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ACS Church Life

Want to make it easy for people to give to your church? They can easily make their gifts with one click on their mobile phones…anytime, anywhere! Trying to remember an event date? No need to guess at it; easily pull up event calendars on your mobile device while out of the office. Trying to stay organized? Add, view, and complete tasks, or reassign them to other staff members. Visiting members of your congregation? Easily access contact information and photos before making home and hospital visits.

  • One click giving on your phone
  • See church event calendars
  • Manage staff tasks and follow up activities
  • Look up and post edits to member contact information

With ACS Church Life™, you have instant access to the contacts and events in your Access ACS™ and ACS Facility Scheduler™ databases anytime, anywhere, from your mobile phone. Use it to view important people data, manage calendar events, and map visits all on the go. One of the features of the app keeps you organized by allowing you to add, view, complete, and reassign tasks. Also, with the new mobile giving feature, members can quickly and easily contribute to your published funds…with just one click.

This easy-to-use app is free and available to all current Access ACS™ and Facility Scheduler™ clients. Your church members and staff simply use the same username and password that they use for Access ACS™.

  • Allow your congregation to easily contribute to your published funds with the new mobile giving feature.
  • Add, view, complete, and reassign tasks; your staff stays updated when you complete or reassign tasks.
  • View more member profile data with additional fields and better photo viewing.
  • Look up phone numbers, addresses, and emails for each person in your Access ACS™ database.
  • Easily add contact information to your phone’s contact list.
  • Send a text or call a contact while viewing their information from within Church Life™.
  • Pull up directions and a map for home visits.
  • View calendar events in Facility Scheduler™; members can only view published events while staff can view both published and unpublished events based on their security rights in Facility Scheduler. If Facility Scheduler is not available, the events entered into the Access ACS calendar will be shown.
  • Native apps for iPhone and Android users allow for easy navigation and an intuitive user experience.
See Church Life in action!
  • Mobile Minute: Getting Started

  • Mobile Minute: Giving Online

  • Mobile Minute: Tracking Visitation

  • Mobile Minute: Managing Member Information

  • Mobile Minute: Organizations

  • Mobile Minute: Getting Started - Droid

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