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Show these prepared videos to anyone in your church.

Share these videos with your church any way you want. Each brief video covers a specific set of things you can do in the mobile app. You can incorporate these clips into your video announcements, show them in a class/group setting, post them to social media, or embed them on your site somewhere. It’s up to you.

General Overview

A high level summary of what people in your church can do in the app.

Want a 1 minute version?


Show how easy it is to get more involved in the events at your church.


Make sure people know that their giving is literally in their hands.


Help people share life’s moments and connect throughout the week.


Show how to stay connected to what’s happening across your entire church.


Give people a simple way to get started in the app.


Introduce a new way to do your church directory.

Giving as a Church Guest

Show your guests how easy and quick it is to make a gift in Realm.

Giving from Your Church Profile

Show your members how easy and quick it is to give from their profile in Realm.