian Church, but also gave them a stronger sense of security and integrity within their giving process.Jill believes the investment in Realm and its compatible check scanner has more than paid for itself with both the tangible and intangible benefits Plainfield Christian Church has received.