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ACS Connections

Don't let people fall through the cracks. Make sure your staff, members, and visitors feel connected to and a part of your ministry.

ACS Connections keeps ministry leaders informed of your church’s responsiveness to visitors and members. It’s a powerful relationship management tools that proactively prompts and records contacts with people, making interactions more personal and organized. Simply plan and enter your incoming and outgoing contacts, and you will have a clear picture of your church’s ability to follow up with people. Connections can also be used for organizing and monitoring stewardship campaigns.

  • Assign church deacons and members to oversee or shepherd specific visitors
  • Enter information about multiple persons or families at the same time you send out welcome letters
  • Easily access visit history for individuals or families
  • Plan and record incoming and outgoing contacts or visitation
  • Set up multiple phases of a capital campaign and track responses
Before the pastor makes a visit, he can go online and access a photo and any pertinent information about the parishioner that they are visiting. This feature really helps to familiarize the pastor, especially when our congregation is growing at its current rate.”
Covenant Love Family Church

Versatility to capture the information you need.

Inward vs. Outward Contacts – It is easy to track dates of prospects’ first and subsequent contacts (inward) as needed and your response as a result (outward).

Individual vs. Family – All inward or outward activity can be recorded on the personal or family level.

Single- or Multiple-Step Follow-up – Some types of visits result in only one action by your church. For example, a first-time contact may simply receive a welcome letter from the pastor. In other cases, you may want to record and track several responses based on one inward contact. For example, an inquiry about church membership may be followed up with a pastoral phone call, invitation to the new members’ class, and a personal contact from the Membership Chairman.

  • Record all incoming and outgoing activity on the personal or family level
  • Record an unlimited number of records
  • Assign church lay leaders or members to oversee or shepherd specific visitors
  • Easily perform mass updates across all contacts or within particular groups
  • Generate lists of contacts by types, date range, or contact status
  • Easily export detailed or summary information, contact response analysis and prospect source analysis into Microsoft Excel
  • Enhance stewardship programs, such as annual fund drives or special campaigns for buildings, endowments, and more


Customize Visitation and Outreach Programs

Use ACS Connections any way you like. It’s like a blank canvas for establishing your outreach programs. Define or create the names of each classification of contact, response, prospect source, or other terminology to match however your church recognizes this information.

  • Easily create single or multiple-step follow-up plans with visitors or members
  • Manage denominational outreach programs and customize using your own terminology
  • Design your own Connection cards to make data collection personable throughout the year
  • Customize and print visitation cards to fit the needs of any group 
  • Store card designs for fast access as needed
  • Print cards any time and in any combination
  • Use different cards for visits such as evangelistic outreach, ministerial visit, or hospital visit


Graphs and Reporting Made Easy

ACS Connections offers a variety of standard reports and graphs that can be easily customized and saved with brief notes for future use. To make data collection during visits easy, you may also design your own connection cards. Then, once the information is in, you can quickly produce customizable pie charts, line graphs, or bar graphs by responses or callers.

  • Lists – You can generate lists of contacts by assigned callers, types, date range, or contact status (complete or incomplete).
  • Graphs – Pie charts, bar graphs, and line graphs are easy to create based on a variety of options. You can choose graphing by responses, callers, or types.
  • Cards – You design all cards and can include both individual and family information.


Integrates for Maximum Efficiency

ACS Connections eliminates double data entry because it interfaces with ACS People and other ACS solutions. For example, you can view a person’s visit history and your related church responses from within that person’s People record. You can also link directly to Mail Merge. If your organization has Access ACS, you can post information online for convenient, privately-secured viewing and data entry.

  • Increase ease-of-use when away from the church by integrating your data with Access ACS, allowing secure web viewing and data entry
  • Create a complete information file on each prospect, including when the record was entered
  • View each person’s visit history and response with ACS People
  • Link directly to Mail Merge using ACS People