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Realm® creates real ministry opportunities by making it easier for your church family to connect with each other throughout the week.

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Realm® connects your church administration, accounting, and community in one place.

Built for your staff first.

We built Realm to help your staff manage the operations of your church more efficiently. It's based on everything we've learned about ChMS over the past 40 years, yet we've still managed to keep it simple. Churches love how easy it is to use.

But used by everyone.

But we didn't set out to build just another ChMS. We knew moving everything online would enable churches to connect in fresh new ways. Realm has something for everyone in your church and provides modern ways to stay connected as a church family.

Connect your entire church like never before.

Shared Mobile Experience

Everyone in your church can deepen their involvement and build stronger relationships using the mobile app.

Connected Back-end

The mobile experience connects to Realm's administrative back-end, so everything stays in sync all the time.

Rapid Development

New features, updates, and/or improvements are automatically released just about every other week.

Easy to Use

Sure, all apps claim this, but it's what our clients tell us they love most. It's simple, intuitive, and covers what you need.

Pay as You Go

The traditional church management software model has changed. Simply subscribe for what you use, and manage your account at will.

Multiple Security Levels

It's as important to us as it is to you: transactions are secure (e.g. giving, registration payments), staff accounts require special permissions, and important features can be controlled.

Ministry can happen anywhere.

Ministry isn't about being in the church office or by the door on Sunday morning. It's about meeting needs—wherever and whenever we are called to serve.

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Um, yeah. Of course it's in the cloud.

Online Backups

You’ll never need to back up your files again. We’re automatically backing them up for you in the Cloud.

Updated Regularly

New features and improvements are pushed out to Realm as soon as they're ready. No waiting.

Exciting Roadmap Ahead

This is just the beginning. We have huge plans for Realm and how it will ignite church ministry.

Yep, this is how churches do it now.

Realm has changed how churches use technology in ministry. It's not geeky or complicated. It's approachable, useful, and a part of everyday life. It's on the screens you normally use and available whenever you need it.


Pick a plan. Any plan.

Realm Inform

Equip your church staff with essential tools every ministry needs.

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Realm Connect

Connect your whole church together with a powerful and personal engagement solution.

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Realm Multiply

Move beyond your beginnings and replicate your ministry in a multi-site model.

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Church management software that's not like church software.

Realm feels familiar to anyone who has experience with ChMS, but because it’s 100% web-based, Realm takes advantage of the cloud to make key tasks even better.

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  • Profiles
  • Child Check In
  • Giving
  • Assimilation
  • Accounting
  • Communication
  • Groups
  • Analytics and more

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Take your church ministry to the next level.

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