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Stream Your Church Services Today

Ready to bring in new visitors and engage your members outside of the church’s walls throughout the week?

We offer an affordable live streaming solution for a church of any size. Unlike other options, Our church streaming services do not restrict the number of streamed events and there is no limit to the number of users or viewers.

Reach, engage, and disciple your congregation and online community virtually with unlimited streaming and video content.


Expand your reach to an online community. Streaming allows your church members who are unable to attend services or events to worship with you.

You can also bring new people into your church with streaming by providing a virtual experience for visitors to learn about your church’s culture, style, and programs.


Share content to connect with your congregation throughout the week. We aren’t just a church streaming service. You can also publish recordings of services or events for people who couldn’t attend. Connect with your congregation by sharing content tailored to programs like children’s ministry, missions and outreach, or small groups.


Meet your viewers where they are. All streaming and videos are mobile friendly, allowing your congregants and visitors to watch on their mobile devices or computers.


Maintain your church’s identity online. Customize the look and feel of your church’s streamed content and videos to match the branding and style of your church. Keep the focus on your message with an ad-free experience and the ability to add a special video to the beginning of your streaming or videos.


Understand how your online community is engaging with your ministry. Get a comprehensive understanding of who your streaming and video viewers are and how they’re interacting with your church through viewership and utilization analytics.

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We have tailored church streaming built for you, your staff, and your congregation's exact needs.

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Connect Your Church
Like Never Before

We help you manage the operations of your church more efficiently. It’s based on everything we’ve learned about ChMS over more than 40 years, yet we’ve still managed to keep it simple. Churches love how easy it is to use.

Feature Highlights

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  • Unlimited Streaming

  • Unlimited Administrators

  • Customizable Look & Feel

  • Create Personalized Videos

  • Schedule Content in Advance

  • Basic Editing Capabilities

  • Viewership & Utilization Analytics

  • Unlimited Viewers & Viewings

  • Mobile-Friendly

  • Ad-Free Experience

  • View Content on Multiple Platforms

Problems We Can Solve

1) Churches want to engage with their members

Solution: Members can watch sermons and events live or view recordings at their convenience from their mobile device or computer.

2) Churches want to connect with their members throughout the week.

Solution: Members can attend meetings virtually or access on-demand videos related to their specific programs or interests.

3) Churches want to reach non-members.

Solution: Visitors can watch your live stream or recordings to see your worship style, hear your sermon, and become comfortable with the atmosphere before they visit.

4) Churches want to control their online presence.

Solution: Customize the look and feel of your streamed content and videos to match the branding and style of your church, and provide an ad-free experience for your members and visitors.

5) Churches want to understand their online engagement.

Solution: Track overall viewership in one place. A geographic and demographic breakdown of viewership allows you to gain a better understanding of how your online community is engaging with your ministry

Reach, engage, and disciple your congregation and the community outside of your church’s walls.

With ACS Technologies, you can live stream sermons and events or share recordings and videos with your congregation and online community.