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ACS Contributions

Manage all your ministry's contribution information accurately and privately.

When people give, they want to know their financial gifts are in safe hands. They want to know their contribution was properly received and recorded. But people give in many different ways and tax laws and nonprofit regulations can be complex and tricky to navigate without help. That’s why thousands of churches, denominations, and other nonprofit organizations count on ACS Contributions to track their giving.

ACS Contributions provides the flexibility and confidentiality nonprofits need. Whether you use envelope numbers, have pledges (even to multiple funds or multiple years), or want to interface your contributions with ACS General Ledger, you will find this system easy to use from setup through customized reporting. The real-time interface with ACS People eliminates the need to enter contributors in two different places.

  • Track giving of individuals in your church(es).
  • Produce graphs comparing pledges to gifts for multiple funds.
  • Create accurate, IRS compliant statements and tax receipts.
  • Give and review contributions online with Access ACS.

And, we have a team standing by to help you each step of the way. This means support for you, not a sales person. They’re here to help you navigate the ever changing world of eGiving, always keeping you aware of the most effective solutions to meet the unique needs of your ministry. To learn more, connect with your eGiving Consultant, download free resources, and check out our video gallery.

"If I had to manually do our weekly contributions, it would take me about two days. With ACS, I can count and post my data in two hours. It's so easy to do. Even with phone interruptions, I'm able to complete this project in no time."
Kathy S.
Covenant Life Ministries

Complete control over all of your contribution information.

ACS Contributions handles all of the complexities around proper tracking of giving information and keeps authorized staff members informed of all their giving records. View progress toward reaching a ministry goal or fund. Create custom reports by interfacing with ACS General Ledger, and eliminate the need to enter contributions in different places by interfacing with ACS People. With ACS Contributions, you have the tools in place to precisely manage your entire ministry giving records.

  • Set up for a calendar or fiscal year to match your financial reporting needs
  • Select a donor by name, envelope number, donor number, or with ACS SpeedCheck and a MICR Check Reader
  • Enter scheduled bank drafts from a contributor’s account
  • Combine giving records for married couples
  • Distribute the contribution from a single check into multiple funds (i.e. general fund, missions, building projects, etc.)
  • Post gifts received from online donations and apply them to an individual’s giving record
  • Easily correct errors by reversing entries and adding correct amounts, all while maintaining the audit trail
  • Retain past years’ details or the last two years’ detail and summarize the third year and beyond
  • Option to mass delete contributors or mass change inactive contributor listings
  • Assign new envelope numbers, print new envelope labels, and distribute next year’s envelopes prior to year-end
  • Print detailed information about personal giving history from the inquiry window
Comply with IRS regulations.

Proper use of transaction types ensures compliance with IRS requirements for church and nonprofit reporting. While corrections may be made after posting, a full audit trail of corrections is also maintained. Mark donations in conformity with IRS regulations for:

  • Quid pro quo gifts (e.g. donating $50 for a $5 spaghetti dinner)
  • Non-cash gifts
  • Non-deductible gifts
Keep your contribution information private and secure.

Only staff with the proper clearance will have access to ACS Contributions. You can also give some staff members view-only access, allowing them to look up information without entering or editing the data.

Handle pledges and custom giving plans.

Giving plans are fully supported. This enables donors to earmark a percentage of their donation for a particular fund or project on an ongoing basis. For example, the donor may write one check, but opt to have 10% of each weekly donation going to support a missionary, with 90% going to the General Budget Fund.

  • Create single or multi-year pledges
  • Contributors can have pledges for multiple funds and variable pledge periods
  • Set up giving plans to donate a percentage of the contribution to go toward multiple efforts
  • Enter pledge amounts that apply to past or future pledges
  • Store unlimited multi-year pledge and multi-year giving history
Look up specific giving information quickly.

Once gifts are entered, lookup based on a particular fund or contributor is easy. You can access month-todate or year-to-date information for any fund and year. Answers to contributors’ questions about their detailed giving and pledge fulfillment are easily accessible and can be printed from the inquiry window.

Speed up the tasks you do at the end of the year.
  • Assign new envelope numbers, print new envelope labels, and distribute next year’s envelopes prior to the year-end while still working in the current year
  • Mass delete contributors who have not given or pledged in the current year and previous two years
  • Deactivate multiple inactive contributors in a single action

Contribution Reports and Graphs.

ACS Contributions offers a wide variety of standard reports and graphs – all of which may be customized easily and saved with brief notes for future use. Plus, our easy-to-understand contributor tax statements are guaranteed to work with forms that are offered in ACS Technologies Forms & Supplies Catalog.

Standard Reports

Statements – Contribution statements, year end tax report forms, and pledge cards can be printed using Contributions Reports or Statements with ACS Forms. It is easy to produce accurate statements on a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, tri-annual, semi-annual, or annual basis. Charitable tax reports are easily printed for sending to donors at year-end to fulfill church reporting requirements.

Statistical Reporting – Analysis of average weekly pledges or gifts, pledge-gift comparisons, projected pledge income, and summary gift totals by fund, individual, or month are included as
standard statistical reports.

Lists – You can generate lists of gifts and/or pledges by individual or fund, unfinished postings, and monthly posting registers. Additionally you can list unassigned envelope numbers, pledge/gift data for single or multiple years, and prior year history data.

Extracts – If you use an outside envelope service, you can generate electronic extracts that can be emailed for the most up-to-date information. Other contribution data can be exported or extracted for customized statements, charitable tax reports, or use in other software programs.

Graphs – Pie charts, bar graphs, and line graphs are easy to create based on a variety of options. You may choose gift count, gifts vs. pledges, pledge count, total gifts, or total pledges by fund.

Use graphs and reports to review contribution information in helpful ways.
  • Produce graphs comparing pledges to gifts for multiple funds
  • Pie charts, bar graphs, and line graphs are easily created showing comparison to a variety of contributions
  • Save graphs and reports with future notes
  • Tax statements are guaranteed to work with forms that are offered in ACS Technologies Forms & Supplies Catalog
  • Create accurate statements on a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, tri-annual, semi-annual, or annual basis
  • Print charitable tax reports easily to send to donors at year-end to fulfill church reporting requirements
  • Average weekly pledges or gifts are included as standard statistical reports
  • Generate lists by individual, fund, unfinished postings, or monthly posting registers
  • Retain all past years’ details or only the last two years’ details and summarize the third year and beyond

Designed to work effortlessly with other ACS modules and hardware products.

  • Enter personal information into ACS People to add contributions for that person or couple
  • Integrates with ACS General Ledger to assure accurate accounting to regular, designated, or restricted accounts, eliminating the need to manually enter deposits
  • Use ACS SpeedCheck to scan in contributions and open the corresponding giver’s account
  • Save a scanned image of each check for future reference with MICR Check Reader