Realm Office

    Enable your denominational office to maintain, track, and manage the information that is important to you and to your churches. Fully compatible with Realm, Realm Accounting, Realm eGiving, and Realm Background Checks*, Realm Office is designed to help you to stay connected to your churches all while giving you the tools to meet the unique needs of your denominational office.


    Meeting your needs:

    • Track key statistics of affiliated churches.
    • Track the process of staff credentialing.
    • Capture the history and credentials of all staff.
    • Communicate with church or parish leaders.
    • Fundraising through online giving and events.
  • Request more information.

Realm Office provides your staff personalized experiences based on their defined roles and permissions. Utilizing Realm Office solution, staff members are empowered to:

  • View, edit, and maintain member church information.
  • View, edit, and maintain staff and lay leadership information.
  • Create and manage communications to churches, groups, staff, and congregants.
  • Create and manage pathways of staff (i.e. credentialing process).
  • Initiate, manage, and report on clergy and staff background checks*.
  • Create and manage denominational sponsored events and activities.
  • Create, manage, and report on giving campaigns.


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