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Case Study

Walnut Hill Community Church Uses Single Tool to Track Discipleship

Walnut Hill Community Church


Bethel, CT



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Walnut Hill Community Church


Walnut Hill was founded in 1981 by seven couples who attended bible study together. Their vision was to create a church that welcomed people of all backgrounds,could raise up the next generation and share the Good news of Jesus in their community and around the world.


Walnut Hill Community Church spent years using multiple systems to keep track of everything going on in their church. While their systems all synced together, they still had issues with duplicate data, needing to repeat work, and having information siloed and inaccessible.

The ministry team at Walnut Hill Community Church needed something that would keep everything they had in a single location. Something that would eliminate the wasted time and effort and keep people from falling through the cracks.


That’s when they turned to Realm.

“Realm is a one-stop shop,” says Sandi Miller, Database Administrator. “Everything is in one place and things are connected. It makes it easier to keep the data out of silos. It has the registrations, it has the profiles, the groups, the attendance, everything.”

For a church with over 2,000 people in attendance each week, having all of their data in one place made it easier to connect with people. Seeing the ability to stay organized and keep track of all of the people coming in and out of the church helped get the entire team onboard with using Realm to do ministry.

“Pathways in general has been a real help just for the running of the business of the church,” Sandi says. “They are my number one thing that has actually helped us in doing ministry, because everybody on staff uses Pathways for something.”

Since launching Realm, the ministry team at Walnut Hill has created over 80 Pathways and have more than 1,000 individuals following a Pathway. Being able to keep track of members’ discipleship journeys in the same place they track giving, groups, events, and more has made a huge difference in the way they do ministry.