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ACS Checkpoint

Check in with ease. Check out with confidence.

You are right to be concerned for the safety and protection of children and youth on Sunday mornings or any time they are in your facility. Checkpoint provides your organization with the assurance that you can identify and confirm the location of children at any time, and especially in the case of an emergency. Parents simply check in their kids at a workstation (either a manned or a self-guided computer). Checkpoint handles the rest. It’s also a great tool for any event type and knowing exactly where everybody is in case of an emergency.

Checkpoint is designed to work with the attendance classes, activity groups, and small groups you have set up in ACS. Members check in to sessions, which are tied to attendance, activity, and small group events. Checkpoint tracks the number of people checked into a location and enforces maximum occupancy restrictions. Finally, you can post attendance markings directly from Checkpoint.

  • Members and regular attendees can check in themselves.
  • Staff or volunteers can check in visitors and manually produce security badges for them.
  • Compatible with touch-screen monitors
  • Print additional name badges for items like diaper bags, and bottles
  • Check in and out of multiple sessions at one time
  • Display a selected individual’s picture for photo identification at check in/out
  • Attendance, based on those who have checked in, can be posted directly from a manned check-in workstation directly into ACS Attendance.
  • In an emergency, staff can produce session statistics to assure accurate records of everyone and their location.
"Since we started using Checkpoint, I know who is in the Children’s Wing and who is not. We are able to get accurate counts and save so much time posting attendance.”
Children’s Pastor at CrossPointe Church

Assisted or Self Check In

The tracking capability of the Checkpoint module is based on a workstation system. Workstations can be manned for visitors or unmanned for members and regular attendees.

Coordinate email newsletter themes with your check-in screens.

With ACS Checkpoint, you can customize your Vacation Bible School (VBS) check-in screen to compliment the design of your VBS emails. Chose between your own images or use one of our pre-designed themes including VBS designs for Group’s Crocodile Dock and Lifeway’s Boomerang Express as well as other generic designs.

Connects to Individual information

  • Notes such as allergies and medications, can be added for each individual and printed on the security badge.
  • Pager numbers can be assigned to families ahead of time.
  • You can assign your own 9-digit barcode to each individual in place of the system assigned barcode. Barcode must be ACS compatible and approved.

Customized Security Badges

  • Customize and print security badges with unique information and special notes.
  • Each badge prints a system-generated, random number. This makes each security badge unique, ensuring an exact match when the parent or guardian returns to pick up the child.
  • Badges can be designed for each activity (Sunday school, fund raising events, or youth group).
  • Individual pictures can be printed on the badge for quick identification.
  • If multiple children from one family are checked in, all of their security numbers display on the parent’s badge.

Visitor Check In and Badges

  • Newcomers or visitors can be entered manually in Checkpoint and receive a security badge.
  • New people can be added to ACS People directly from Checkpoint if needed.
  • Data-entry defaults will automatically pull over People Setup but can be reset for records added through Checkpoint.

Secure and Confidential Tracking

High security ensures that only staff with the proper clearance will have access to ACS Checkpoint and not to other parts of ACS. Password-protected check-in computers prevent someone from exiting Checkpoint and accessing other data.

Customize Multiple Sessions

  • Any master group from ACS People, Activities, or Attendance can be configured as a session in Checkpoint.
  • Names associated with that master group are automatically available for check in.
  • Visitors or new prospects can receive security badges whether they are added to ACS People or not.

Post Attendance Easily

Simply configure Checkpoint to interact with the ACS Attendance module to mark attendance records. Then you can immediately post attendance markings for individuals who are “checked in” a session.

Review Accurate Lists of Children and Adults in Attendance

Once an individual has checked in, you can quickly find his or her individual information in the Checkpoint module by barcode scan, the last 4 digits of their phone number, pager number, or last name.

Standard and Customized Reports

ACS Checkpoint offers cards, lists, or statistical reports that can be customized easily and saved with brief notes for future use.

Cards – Security badges and bar code labels are easily printed from Checkpoint Reports.

Lists – Listing of barcode numbers, notes, and pager numbers assigned to individuals can be printed.

Statistical Reporting – Real-time session statistics, including class, names, and checkin/out time can be reported quickly while the classes and groups are in session.