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Ministry is hard. We know it, we feel it, and we see it. That's why we designed Realm to make things a little bit easier. But at the end of the day, it's a tool. Ministry requires real people in real situations to change lives. You are those people. You are our heroes. If you need something, just ask. We might have exactly what you need.

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You know what you want to do, but you want help from someone who has done it before. That's where we come in. We have a collection of resources available to help you improve your ministry. Our extensive library includes Ministry Guides, Videos, Blog Posts and more. Ministry Impact Resources is your destination for inspiration and ideas to help you navigate the top challenges ministries face.

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Realm® Overview

Want to experience the power of a connected and informed ministry? Realm brings your church administration and congregation together in an all-in-one, easy-to-use solution that goes where you go.

Welcome New Visitors

Assimilation, connecting, on-boarding, plugging-in… whatever your church calls it, assimilation is the difference between a thriving, growing church community and a stale and dying congregation.

Get Together

Realm's new approach to church management software gives you the ability to have meaningful conversations with your groups anytime, anywhere.

Realm® Goes With You

His work doesn't just take place in the church office. It also takes place out in the community. With Realm, he stays connected to his church, no matter where he's called to serve. Here's his story.

Realm® Connect Mobile App

Want a tool that equips your staff and members to do ministry throughout the week? Good news! With the Realm Connect app, your church can stay connected like never before.

Celebrate Life Events

Keeping up with everyone in your church can be a big job. But Realm lets your members update their own profiles as they move through life's changes. Easy on you, easy for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need on my computer/device to access Realm?

Realm is a Web application delivered through your browser, so you can log into it from practically any mobile device’s or computer’s browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge). It’s the most accessible application we have ever developed and every screen automatically adjusts to the screen size you’re using.

Will I ever be able to install Realm as software on my computer?

No. We are developing Realm as an application backed by the cloud because this is where the software industry has been heading. It's much easier to keep the application current for users, and they can access it on virtually any device they use. The days of installed software are numbered.

Is Realm just another ChMS tool?

No. To us, the term “ChMS” accurately represents the traditional church software model, and that’s not what we’re building. There are elements of a ChMS built into the foundation of Realm, but that’s only part of the big picture. Realm focuses on providing something for everyone in your church, not just the staff.

Does Realm do everything ACS and PDS can do?

No. Realm does not have all of the same features and modules of ACS or PDS, but that’s intentional. We focus the feature set around taking advantage of the cloud and have built the Realm upon new capabilities available online. However, we’re not done building, and we'll be adding more and more over time.

Does Realm include fund accounting tools?

Yes! We recently released cash basis fund accounting inside Realm, just for your staff. (Accrual method coming soon!) It's a reflection of what we've done for decades in the traditional software world, but we've added some new ideas to make it an intelligent, single-system solution for your church. Learn more

Should I switch from ACS or PDS to Realm?

It's up to you. While we firmly believe Realm may be the product of choice for you one day, there’s no pressure to make the change today. In some cases, churches may prefer to stay with ACS/PDS if they have embedded themselves into some of the more complex abilities.

Can I add Realm to ACS or PDS?

No. Realm would replace ACS, PDS, or your current third-party ChMS. We can certainly help you weigh the differences. If you decide to switch, our team can help you make the transition and import your current data into Realm.

Can a church member accidentally find staff-only information?

No. Realm has a private area that is effectively walled off for your church staff to use. A person has to be assigned staff access in order to see specific staff features. Alternatively, there are several community-facing features that are available for your whole church body to utilize.

Don’t see your question?

Just ask. We have a team of skilled professionals who can share what they've learned from working with other churches. Please reach out and let us know how we can help. Simply call 1 (800) 736-7425 or send a note to our sales team.

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