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Don't let people fall through the cracks. Make sure your staff, members, and visitors feel connected to and a part of your ministry.

ACS Connections keeps ministry leaders informed of your church’s responsiveness to visitors and members. It’s a powerful relationship management tools that proactively prompts and records contacts with people, making interactions more personal and organized. Simply plan and enter your incoming and outgoing contacts, and you will have a clear picture of your church’s ability to follow up with people. Connections can also be used for organizing and monitoring stewardship campaigns.

  • Assign church deacons and members to oversee or shepherd specific visitors
  • Enter information about multiple persons or families at the same time you send out welcome letters
  • Easily access visit history for individuals or families
  • Plan and record incoming and outgoing contacts or visitation
  • Set up multiple phases of a capital campaign and track responses
Before the pastor makes a visit, he can go online and access a photo and any pertinent information about the parishioner that they are visiting. This feature really helps to familiarize the pastor, especially when our congregation is growing at its current rate.”
Covenant Love Family Church

Versatility to capture the information you need.

Inward vs. Outward Contacts – It is easy to track dates of prospects’ first and subsequent contacts (inward) as needed and your response as a result (outward).

Individual vs. Family – All inward or outward activity can be recorded on the personal or family level.

Single- or Multiple-Step Follow-up – Some types of visits result in only one action by your church. For example, a first-time contact may simply receive a welcome letter from the pastor. In other cases, you may want to record and track several responses based on one inward contact. For example, an inquiry about church membership may be followed up with a pastoral phone call, invitation to the new members’ class, and a personal contact from the Membership Chairman.

  • Record all incoming and outgoing activity on the personal or family level
  • Record an unlimited number of records
  • Assign church lay leaders or members to oversee or shepherd specific visitors
  • Easily perform mass updates across all contacts or within particular groups
  • Generate lists of contacts by types, date range, or contact status
  • Easily export detailed or summary information, contact response analysis and prospect source analysis into Microsoft Excel
  • Enhance stewardship programs, such as annual fund drives or special campaigns for buildings, endowments, and more


Customize Visitation and Outreach Programs

Use ACS Connections any way you like. It’s like a blank canvas for establishing your outreach programs. Define or create the names of each classification of contact, response, prospect source, or other terminology to match however your church recognizes this information.

  • Easily create single or multiple-step follow-up plans with visitors or members
  • Manage denominational outreach programs and customize using your own terminology
  • Design your own Connection cards to make data collection personable throughout the year
  • Customize and print visitation cards to fit the needs of any group 
  • Store card designs for fast access as needed
  • Print cards any time and in any combination
  • Use different cards for visits such as evangelistic outreach, ministerial visit, or hospital visit


Graphs and Reporting Made Easy

ACS Connections offers a variety of standard reports and graphs that can be easily customized and saved with brief notes for future use. To make data collection during visits easy, you may also design your own connection cards. Then, once the information is in, you can quickly produce customizable pie charts, line graphs, or bar graphs by responses or callers.

  • Lists – You can generate lists of contacts by assigned callers, types, date range, or contact status (complete or incomplete).
  • Graphs – Pie charts, bar graphs, and line graphs are easy to create based on a variety of options. You can choose graphing by responses, callers, or types.
  • Cards – You design all cards and can include both individual and family information.


Integrates for Maximum Efficiency

ACS Connections eliminates double data entry because it interfaces with ACS People and other ACS solutions. For example, you can view a person’s visit history and your related church responses from within that person’s People record. You can also link directly to Mail Merge. If your organization has Access ACS, you can post information online for convenient, privately-secured viewing and data entry.

  • Increase ease-of-use when away from the church by integrating your data with Access ACS, allowing secure web viewing and data entry
  • Create a complete information file on each prospect, including when the record was entered
  • View each person’s visit history and response with ACS People
  • Link directly to Mail Merge using ACS People

Ensure that your employees receive accurate payments.

  • Set up specific pay types that may be assigned to an employee. Each type has the ability to be set up to be taxable for federal withholdings, state withholdings, FICA, etc.
  • Enter time sheets for each employee
  • Track all employee information including vacation and sick time, as well as worker’s compensation
  • Set up Regular Pay, Sick Pay, and Overtime with ease
  • Post payroll automatically to General Ledger in detail or summary
  • Ability to print and electronically file forms for the ACA (Affordable Care Act)

Flexible and multiple payment options.

  • Design check layout by rearranging items and changing fonts to meet your specific needs
  • Perform voiding functions for checks that have been written using ACS as well as void and issue manual checks
  • Pay via printed checks or direct deposit
  • Use the Direct Deposit feature (i.e. ACH format) to provide the option of electronically depositing payroll checks for employees who choose to participate

Print payroll-related information whenever necessary, like the following:

  • W2-s, 941’s, and other payroll reports
  • Check Register Journal
  • Payroll Journal (provides total gross wages, a listing of deductions, FICA, State and Federal Income Tax, Medicare, etc.)
  • And various other reports including a Time Sheet Journal (a listing of employee hours, their jobs, and date)

ACS Payroll helps you navigate federal IRS requirements.

  • View annual updates to keep your payroll tax schedules up to date with federal and state requirements
  • Set up payroll tax adjustments in addition to customized additions, deductions or contributions
  • Produce W-2’s and Form 941
  • Quickly file state and federal tax forms online with ACS Tax E-File, an optional service available within your ACS software

Employee Self Service (ESS)

  • Publish employee pay history, and time-off information to a secure site. Current and prior calendar years available.
  • Employees can login and view personal information.
  • You can learn more about ACS ESS through the Help Center.

Abundant, the new eGiving solution in ACS, offers giving via text, mobile, online, and so much more.

Giving is an important part of the spiritual journey but in a digital age, churches need to do more than pass the plate. Included in ACS’ latest version (v11.7.1.23), eGiving with Abundant allows your church to take advantage of the most robust integrated eGiving platform ever offered in ACS. Overcome traditional giving hurdles by allowing your congregation to give when it’s most convenient for them – via text, mobile, or online. With Abundant in ACS, you can raise money online for specific projects, such as a building fund or mission trip, or encourage your congregation to donate via text or the mobile app during worship. Abundant has no monthly fees so it’s an affordable option that gives your church flexibility and allows your congregation to connect, engage, and continue on their spiritual journey with your church.

Customizable Giving Forms

Do you wish your church had a way to customize the look and branding of eGiving to fit the needs of your ministry? Good news – you can do that with Abundant’s customizable giving forms in ACS. Each form can have a unique look, present different funds and tailor the messaging seen by your donors. You can even customize the giving form to match the theme of your church website and embed the form on your website.

Online Giving

Text Giving

Text giving is one of the most common ways churches are collecting donations today. eGiving in ACS with Abundant makes text giving a breeze. Your church will set up a keyword, and donors will simply text the keyword to a number. They will be prompted to enter their payment method that they can choose to save for future donations. It’s that simple.

Online Giving

Mobile & Online Giving

Using the Abundant mobile app in ACS for eGiving is easy and convenient for your congregants as well as visitors. After downloading the Abundant app, they will be able to give one-time gifts or set up recurring donations, manage their gifts, and even view their eGiving history. For those who prefer not to donate from their mobile device, using online giving provides the same benefits as mobile giving, allowing your congregation to choose the best option that fits their busy lifestyle.

For the Donor:
  • Give 24/7/365
  • Donate with debit & credit or ACH (PAD not available in Canada)
  • Donate via text, mobile, or online giving
  • Give to multiple funds
  • Ability to cover processing fees
  • Add a memo to a gift
  • Set up recurring donations
  • Make one-time gifts
  • Donate as a guest
  • Email confirmation
  • Stored payment information
  • View Abundant eGiving history
  • Transactions are securely processed
For the Church:
  • Fully integrated with ACS
  • Gifts import directly into ACS Contributions
  • Web-based solution
  • Manage and customize church’s eGiving account
  • Unlimited, branded giving forms
  • Ability to embed giving forms in any website solution
  • Ability to choose specific funds to be displayed on a form
  • Set up multiple deposit accounts
  • Ability to add, edit, or delete donor gifts
  • Set up default memos
  • No setup fees
  • No monthly fee (Plans starting at $0)
  • Competitive transaction fees
  • Live customer support
  • PCI Level 1 Compliance—ACST & Vanco

Privacy and Security

Through our software, donor information is kept secure and private with password-protected online access.

  • Staff members must sign in with a username and password before they can view any giving data.
  • A staff administrator creates the staff member accounts and sets up their passwords. (Staff can then change their own passwords.)

ACS Technologies is PCI Level 1 compliant, which means we maintain the strictest security measures.

Learn more about PCI compliance.

Merchant Account

A merchant account is required to process and receive payments. You can sign up for a Vanco merchant account here. Or if you need additional details about the merchant account and transaction fees, please contact an eGiving Consultant.

To learn more about integrated giving, schedule a call with an eGiving Consultant.

Give your accounting staff the ability to:

  • Select a Cash or Accrual method in setup to determine how invoice amounts are reflected in General Ledger module.
  • Reduce payment processing time by interfacing with the ACS General Ledger module with automated entries.
  • Ensure prompt bill payments. Memorized invoices can be scheduled to become due on specific dates.
  • Process regular, recurring, or one-time invoices.
  • Raise the level of accounting accuracy.
  • Print multiple reports at any time, showing the status of payables and payable cash requirements.
  • Print checks at any time, and handle the issuing or voiding of system-issued or manually-written checks.
  • Print 1099 forms.
  • Print checks automatically by due date.
  • Provides a method for suspending or forcing the payment of any invoice, regardless of due date.
  • Each vendor can be configured to receive payment by check, online, or ACH (direct deposit).
  • Quickly file state and federal tax forms online with ACS Tax E-File, an optional service available within your ACS software.

ACS Financials or Quickbooks?

Churches often wonder, “Should we use church software that has accounting built in, or should we use a separate program like QuickBooks?”

James B. Jordan is a CPA that has audited over 200 churches of various denominations. He is considered to be an expert in the field of Financial Management for Churches. Here are some of his thoughts about what to consider when making this decision.

"When QuickBooks is used, the difficulty in discovering fraud goes up exponentially. . . My advice is to not use QuickBooks for the church or any organization related to the church. . . There are many different commercial applications where QuickBooks is appropriate, but a church is not one of them."
James B. Jordan
Was the software designed for Churches?

ACS Financials was built specifically for churches’, with the churches needs in mind. Although QuickBooks is a good accounting system, it was not designed for churches.

Does your software integrate?

Having an accounting module that integrates with your church management software is essential for many churches. ACS Financials integrates with the Contributions module and with HeadMaster billing. QuickBooks does not integrate with any membership database that we are aware of.

What kind of support is available?

ACS offers a live support person to speak with during our Support hours.

What should I know about reporting options?

The reporting in ACS is more detailed than in QuickBooks. There are many standard reports in ACS, and lots of flexibility to customize the reports to meet your needs. QuickBooks has limitations with its reporting capabilities.

There are also guidelines for reporting that are required for non-profits. The standard advises that all non-profits must be able to produce a balance sheet by fund and other financial statements. Although QuickBooks provides you with a procedure for determining your fund balances, it cannot give you a Statement of Financial Position (balance sheet) by fund/class report.

Does the software provide an audit trail?

ACS has controls in place that cannot be altered. If you post an expense to the wrong account, a journal entry is required to fix it, thereby creating an audit trail. In QuickBooks you have the ability to turn this feature off, opening up your institution to fraud.


“I have not discovered a way to commit fraud with ACS software. . . I have known this company all these years and have nothing but high regard for their software, their training, their support and their people.”
James B. Jordan
Book cover

For more valuable financial advice from James B. Jordan check out his book, Financial Management for Episcopal Churches, a great resource for any church explaining leadership and roles, as well as internal controls and processes.

Manage all your ministry's contribution information accurately and privately.

When people give, they want to know their financial gifts are in safe hands. They want to know their contribution was properly received and recorded. But people give in many different ways and tax laws and nonprofit regulations can be complex and tricky to navigate without help. That’s why thousands of churches, denominations, and other nonprofit organizations count on ACS Contributions to track their giving.

ACS Contributions provides the flexibility and confidentiality nonprofits need. Whether you use envelope numbers, have pledges (even to multiple funds or multiple years), or want to interface your contributions with ACS General Ledger, you will find this system easy to use from setup through customized reporting. The real-time interface with ACS People eliminates the need to enter contributors in two different places.

  • Track giving of individuals in your church(es).
  • Produce graphs comparing pledges to gifts for multiple funds.
  • Create accurate, IRS compliant statements and tax receipts.
  • Give and review contributions online with Access ACS.


And, we have a team standing by to help you each step of the way. This means support for you, not a sales person. They’re here to help you navigate the ever changing world of eGiving, always keeping you aware of the most effective solutions to meet the unique needs of your ministry. To learn more, connect with your eGiving Consultant, download free resources, and check out our video gallery.

"If I had to manually do our weekly contributions, it would take me about two days. With ACS, I can count and post my data in two hours. It's so easy to do. Even with phone interruptions, I'm able to complete this project in no time."
Kathy S.
Covenant Life Ministries

Complete control over all of your contribution information.

ACS Contributions handles all of the complexities around proper tracking of giving information and keeps authorized staff members informed of all their giving records. View progress toward reaching a ministry goal or fund. Create custom reports by interfacing with ACS General Ledger, and eliminate the need to enter contributions in different places by interfacing with ACS People. With ACS Contributions, you have the tools in place to precisely manage your entire ministry giving records.

  • Set up for a calendar or fiscal year to match your financial reporting needs
  • Select a donor by name, envelope number, donor number, or with ACS SpeedCheck and a MICR Check Reader
  • Enter scheduled bank drafts from a contributor’s account
  • Combine giving records for married couples
  • Distribute the contribution from a single check into multiple funds (i.e. general fund, missions, building projects, etc.)
  • Post gifts received from online donations and apply them to an individual’s giving record
  • Easily correct errors by reversing entries and adding correct amounts, all while maintaining the audit trail
  • Retain past years’ details or the last two years’ detail and summarize the third year and beyond
  • Option to mass delete contributors or mass change inactive contributor listings
  • Assign new envelope numbers, print new envelope labels, and distribute next year’s envelopes prior to year-end
  • Print detailed information about personal giving history from the inquiry window
Comply with IRS regulations.

Proper use of transaction types ensures compliance with IRS requirements for church and nonprofit reporting. While corrections may be made after posting, a full audit trail of corrections is also maintained. Mark donations in conformity with IRS regulations for:

  • Quid pro quo gifts (e.g. donating $50 for a $5 spaghetti dinner)
  • Non-cash gifts
  • Non-deductible gifts
Keep your contribution information private and secure.

Only staff with the proper clearance will have access to ACS Contributions. You can also give some staff members view-only access, allowing them to look up information without entering or editing the data.

Handle pledges and custom giving plans.

Giving plans are fully supported. This enables donors to earmark a percentage of their donation for a particular fund or project on an ongoing basis. For example, the donor may write one check, but opt to have 10% of each weekly donation going to support a missionary, with 90% going to the General Budget Fund.

  • Create single or multi-year pledges
  • Contributors can have pledges for multiple funds and variable pledge periods
  • Set up giving plans to donate a percentage of the contribution to go toward multiple efforts
  • Enter pledge amounts that apply to past or future pledges
  • Store unlimited multi-year pledge and multi-year giving history
Look up specific giving information quickly.

Once gifts are entered, lookup based on a particular fund or contributor is easy. You can access month-todate or year-to-date information for any fund and year. Answers to contributors’ questions about their detailed giving and pledge fulfillment are easily accessible and can be printed from the inquiry window.

Speed up the tasks you do at the end of the year.
  • Assign new envelope numbers, print new envelope labels, and distribute next year’s envelopes prior to the year-end while still working in the current year
  • Mass delete contributors who have not given or pledged in the current year and previous two years
  • Deactivate multiple inactive contributors in a single action

Contribution Reports and Graphs.

ACS Contributions offers a wide variety of standard reports and graphs – all of which may be customized easily and saved with brief notes for future use. Plus, our easy-to-understand contributor tax statements are guaranteed to work with forms that are offered in ACS Technologies Forms & Supplies Catalog.

Standard Reports

Statements – Contribution statements, year end tax report forms, and pledge cards can be printed using Contributions Reports or Statements with ACS Forms. It is easy to produce accurate statements on a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, tri-annual, semi-annual, or annual basis. Charitable tax reports are easily printed for sending to donors at year-end to fulfill church reporting requirements.

Statistical Reporting – Analysis of average weekly pledges or gifts, pledge-gift comparisons, projected pledge income, and summary gift totals by fund, individual, or month are included as
standard statistical reports.

Lists – You can generate lists of gifts and/or pledges by individual or fund, unfinished postings, and monthly posting registers. Additionally you can list unassigned envelope numbers, pledge/gift data for single or multiple years, and prior year history data.

Extracts – If you use an outside envelope service, you can generate electronic extracts that can be emailed for the most up-to-date information. Other contribution data can be exported or extracted for customized statements, charitable tax reports, or use in other software programs.

Graphs – Pie charts, bar graphs, and line graphs are easy to create based on a variety of options. You may choose gift count, gifts vs. pledges, pledge count, total gifts, or total pledges by fund.

Use graphs and reports to review contribution information in helpful ways.
  • Produce graphs comparing pledges to gifts for multiple funds
  • Pie charts, bar graphs, and line graphs are easily created showing comparison to a variety of contributions
  • Save graphs and reports with future notes
  • Tax statements are guaranteed to work with forms that are offered in ACS Technologies Forms & Supplies Catalog
  • Create accurate statements on a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, tri-annual, semi-annual, or annual basis
  • Print charitable tax reports easily to send to donors at year-end to fulfill church reporting requirements
  • Average weekly pledges or gifts are included as standard statistical reports
  • Generate lists by individual, fund, unfinished postings, or monthly posting registers
  • Retain all past years’ details or only the last two years’ details and summarize the third year and beyond

Designed to work effortlessly with other ACS modules and hardware products.

  • Enter personal information into ACS People to add contributions for that person or couple
  • Integrates with ACS General Ledger to assure accurate accounting to regular, designated, or restricted accounts, eliminating the need to manually enter deposits
  • Use ACS SpeedCheck to scan in contributions and open the corresponding giver’s account
  • Save a scanned image of each check for future reference with MICR Check Reader

Flexibility in record keeping with adherence to nonprofit accounting standards.

ACS General Ledger is the ultimate tool for creating budget reports, income and expense statements, and balance sheets.

  • Balance Sheets
  • Income & Expense Statements
  • Budget Reports
  • Visual Chart of Accounts
"Being able to post information to our general ledger within the Contributions module has been very useful. Now, our reports are helpful and allow us to get a clearer picture of where we stand. This feature has been a tremendous time saver.”
ELCA Region 1

What You Can Do

  • Design and manage one Chart of Accounts with multiple “sets of books” to accommodate multiple funds such as Church Fund, Building Fund, and School Fund.
  • Auto Fund Balancing feature can be used to always keep multiple sets of books in balance when making transfers between funds.
  • Set up and maintain separate datasets for organizations with different tax numbers or fiscal years such as Preschool and Church datasets.
  • Create custom reports with different views of the Chart of Accounts for your auditor, finance committee, or a particular staff member.
  • Create subtotals within your Chart of Accounts to print detail or subtotals on reports giving you ultimate flexibility in reporting.
  • During the budgeting process export selected accounts to Microsoft Excel for each staff member to adjust.
  • Use the copy budget function to create next year’s budget based on last year’s actuals. Balance or reconcile each bank checking account within General Ledger and print a list of outstanding checks and uncleared deposits.

Initial Setup and Use is as Easy as 1-2-3

  • Choose system defaults in Setup:
    • Setup unlimited bank accounts and multiple “checking accounts” within any single bank account.
    • Create as many datasets, funds, departments, committees, areas, and projects as needed.
  • Create your unique Chart of Accounts under the nine major headings and up to four sub-headings, and enter budgets or beginning balances.
  • Begin entering transactions.
  • Ability to reconcile each bank account within the software and print reconciliation reports.
  • Maintain standard bookkeeping practices.
  • All regularly used accounting reports are supplied along with a variety of other informational reports.
  • Post and print any transactions in the current year or previous year.
  • Chart of Accounts is presented visually, to help you see the structure and optimize for your needs. Five sub-levels permit easier reporting.
  • Enter beginning balances for accounts at start-up.
  • Utilize extensive budgeting capabilities, including built-in ‘what if’ analysis link to Microsoft Excel.
  • Cross-reference accounts for departments or projects, making customized reports easy to provide.
  • Monitor each transaction to insure it is completed in balance for easier end-of-month reconciliation.
  • Display account numbers and codes in drop down lists for all entries. No more account numbers to memorize.
  • Use an unlimited number of checking accounts.
  • Create multiple “checking accounts” within General Ledger while maintaining only one bank account.
  • Display transactions in ledger format if preferred. Keyboard navigation and entry fully supported.
  • Check writer program included with General Ledger.
  • Reports and results can be viewed before posting, so you can see the effect of transactions before they are finalized.
  • Customize reports and save to meet your reporting needs.
  • Support FASB 116 and 117 reporting requirements for nonprofit organizations.
  • Enter and/or edit your budget for the next year at any time.

The core component of your church management software solution. It’s your member database's foundation and required for all other ChMS modules.

ACS People is the cornerstone of ACS and the standard by which all ChMS systems are measured. It’s one of those modules churches pick first. Everything you do to manage information about your people (members, regular attendees, visitors, and contacts) starts here. As the foundation of ACS, each individual record entered into ACS People is available to other ACS modules. It natively integrates your data with other ACS modules, saving you a vast amount of data-entry time.

As the industry’s leading membership database tool, ACS People turns your address and phone list into a powerful ministry management tool. It quickly stores contact information that’s vital to your ministry. It makes it a breeze to keep personal and family information up-to-date, secure, and consistent.  It reports on and communicates with individuals, families, and activity groups.

  • Easily administer a centralized church membership database
  • Create pictorial directories and various other membership lists
  • Send personalized communications
  • Create census reports and many other kinds of reports right out of the box
  • Update multiple records at once instead of editing individual records one at a time
  • Maintain an unlimited number of records
"ACS helps growth in that you can manage the data more effectively; it helps us make people feel more connected and communicate more easily.”
Glenn M
Christ Church Georgetown

Data Input and Look Up

  • With both standard and customizable fields, you can enter virtually endless information about each individual.
  • Quickly access records by first name, last name, both names, envelope number, phone number, or primary address
  • Store unlimited phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses for each listing
  • Create and record unlimited emergency contacts, medical alerts, and pastoral comments
  • Import individual and family pictures from digital, scanned, or third party image directory firms
  • Group personal records together by family unit and easily update information (e.g. address) for an entire family
  • Different last names can be easily changed for an individual, while maintaining family relationships. Labels print properly for households with different last names.

Customizable Fields

  • Create unique, customizable list, data, and category fields such as activities, committees, skills & interests, spiritual gifts, and small groups.
  • Set up a multi-level structure that matches your church to makes it easier for you to retrieve reliable information necessary for mailings, lists, and reports.
  • Easily create or modify groups all at once.
  • Edit terminology within ACS to match your denominational preferences
  • Field setup is flexible, so denominational reporting needs can be met, without limiting the additional information that the church can maintain.

Data Maintenance Tools

  • Record Deactivation: deactivating an account automatically removes it from any search, filter, or label
  • Mass Change: Quickly make uniform changes to all records
  • Define Lists: Easily create new groupings and add new options to existing lists
  • Family Lists: Merge households, edit  family positions, and move children into their own family
  • Edit Accounts: Delete or edit individual or family accounts after major life changes
  • Geocoding: Add longitude and latitude for Geocoding and interface with mapping software

Built-in Communication Options

  • Save money with mailings that support CASS address verification and record ZIP + 4, delivery point bar codes, carrier route, and line of travel bar codes. Plus ZIP code sorting and barcoding
  • Set address activation periods for people with seasonal homes or locations
  • Easily interface with email programs, such as Microsoft® Outlook or Constant Contact®

Graphs and Reports

  • Adjust standard reports to meet your needs and rename and save them with notes for future use
  • Produce customizable pie charts, line graphs, or bar graphs on many system-defined and user-defined fields
  • Export reports to programs like Microsoft® Excel or Word with the “print to file” feature
  • Choose from five categories of standard reports:
    • Cards: Name Badges and 16 options for rotary and file cards
    • Directories: Fully customizable People Directory and 4 Pictorial Directory options
    • Lists: Create optional setup features using 18 different report options
    • Extracts: In addition to Standard and Customized People Extract, you may extract data to use with Sign Us Up, Olan Mills, Membermine, Lifetouch, PCA Directory, and your PDA
    • Statistics: Create 3 statistical reports with custom setup options

Security You Control

An important aspect of any database is the security of the data that has been entrusted to you. ACS People makes it easier for you to have peace of mind. You choose who has access to each specific part of your data.

  • Choose who has access to each part of your data
  • Set security for each user and comment type