Keeping track of people, giving, events, and ministry needs can get really complicated after you've reached a certain size or grown into additional locations. The Multiply plan adds multi-campus administration and a growing set of outreach features to the staff and member features found in Inform and Connect.

Welcome Your Guests

People come from all walks of life, and you never know what kind of impression you may leave with your guests. Don't let them fall through the cracks. Welcome them in the right way.

  • Quick Check-in
  • Simple Follow-up
  • Process Pathways
  • Easy Identification
  • Welcome Email
  • Staff Oversight
  • Flagged Profiles

Equip Campus Pastors

Just because someone calls your church home, doesn't mean they make it their home. Give people multiple ways to get involved, connect, and take advantage of all you have to offer.

  • Coordinate Volunteers
  • Aggregate Dashboards
  • Segment Lists By Campus
  • Shared Pathways
  • Shared Roles & Permissions
  • Contribution Tracking
  • Community Outreach

Plan Highlights

Includes everything in the Inform and Connect plans, plus…

Attentive Assimilation

Follow-up and follow through with consistency.

Guide People Through Processes

Realm provides Pathways to help staff guide people through any process your church has, like welcome ministries, membership, youth protection, and more.

Welcome with Open Arms

Help people get involved in the life and ministry of your church by getting them connected to your welcome ministry process or any other discipleship or educational program you offer.

Create Paths to Growth

Whether it’s visitor follow-up, new member education, personalized discipleship, or volunteer training, Realm lets you define and oversee the steps, activities, and outcomes of any process.

Never Miss an Opportunity

Set automated triggers for following up at predefined process steps and create system-initiated actions at activity completion to make sure people are never left waiting, but keep moving forward.

Share the Work, Increase the Impact

Realm enables you to assign Pathway oversight at granular levels, allowing you to distribute specific roles to the right people, while maintaining overall control, management, and insight.

Automate the Steps

Involve your staff or leaders only when they need to be involved. Set up your pathways to automatically notify people as their involvement becomes necessary.


“I feel we can use Realm to invite new members to be a part of the community. Realm will be a vital tool for building relationships and drawing people in.”
Ashley, Nashville, TN

Campus Administration

Realm is ready to meet your multi-site needs, whether now or later.

Location-Specific Security

Provide better security, accountability, and scalability by giving the right staff and leaders access to location-specific data and management.

Advanced Trend Analysis

Observe trends at your different locations so you can identify best practices and make timely decisions for multiplying your ministry impact.

Church-wide Process Sharing

Share content, reports, pathways, and events across all locations. Learn from other campuses’ success and apply it in new ways.

Plus More

  • Campus Management
  • Shared Roles & Permissions
  • Shared Giving Tools & Funds
  • Pathway Sharing
  • Organizations Profiles
  • All or By Campus Reports
  • Multi-Site Giving Reports
  • Sort Data By Campus
  • Volunteer Kiosks


Adds multi-campus administration to the staff tools in Inform and to the congregational community features of Connect—all for one simple monthly price based on your typical weekly attendance across all campuses.*


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*Typical weekly attendance includes kids but only counts people once, even if they attend or serve at multiple services.

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