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Our live webinars are led by a Certified Realm Instructor teaching the latest Realm software. They're a convenient and affordable way to learn the software. All you need is high-speed internet and speakers. No need for a microphone or web cam, all questions are asked via a chat box. You will even have time at the end of the webinar to ask questions. We have a variety of Free and low cost webinars available.

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Realm Getting Started (FREE)

Let’s start at the very beginning…get an overview of Realm and learn how to get started using the software.

Launching Realm Connect to Your Church (FREE)

Join this webinar to start thinking about what it will take to launch Realm Connect to your church. We’ll go over a typical launch timeline and preview how groups can engage easily using web and mobile apps.

Realm Giving and Pledges (FREE)

Learn how to enter and post batches of contributions, as well as reporting on them. Find out how you can create statements for your contributors and how they can event print their own. Also see how Realm can help you keep track of pledges, and a person’s progress in fulfilling it.

Realm Managing Profiles and Pathways (FREE)

Learn how the members can help manage their own data, and how duplicates and blended families can be handled with ease. We will also look into Pathways, which give you the ability to track processes, like discipleship training, or even steps to becoming a member.

Getting Started in Realm Accounting (FREE)

Ready to start keeping track of your organization’s finances? Jump right in with Realm, and learn to set up your chart of accounts, funds, and vendors. Get ready to go with your beginning balances, and see what Realm Accounting can do for you.

Using Realm Accounting (FREE)

Join us for a walk through the use of the Accounting portion of Realm. Learn how to create deposits and pay bills through the use of the Ledger, and Accounts Payable. After we enter the deposits, and pay bills, let’s take a look at the reports Realm makes available for you.

Realm Managing Groups (FREE)

Setting up Sunday school, small groups, and other group types is a snap with Realm. This webinar will show you how to create your ministry areas, and the groups that belong in them. You will also see different ways to mark and track attendance in your groups.

Realm Attendance Events and Check-in (FREE)

Learn to use the attendance marking features in Realm. From adding events to mark attendance to using the check-in features, you will be able to track the attendance and participation for your groups.

Realm Queries and Dashboards (FREE)

Want to know how to find out who has a birthday next month? Use a query. Need to know how involved and engaged your attendees are? Use the information on your dashboards. Join us to see how Realm can get the information you need to keep you in the know about your ministry!!

Next Steps to Launching eGiving (FREE)

After you complete your merchant account with Vanco Payment Solutions, you can customize the giving experience for your organization. We will walk you through set up, so you can easily “go live” with eGiving. Plus, learn more about the giving features, including text giving.

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