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ACS Multi-Site

Keep track of your campus and giving information in one place.

ACS Multi-Site is an application that allows you to store data from multiple ministry locations at one site. Easily track donations given at a single location or across all campuses. Set security rights to allow authorized staff members access to view financial information. Track information about each church and it’s staff from one centralized location with ACS Multi-Site.

Keep track of departmental fields across all campuses.

  • Add campuses and services in Define Lists.
  • Categorize fields into a department; create fields for each department in your church.
  • Associate additional fields within each department.
  • Limit access to departmental fields, granting rights only to those specified.
  • Track multiple pages of user defined fields customized for the departments or organizations within your church, school, or organization.
  • Each department field contains data relevant to that department, and you can define the fields you want to track for the department, using up to 22 fields of information.

All your contribution data brought together in one system.

  • Associate fund codes with campuses enabling you to track contributions by each campus.
  • Print selected reports by campus to get a financial picture of each site.
  • Track the gifts received from specific service times at a single campus or across campuses.
  • Reduce the chance of a gift accidentally being posted to a fund for another campus by assigning campus rights so that staff and volunteers at each of your campuses are limited to entering, posting, viewing, and printing reports for their campus’ funds only.
  • Set security rights for assigned entries, editing transactions, posting transactions and rights for all funds.
  • Track gifts and pledges based on the actual post date and pledge start and stop date, rather than a year.
  • Tracking gifts and pledges by a date range lets you track pledges for date ranges less than a year (such as a 6 month pledge) or pledges that span multiple years.