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ACS Organizations

Bringing important data together to support churches better.

ACS Organizations is an application for multi-tiered organizations like denominations to store data about individual churches in one place. ACS Organizations will help track information about these entities, their staff, and their place in your overall structure.

  • Multi-tiered information management
  • Aggregate church statistical reports
  • Contribution tracking
  • 200 customizable fields
"We have definitely been able to provide better service to our member churches.”
Becky W.
Hamilton County Baptist Association

Customizable to Fit Your Exact Needs

Each denomination is unique in terms of the data it records and tracks, as well as its overall structure. ACS Organizations is completely customizable, accommodating any hierarchy or information requirements. You set up the unlimited levels, relationships between individual organizations, staff positions, church characteristics, and statistics as needed. You can then search and report on any segment of your organization.

ACS Organizations makes it easy to enter information for all levels of your organization.

  • Basic data: Church and staff names, addresses, phones, email and more.
  • Statistical data: Members, baptisms, confirmations, enrollments, and limitless others.
  • Contribution information: Detailed church giving by year.
  • Personal information: Churches or office lookup by name, PIN, or city.
  • Electronic communication: Email correspondence between organization and church from
    one easy location.

Monitor Trends, Meet Needs

Effective ministry goes far beyond mere data gathering. It’s about the practical use of data to identify needs and solve problems. ACS Organizations helps institutions like yours identify and track trends and changes among member churches. By analyzing these trends, denominational offices can develop services and materials to meet the needs of these churches.

There are 7 types of Organizations reports that will turn your data into actionable information. In addition to comprehensive reports, graphs are easy to produce on any statistical information.

  • Contributions: Choose from a variety of custom reports and statements.
  • Directories: Create directories of church document libraries, organization hierarchy, profiles, organizations, staff, and mailings.
  • Extracts: Extract organizational, staff, and statistical information.
  • Lists: Create lists of organization sponsors, primary contacts, and newsletter recipients by church, organization, or staff with related special fields and staff mailing records.
  • Statistics: Create statistical layouts and customizable statistics reports.
  • Connections: Track contacts both to and from churches and individuals.
  • Labels: Customize correspondence by printing cards and labels in a variety of styles.

Facilitate Effective Communication

Whether you are talking by phone, mailing a newsletter, or emailing a report, ACS Organizations makes it easy to communicate with your member churches and their staff. With all the key data in one accessible, secure system, your staff can quickly access information during a phone conversation, create labels, or send group emails.

Integration with ACS

By integrating Organizations with other ACS Technologies products and services, you will receive the broadest, most comprehensive information management package available to denominational offices today.

ACS Organizations integrates with ACS to cover a broad scope of business needs.
  • Accounting: Daily transactions, bill paying, payroll, receivables, and asset management with ACS General Ledger and ACS Accounts Payable.
  • Contributions: Church and individual giving records, and pledge assessment or fulfillment with ACS Contributions.
  • Web site: Custom setup and management of one site or a community of integrated member church sites with ACS Extend Platform.
  • Connections: Manage your contacts and communication with member churches with ACS Connections.
  • Mailings: Sort mailings to all of your member churches and ensure that their addresses comply with postal regulations with ACS Max It! and ACS CASS It!.
  • Reports: Create and maintain custom reports and directories with ACS Report Designer. Mobility: Allow field staff to view information about organizations, primary contacts, and staff members anywhere by uploading Organizations data to Access ACS.
  • Online Event Registration: Allow individuals to register and pay in advance for conferences, conventions, and training events.
  • DataShare: Receive selected ACS People data from your churches on a regular basis.
  • Link to ACS People to track details on individual staff members, including family information.
  • Create committees and important mailing groups by individual name, by church name, or by staff position using the ACS People Module.
  • Link to ACS Contributions Module for recording donations made by churches or organizations.
  • Link to Mail Modules as well.
  • Full integration with standard ACS People modules ensure up-to-date programs for Regional Offices.
More Things You Can Do With ACS Organizations
  • Record organizational basics such as church names, mailing addresses, phone numbers, date of incorporation, and staff records.
  • Customize over 200 statistical entry fields to store the data you want to track.
  • Record information for each organization for as many years as desired.
  • Illustrate membership trends over multiple years graphically.
  • Customize reports with statistical data by organization or by year – makes Annual Reports quick and easy!
  • Record staff associated with the organization for each year and keep staff history for reference.
  • Define unlimited staff positions.