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ACS Church Growth Tools

Close the back door. Pinpoint participation levels so you can maximize your ministry outreach opportunities and growth potential.

ACS Church Growth Tools is a set of analytical tools designed to help you track attendance trends and implement appropriate visitation and recognition programs. These tools are based on information already entered through the People, Connections, and Attendance modules. Church Growth Tools makes it easy to assess your people’s participation so that you can identify those who may need a little extra attention. Its built-in tools make it easy to put follow-up action plans in place immediately.

  • Create reports with personal and connection information to inform connection and outreach teams
  • Pull lists of members with diminishing, consistent, or increasing attendance
  • Display entered contacts through the ACS Connections module

Integration of Existing People, Visitation, and Attendance Data

ACS Church Growth Tools does not require additional data input. Once you have entered individuals and families in ACS People and have recorded their visits and attendance, you are able to use this module to help you define and monitor activity patterns. This saves you time and helps you close the back door.

Customized Analysis and Reporting Tools

One of the most effective ways to grow the church is to minister more effectively to existing church members, but churches often have difficulty effectively recognizing and reaching out to their members and new attendees. ACS Church Growth Tools addresses these challenges and provides insightful tools to work with your evangelism and visitation programs.

  • RISK/SOS Report is an analysis tool that tracks two consecutive time periods and identifies if members are Regular, Irregular, Sporadic, or Non-Attendee. It also determines if their attendance is better than (Soaring), the same as (Ongoing), or worse than (Sliding) the previous period. With this information, you can set up a program to minister to each group of people.
  • Graphs are available based on your RISK/SOS analysis. There are several graphs to choose from and formats include pie charts, line graphs, or bar graphs.
  • Use Assignment Form to create a full-page listing of family information, individual or family pictures, details of connections, and response section for feedback. You can use this form to develop your ministry and schedule your visitation teams.
  • Note Writer is a simple mail merge program you can use to send letters to your members. These can be congratulatory or “We missed you” letters to be sent to various members of your church based on RISK/SOS results.


You can set up letters in Note Writer and Assignment Forms to be used based on the results found when you run the RISK/SOS report. You can then enter parameters in RISK/SOS Automation and automatically perform certain tasks. For example, you can print a Letter of Recognition to those with Soaring attendance or set up a visit for those with Sliding attendance.

Sample Reports