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Megachurch Client Program

Support on a first name basis.

Megachurches have taken church ministry and business to a whole new level. This new level requires a different type of relationship with everyone involved. With more people come more communication needs. With larger budgets come larger stewardship issues. With a faster speed of ministry comes a faster rate of response. We can truly help you in this advanced level of ministry with personally dedicated account managers, a highly skilled and focused team, and qualified coverage on every front from implementation and project management to consulting and software development.

This program goes far beyond traditional support. When you enroll in the Megachurch Client Program, you invite us to become part of your ministry team. We assign a top-level support representative to your church as your dedicated account manager and work with you to understand your ministry goals. We'll get to know each other on a first name basis.

  • Dedicated support 24/7
  • Assigned account manager
  • Direct access to top level support staff
  • Proactive consultations and advanced implementation support
  • Focused training built around megachurch programs
  • Input into future development initiatives

"In our seven years of experience in using ACS, I have appreciated the company’s attention – they always want to know how they can make things better. If I need anything, I know I can call.”

— LouAnn, Manchester, MO

Work with a Dedicated Account Manager

  • A consistent point of contact who looks after your needs
  • Someone you can contact any time for ideas, advice, training, or technical support
  • Manages implementation projects to ensure their success
  • Acts as a liaison to ACS Technologies to help you navigate products, services, forms and supplies, billing issues, R&D, and training
  • Communicates timely software issues affecting your church
  • Proactively evaluates your situation to help you meet your ministry goals
  • Ensures your voice is heard in enhancement requests, R&D development timetables, operational plans, and more

Get 24/7 Coverage and Availability

  • Weekday support – the full megachurch team is standing by during main business hours Monday through Friday to help you by phone or email
  • After-hours accessibility – no matter when you need help someone is on call for you. That’s why you can count on a dedicated team member any time your ministry needs it.
  • Senior level staff available by phone to assist with special needs such as year-end processing, attendance promotion, version upgrades, and year-end updates
  • Schedule support phone appointments in advance to conveniently fit into your day or, when needed, your evening or weekend

Interact with Senior Skilled and Knowledgeable Staff

  • Advanced skills with ACS applications
  • Familiarity with uniqueness of megachurches
  • Exclusive call and email routing to make sure you reach your dedicated team easily
  • Scheduled teleconferences between our staff and yours to discuss issues of concern, make suggestions, or help your staff understand recent enhancements in ACS products

Participate in Specific Megachurch Programming Initiatives

  • Collaborate with our Research and Development (R&D) leadership to help influence new software developments
  • Gain key insight into upcoming development plans and timetables through regularly scheduled Web events and phone calls with R&D leadership
  • Receive preferred consideration for beta testing the latest and greatest products and services
  • Get periodic reviews with R&D teams to share long-term development roadmap
  • Engage is exclusive Megachurch forums where we discuss issues churches face and how to solve them
  • Accept our open VIP invitation to bring your staff to our home office for face-to-face ministry discussions, consultations, or simply to meet our staff

Project Management

  • Coordinates all ACS resources, plans and oversees schedule to ensure your success
  • The dedicated ‘go to’ person during on-boarding for new accounts and new product integration suggestions, or to help your staff understand recent enhancements in ACS products
  • Continuity in contacts for custom development work, implementation and training schedules, and other significant time intensive projects

Going beyond traditional support programs.

While it may sound obvious, we know support is just one component of the solution. This program includes so much more. You get consulting to help you make wise decisions, implementation guidance so you achieve the goal you seek, supplemental products (from forms to kiosks) so you can really do what you plan to do, and a knowledgeable support team that is always on call to assist at every phase of your work.

Software Upgrades Included

  • ACS software upgrades with new and improved features are always included
  • Multiple access options to meet your specific ministry needs:
    • Desktop
    • Online & OnDemand
    • Mobile

Implementation and Training

  • Access to pastors, business administrators, and former church staff to help you along step-by-step to reach your ministry goals from launching new initiatives to evaluating current processes
  • Utilize the network of ACS certified trainers across the nation to increase your software know how
  • Unlimited access to online training library for you and your entire staff

Megachurch Client Program Pricing

Program Price
ACS Church Management Software (ACS People and any integrated modules) $500/month
ACS Church Accounting Software (ACS General Ledger and any integrated modules) $500/month
Both $725/month
ACS OnDemand Clients $320/month

For ACS Desktop clients, the Megachurch Client Program replaces your current Preferred Client Program. For ACS OnDemand clients, Megachurch Client Program is supplemental to your OnDemand monthly fees. Other additional services, such as online giving, may carry supplemental fees.

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