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Church doesn't always happen at church.

Realm feature - Messages


Connect Like Never Before

Messages makes it easy for you to get in touch with people in your church. You can quickly communicate with members of a group or start conversations with one person or multiple people–just by searching for them by name. When you send a message, people will be notified by the app and can respond right away.


Share Life Together

Life happens between Sundays. The news screen contains a personalized feed of posts, photos, and events from the groups you’re in. People in your church will see messages from their group leaders and other group members. They can respond with comments or showing their support by tapping on the heart. People can share something with their group by posting a message, uploading a photo, or inviting people to an event.

Realm feature - Posts
Realm feature - Church News

Church News

Keep People in the Loop

Communicate what’s happening across your church—anytime. People can browse through the app to read church-wide posts, check out upcoming church events, and more. They can double-check their group meeting schedule or find another opportunity to participate in a new church event. Whatever’s going on, it’s all right there in the palm of their hand.


Look People Up

Good news! Everyone can recycle their outdated directory now. The next time you need to look someone up, you can pull out your phone and search for them in the Realm app. You can also browse through the list of your entire church and look up someone’s family members. And similar rules apply from your printed directory—people can opt out of being listed if that’s their preference. It’s a great way to put names to faces and learn more about the people in your church.

Realm feature - Directory
Realm feature - Giving


Grow Personal Giving

Give people the tools they need to keep their giving more consistent. Anyone who has given can open the app to review their total giving year-to-date or check if a recent gift has been processed. People can also set up recurring gifts or make progress toward any pledge goals. It’s a new way for your church family to manage their giving from the convenience of their mobile phone.


Capture RSVPs to Events

Know who will be there (and what they’ll bring). Open up the app to get details about an upcoming event and see who has RSVP-ed. As part of their response, they can note any number of guests or items they have signed up to bring. People can also register for events that requires payment, like a youth camp or adult retreat. Your church family can see who else is coming and post comments about the event.

Realm feature - Events
Realm feature - Profiles


Self-manage Profiles

Can we get an “Amen?” Yay, no more bottlenecks! Give people the ability to keep their own family information and photos current. It’s super simple and a great way to start people off using the app. (It also means you don’t have to struggle to read someone’s handwriting on those contact cards.) People can set their own preferences about who else—besides staff—can see their information. They can make contact information visible to anyone in the church or restrict it to people in their groups, their group leaders, or just the church staff.


Contact People

Connect with those who need it most. Realm’s mobile app makes possible to go one step beyond looking information up. When you find the person you want to contact, you can simply tap on his or her contact information to initiate contact immediately, whether that’s a phone call, a text or an email. It’s super convenient and you don’t have to try to memorize phone numbers and email addresses.

Realm feature - Communication

Everything you need to to engage your whole parish.

  • Push Notifications
  • Mobile Giving
  • Event RSVP
  • Recurring Gifts
  • Event Registration
  • Event Payments
  • Shared Photos
  • Post Comments
  • Profile Photos
  • Group Feeds
  • Tap to Call
  • Tap to Email
  • Personalized News
  • Church Calendar
  • Church Directory
  • Addresses Open Maps
  • Group Rosters
  • Group Events
  • Meeting Schedules
  • File Sharing
  • Attendance
  • Pledge Progress
  • Contact Preferences
  • Giving History

Stay connected to each other and to the ministry of your church.

Deepen relationships, celebrate milestones, boost giving, and participate in the work of the Lord. Download “Connect – Our Church Community” app for iOS or Android devices. With Realm, it’s freely available to anyone in your church. 

holding iPhone Connect App


Background Checks

Trust, but verify.

It’s never been more important to know exactly who is volunteering, serving, working, and caring for your parish family. That’s why we have partnered with Verified First to provide your parish with the most comprehensive background checks available. This service integrates seamlessly into Realm® and makes it super simple to run thorough background checks on anyone in your parish or whom you may be considering for your staff.

Everything you ever wanted to know about background checks.

A 42-minute recorded Background Check Webinar

Massive impact with minimal effort.

  • Get peace of mind knowing you can easily process robust background checks whenever needed.
  • Gain confidence that you’ve taken steps to protect your parishioners.
  • Significantly reduce the risk of potential offenders causing people harm.
  • Produce results that are compliant with federal and local background screening laws.
  • Avoid significant consequences of improperly staffing your parish and volunteer positions.
  • Maintain the integrity of your parish.

Fully integrates into Realm and your daily routine.

  • Maintain history of background checks in Realm.
  • Search for cases where follow-up is needed or when it’s time for a renewal.
  • Track the date background checks were processed.
  • Send background check requests to volunteers and applicants to complete.
  • Never ask for or store sensitive information, such as Social Security numbers.

Screen for critical information in the top worldwide databases.


Serving Volunteer

Best used for volunteers in greeting or hospitality roles.

$ 11
per person searched*
  • This is the most basic package and includes all of the below.
*Plus county access fees, if applicable.

Child/Youth Volunteer

Best used for volunteers whose duties include contact with minors.

$ 29
per person searched*
  • Everything in the previous package:
  • Unlimited County Criminal Search for all filings over at least the last 7 years
  • Nationwide Sex Offender Registry Search
*Plus county access fees, if applicable.

Staff and Leadership

Best used for clergy and other parish leaders.

$ 45
per person searched*
  • Everything in the previous package:
  • Education Verification
  • Employment Verification
*Plus county access fees and state pass-through fees, if applicable.
Get It All
All packages include:

We offer a special Child/Youth Volunteer package that meets the standards of Pennsylvania ACT 153. It includes our basic package, plus:

  • PA child abuse clearance check
  • PA statewide criminal search

The cost is $37 per person searched, plus any state access fees, if applicable. Please note, fingerprinting is not available with this package.

Additional Details:

The difference between the National Sex Offender Registry and the Nationwide Sex Offender Database is the timing of the products. The Database contains static data and is not considered a system of record as it is not live. The states maintain the Registry, and our access to it is real-time.

The Registry will have states unavailable, and when that occurs, our team waits to finish the processing until that state is back up and has been searched. With the Database, if a state is down when the Database is updated, that state’s information is missing until the next time the Database is updated.


Nationwide Sex Offender Registry Search

$ 3 added to package*
  • Best used for anyone working with children.

Motor Vehicle Registration

$ 4 added to package*
  • Best used for anyone driving a parish vehicle.

Credit Check

$ 6 added to package*
  • Best used for anyone handling money.

Canadian Searches

Canadian National Criminal Check (CPIC)

$ 35
per person searched*
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police Search

Canadian Employment Verification

$ 39
per person searched*
  • Includes:
  • Job title
  • Tenure
  • Reasons for leaving
  • Rehire eligibility

Canadian Education Verification

$ 39
per person searched*
  • Includes:
  • Education history
  • Degree

Canadian Credit Report

$ 35
per person searched*
  • Includes:
  • Bankruptcies
  • Collections
  • Other credit trade lines

Canadian MVR

$ 28
per person searched*
  • Includes:
  • License class
  • Status
  • Violations
  • Accidents

*Search Access Fees – In addition to the cost of the background check, your reports may be subject to various third-party access fees, including county and state court access fees, DMV access fees, and employment/education verification fees. ACS Technologies does not mark up any of these fees; instead we include them on your invoice at cost. Pricing listed in US dollars.

Background checks are already part of Realm.

Getting started is super simple:

  1. Sign in with administrative permissions.
  2. Under the Admin menu, click “Manage Realm Account.”
  3. Click the “Additional Features” tab.
  4.  In the Background Checks section, click “Learn more.”
  5. Click “Sign up for background checks.”
  6. Complete the provided application form.


Make sure people know what's going on.

Realm feature - Messages


Connect like never before.

Direct messaging makes it easy for you to get in touch with people in your church. You can quickly communicate with members of a group or start conversations with one person or multiple people–just by searching for them by name. People who use the mobile app will be notified immediately when you send a message and can respond right away.

Church-wide Broadcast

Get your message out to everyone.

A unified database and multi-dimensional notifications give you the power to send instant communication to your whole church.

Realm feature - Church-wide Broadcast
Realm feature - Group Posts

Group Posts

Find the right audience.

When you need to get your message to a single group of people, Realm lets you do that effortlessly, while enabling group members to communicate with ease.

Church Directory

Help everyone be known.

Everyone in your church can create and manage their own personal and family profile, delivering a church directory that’s never out of print.

Realm feature - Church Directory
Realm feature - Personalized Settings

Personalized Settings

Let people choose 'just right.'

Realm gives people personal control of their own notification preferences, so they get relevant communication in the way that’s just right for them.

Privacy Preferences

People can control visibility to other members.

Give everyone the ability to determine who can see which information. It is easily controlled for many different items at the individual level.

Realm feature - Privacy Preferences
Realm feature - Group Communications

Group Communications

Find the right audience.

Communicating with groups can be a struggle, especially when you need to get information out quickly. However, Realm lets you do that effortlessly, while enabling group members to communicate with ease. Group members can be notified via email, in-app notifications, and even texts, allowing them to stay in contact with their groups.


It's as much about efficiency as it is about safety.

Automatic Attendance

Attendance that makes its own mark.

There’s no need mark attendance when your check-in system does it for you, reducing manual tasks while increasing accuracy and giving you powerful insights that help you care for families.

Realm feature - Attendance
Realm feature - Self Check In

Self-Serve Check-In

Eliminate the line.

Optimized for accuracy and speed with minimal staff involvement, parents use a touch-screen optimized interface to indicate which children they’re checking in and quickly print name tags.

Customizable Kiosks

Create a welcoming environment.

Making a great first impression with families is easy with Realm’s customizable check-in kiosks, helping you set a tone of trust and security while enabling quick, seamless check-in.

Realm features - Check In Kiosks


It's about more than filling seats.


Provide opportunities for ministry.

Getting together should be simple. All you need is a time, place, and purpose. Realm makes it easy for your church to schedule events and organize the important details that go with them.

Realm feature - Registration Events
Realm feature - Church Calendar

Church Calendar

Share what’s going on.

Make sure everyone in your church knows what events are available to them. Realm displays a personalized event list with a mixture of church-wide events and any events for the groups you’re in.


Stop counting heads.

Give your church the ability to register for the events they plan to attend. You can get an anticipated headcount, know better how to plan, capture additional registrant information, collect payments, and more.

Realm feature - Registration
Realm feature - Payments


Accept payments online.

Collect payment for events like camps, retreats, kids programs, and more. You can offer partial payments, track balances, require deposits, and enter payments details for any offline transactions.

Recurring Events

Same time. Same place.

Easily set up recurring events for small groups, elder teams, boards, staff, and more. Recurring meetings are displayed with your group’s details and show up in your personalized church events screen.

Realm feature - Recurring Events
Realm feature - RSVPs


Make your presence known.

Give people the opportunity to let others know whether or not they will be there. As people respond, they can also sign up to bring things, add guests, reply to comments, or add the event to their phone’s calendar.

What to Bring

Coordinate who is bringing what.

Organize what items people can sign up to bring to your next event. You can set the quantity of items you need and let people choose what they want to bring and how many.

Realm feature - What to Bring
Realm feature - Contact Lists

Contact Lists

Follow up with registrants anytime.

Whether you want to send communication prior to an event or after it, you can look up an event’s registrant list to email individuals or send something to everyone. You can also print the list any time.

Custom Questions

Capture information prior to events.

Sometimes you need to know something about the people who’ll be at your event like t-shirt size or meal preference. Realm helps you gather the information you need using custom registration form questions.

Realm feature - Custom Questions

Make it easy to get together.

Handle all of the important information around your events.


Create more ways to connect and build relationships across your parish.

Realm feature - Group Communication

Group Communication

Find the right audience.

Communicating with groups can be a struggle, especially when you need to get information out quickly. However, Realm lets you do that effortlessly, while enabling group members to communicate with ease. Group members can be notified via email, in-app notifications, and even texts, allowing them to stay in contact with their groups.

Ministry Areas

Simple setup, powerful structure.

Realm makes it easy to setup your group structure according to ministry areas, letting you quickly create groups that meet specific ministry objectives and assign responsibilities to the appropriate people.

Realm feature - Ministry Areas
Realm feature - Leader Tools

Leadership Delegation

Give leaders the tools to lead.

Create groups with profiles, meetings, rosters, and resources, then delegate group management to the people best suited to keep everything up to date— the group leaders.

Group Search

Help people find what they’re looking for.

Anyone in your church can use Realm’s group search capabilities to find a group that fits their interest, needs, or ministry affinity, and get involved. Realm’s public group directory extends that reach even further.

Realm feature - Group Search
Realm feature - Attendance Dashboard

Attendance Dashboard

Know who’s connected and who’s not.

Realm’s attendance dashboard gives you immediate insight into attendance patterns, with the ability to pivot on date ranges, campuses, ministry areas, demographic attributes, and much more.

Connect groups throughout the week with Realm's mobile app.

Deepen relationships, celebrate milestones, boost giving, and participate in the work of the Lord. Download “Connect – Our Church Community” app for iOS or Android devices. With Realm, it’s freely available to anyone in your church. 

holding iPhone Connect App


Establish pathways towards spiritual formations.

Custom Pathways

Create paths to growth.

Whether it’s visitor follow-up, new member education, personalized discipleship, or volunteer training, Realm lets you define and oversee the steps, activities, and outcomes of any process.

Realm feature - custom pathways
Realm feature - Follow Up Triggers

Follow-up Triggers

Never miss an opportunity.

Set automated triggers for following up at predefined process steps and create system-initiated actions at activity completion to make sure people are never left waiting, but keep moving forward.

Granular Delegation

Share the work. Increase the impact.

Realm enables you to assign Pathway oversight at granular levels, allowing you to distribute specific roles to the right people, while maintaining overall control, management, and insight.

Realm feature - Delegation


Demonstrate solid financial discipline to your parishioners and vendors.


Manage staff payroll in Realm.

With Payroll added on to Realm Accounting, you’ll be able to maintain employee information, track time and PTO, process payroll, and print checks. It will also include additional payroll reports, necessary tax forms, and more.

Realm feature - Payroll
Realm feature - Giving Integration

Giving Integration

Automatically post deposits from contributions.

Realm gives you the option to post batches into General Ledger as deposits. Simply link your Giving Funds to your General Ledger accounts. Of course, you can control which batches to post automatically and which ones to handle yourself any time.

Fund Accounting

Organize finances by fund.

Your chart of accounts is organized by listing core accounts below their account headings: Assets, Liabilities, Net Assets, Revenues, and Expenses. You may add subheadings to specify how each core account is used and then drag and drop your subheadings into whatever order you prefer.

Realm feature - Fund Accounting
Realm feature - Account Segments

Account Segments

Intelligently record greater details.

After you set up core accounts to use across multiple funds, departments, etc., you can create additional segments to track additional information such as sub-departments and campuses. Account segments are used when entering transactions, entering budget information, performing inquiries, and processing reports.


Track income and expenses efficiently.

Transactions record the church’s financial activity, such as paying a vendor and receiving donations. You can enter expenses, income, and other transactions, and you can switch between transaction types within any of these categories, making it quick and easy to enter another type. Reference numbers are automatically assigned to each transaction you enter.

Realm feature - Transactions
Realm feature - Disbursements


Pay bills and write checks.

Open checks from the Transactions screen can be placed into a queue and printed as single checks or as a batch. Realm also provides a Printed Checks Log where you can view previous check runs and print a check register report. When printing is complete, any unposted checks that you printed are automatically posted.


Reconcile with bank and credit cards.

Bank reconciliation is an auditing process that helps uncover discrepancies in your accounts and prevents future mistakes when recording transactions. To ensure that your account is in balance, you will compare your bank statement to the transactions recorded in your general ledger.

Realm feature - Accounts

Free Data Conversion Included​

Get your last 5 years of PDS™ Ledger/Payroll accounting data imported for free. A $500 value available for a limited time. Just mention you saw this offer.

Realm feature - Vendors


Track individuals and businesses.

Vendors are businesses and individuals that provide services or supplies for you. Vendors are associated with expenses because you pay for those services or supplies, like the power company, a landscaper, government tax agency, or an office supply company.


Money in determines your money out.

Budgets help you plan and measure your fiscal performance. By estimating what your income and expenses will be, you can make plans for how you spend and save. Budgets can live completely in Realm, or they can be exported for revisions or imported from an existing csv file.

Realm feature - Budgeting
Realm feature - Reporting


Save time reviewing details.

Reports can be customized with account segments to show only what you need to see. Customize standard accounting reports by selecting all the criteria you want to include in your report, such as specific time periods, funds, core accounts, and departments. Then save your reports to use again at a later time.


Enter contribution details quickly and accurately.

Giving Dashboards

Get deep insights, at a glance.

You don’t always have time to dig deep into the data, so Realm serves up meaningful, actionable—you might even say beautiful—insights through your own personal giving dashboard.

Realm feature - giving dashboard
Realm feature - Year-end Statements

Year-End Statements

Enjoy more free time next January.

Realm takes the hassle out of year-end statements. It can export statements as PDFs to be mailed, or you can save some time and money by emailing statements out to anyone who has given you their email address. Realm does it all for you and summarizes the whole process for you on one screen.

Contribution Batches

Multiply your efficiency.

Give your financial staff the ability to quickly record, manage, and track contributions, whether through automatic posting of online gifts, rapid entry of cash and check donations, or importing from other systems.

Realm feature - Contribution Batchs

Check Scanners

Scan multiple contribution checks at once.

Quickly and accurately enter large volumes of contributions. Realm’s check scanning automatically matches gifts to your donors and stores high quality front and back images of the scanned checks. Its intuitive design gets the job done fast and allows you to review all checks before posting. (Windows OS support only. Not compatible with macOS.)

CR-120 Check Reader

Canon CR-120 Check Scanner

Canon CR-120 Check Scanner
Canon Ink Cartridge

CR-150 Check Reader

Canon CR-150 Check Scanner

Cannon Cr-150
Cannon Ink Cartridges

Giving Receipts

Customize automatic thank you notes.

Realm immediately sends out a “thank you” email whenever an online contribution is automatically processed. Just add a personal note, and Realm will automatically add it to a standardized thank email. The email also provides a link for the individual to go online and review all giving history.

Realm feature - Giving Receipts
Realm feature - Year-end Statements

Staff Permissions

Control who can view or enter contributions.

Giving information is sensitive in nature. Realm gives you administrative control over who can view contribution information and also who can enter or post gift information. It’s all up to you and who you want to give contribution responsibilities.

Giving History

Use the past to build the future.

Full giving history is available to staff, providing a wealth of information to deliver insights, complete operations, and shape ministry. Plus, donors can easily access giving history and statements on their own.

Realm feature - Giving History


Realm Online Giving

Provide multiple, modern options for giving.

Online Giving

Accept offerings 24/7.

With Realm’s online giving, you can accept one-time or recurring gifts using debit cards, credit cards, or eChecks (ACH). All gifts made online immediately show up in the individual’s giving history, along with any other online, text, or off-line contributions.

Realm - Mobile Giving

Mobile Giving

Giving is never out of reach.

People can give online with their mobile phones by signing into Realm from their mobile browser. Realm also takes advantage of mobile phone cameras. iPhone users can save time by scanning a credit card to quickly enter their payment method.

Pledge Campaigns

Meet ministry needs faster.

Raise money for important ministry needs by accepting pledges for a particular fund during a specified date range. Pledges may be added within the campaign dates, and you can choose whether to allow prepayments and post-payments to the pledge. When people make a contribution to that fund during the campaign period, the gifts will be added to the campaign total.

Donor Pledging

Back commitments with follow-through.

Staff can enter and manage donor pledges, or give donors the ability to create and maintain their own contribution pledges, including pledging to multiple campaigns or funds, start and end dates, and more.

Increase their options. Increase your giving.

Our comprehensive approach to church giving covers everything you need within the big picture of giving: single or recurring electronic payments, pledges, donor management, fund management, batch entry, check scanning, self-service contribution statements, and reporting.