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Save money on bulk mailings.

Take full advantage of the bulk mail discounts your organization needs. ACS Max It! increases an organization's bulk mail capability, saving time and money.

  • MAX It! works in conjunction with the ACS CASS It! and ACS People modules to provide optimum bulk mail savings
  • Prints Intelligent Mail barcodes
  • Presort mailing addresses to meet USPS requirements for additional bulk mail discounts
  • Save time by calculating, completing, and printing all required postal documentation
  • Analyze each mailing to determine the lowest cost method for sending. MAX It! looks at all mailing rates and identifies the lowest qualifying rate
  • Have the required USPS sort done for you
  • Sort addresses in proper sequence to make it fast and easy for label adding
  • Add separator labels
  • Print the appropriate 3602 form, Details of Mailing, Packing and Traying Guide, Zip Code Breakdown, and the Qualification Report as required by the Post Office
  • Calculate postage discounts and prepare postal paperwork for periodicals bulk mailing
  • Send subscription mailings such as newspapers, and magazines whose primary purpose is transmitting information to an established list of subscriber
  • Send periodicals at regular intervals (at least four times a year)

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