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ACS Facility Scheduler

Attempting to manage all of your people, events, and facilities in one calendar is madness.

Churches simply have too many people, events, facilities, and changes to coordinate for one calendar. ACS Facility Scheduler is a hosted, centralized scheduling tool designed specifically to expand and meet the multiple needs of organizations and their facilities. With this scheduling solution, you can create and distribute custom calendars to your members and staff so that rooms and resources are never double-booked. And since Facility Scheduler is a Web-based application, you can access it from anywhere at any time.

With its unique workflow security and even more user-friendly interface, Facility Scheduler is the optimum choice for your organization. It is the latest hosted solution, so your program is always up to date and your data is always secure.

  • View one calendar or any combination of calendars with few clicks
  • Quickly check the daily, weekly, or monthly availability of meeting rooms, people, or equipment
  • Arrange meetings, reserve rooms, and book equipment and resources without causing conflicts
  • Create complex recurring events (e.g. finance committee that meets every second Tuesday or VBS that runs five consecutive days)
  • Schedule multiple locations per event
  • Broadcast schedules and announcements on screens throughout your church
  • Integrate information with Microsoft Outlook

Easy Entering of System Options and Events

ACS Facility Scheduler includes many built-in features that enable you to avoid double booking of rooms, people, or equipment. Some of these are the ability to:

  • Enter events as pending or approved with the ability to confirm them later.
  • Cancel events and keep information in the system for reference.
  • Enter recurring events or events that span multiple days.
  • Book resources and extra setup or teardown time.
  • Enter separate rooms and then combine them to be booked as one resource. For example, you may have a multi-purpose room that can be divided and scheduled as four smaller rooms.

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

Facility Scheduler is a hosted solution, meaning there are no program CDs to keep up with. You just install the application, and it’s maintained and updated for you by ACS Technologies. In addition, you’ll have:

  • Regular, current backups of your data in case of emergency.
  • Secure data transfer.
  • Server hardware repairs, upgrades, and replacements.
  • 24-hour network support for connection to server.
  • Up-to-the-minute software updates, so you’re always using the latest version.

Ultimate Control

  • Setup – You decide how many calendars and event types to create.
  • Security – You decide who has access to view or add events to each calendar.
  • Scheduling – You decide who can add or edit events as approved or confirmed.

Built-in Reporting

Facility Scheduler comes with many standardized reports and calendar formats, such as:

  • List of events – Two lists and two 3×5 card formats.
  • List of resources – Simple and detailed lists organized by scheduled event. You can include notes if necessary.
  • Weekly and monthly calendars – Variety of options in landscape or portrait format.
  • Request forms – Customized forms for each event type you create.
  • Planning calendar – Blank calendar in either landscape or portrait format.
  • (You may view some sample reports under resources above to the right)

Take advantage of this FREE add-ons!


Keep your members informed about all the news and events at your church.

Broadcast is a web application that lets you display events from ACS Facility Scheduler directly onto monitors within your building. And, it’s included for no additional charge with ACS Facility Scheduler. With Broadcast you can display published events up to six months out from the current date and it automatically updates if you make any changes in ACS Facility Scheduler. So save yourself time by adding Broadcast for FREE. Contact Support to get started.

Broadcast screen