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Close the back door. Pinpoint participation levels so you can maximize your ministry outreach opportunities and growth potential.

ACS Church Growth Tools is a set of analytical tools designed to help you track attendance trends and implement appropriate visitation and recognition programs. These tools are based on information already entered through the People, Connections, and Attendance modules. Church Growth Tools makes it easy to assess your people’s participation so that you can identify those who may need a little extra attention. Its built-in tools make it easy to put follow-up action plans in place immediately.

  • Create reports with personal and connection information to inform connection and outreach teams
  • Pull lists of members with diminishing, consistent, or increasing attendance
  • Display entered contacts through the ACS Connections module

Integration of Existing People, Visitation, and Attendance Data

ACS Church Growth Tools does not require additional data input. Once you have entered individuals and families in ACS People and have recorded their visits and attendance, you are able to use this module to help you define and monitor activity patterns. This saves you time and helps you close the back door.

Customized Analysis and Reporting Tools

One of the most effective ways to grow the church is to minister more effectively to existing church members, but churches often have difficulty effectively recognizing and reaching out to their members and new attendees. ACS Church Growth Tools addresses these challenges and provides insightful tools to work with your evangelism and visitation programs.

  • RISK/SOS Report is an analysis tool that tracks two consecutive time periods and identifies if members are Regular, Irregular, Sporadic, or Non-Attendee. It also determines if their attendance is better than (Soaring), the same as (Ongoing), or worse than (Sliding) the previous period. With this information, you can set up a program to minister to each group of people.
  • Graphs are available based on your RISK/SOS analysis. There are several graphs to choose from and formats include pie charts, line graphs, or bar graphs.
  • Use Assignment Form to create a full-page listing of family information, individual or family pictures, details of connections, and response section for feedback. You can use this form to develop your ministry and schedule your visitation teams.
  • Note Writer is a simple mail merge program you can use to send letters to your members. These can be congratulatory or “We missed you” letters to be sent to various members of your church based on RISK/SOS results.


You can set up letters in Note Writer and Assignment Forms to be used based on the results found when you run the RISK/SOS report. You can then enter parameters in RISK/SOS Automation and automatically perform certain tasks. For example, you can print a Letter of Recognition to those with Soaring attendance or set up a visit for those with Sliding attendance.

Sample Reports

A customized version of ACS specifically designed for Episcopal congregations.

With input from parish administrators, treasurers, diocesan staff, and others, ACS has been customized for Episcopal churches. Episcopal ACS can help you automatically generate your annual report and streamline other reporting requirements throughout the year.

  • Automatically calculates all information needed for the parochial report
  • Annual report saved for future reference
  • Creates audit reports to highlight data issues throughout the year
"The Parochial report feature will save many hours of valuable time and energy. Completing the report can be done in minutes rather than hours. You don't have to wait on others to get their information to you and then hope that the information is correct. All you have to do now is push a button and the report is generated correctly the first time."
Administrative Assistant, Trinity Episcopal Church

What You Get

Vestry Reporting Made Easier

From financial reports to recaps of new and transferred members, Episcopal
ACS provides useful, easy to understand information about your congregation.

Ongoing Trend Analysis

Use data from Episcopal ACS, including the register of church services, to create
powerful visual graphs of trends and patterns.

Data Integrity

Databases and reporting systems are integrated so that changes made by one
person seamlessly flow throughout the system.

Continuity in Management

As staff changes and new treasurers come on board, you have one system you can count on.

Room to Grow

Episcopal ACS solutions grow as your needs grow. As church needs emerge, from a new ministry to a new school to a new website, there’s a partner you can count on to provide total integrated solutions to fit your unique needs.

Automated Register of Church Services
  • Complements written service register book
  • Provides data you can analyze for trends
Suggested Templates
  • Pre-populated with descriptions unique to Episcopalians, such as date baptized and date confirmed
  • Suggested chart of accounts for Episcopal churches
  • Membership statuses appropriate for Episcopal churches

Sample Reports

Bringing important data together to support churches better.

ACS Organizations is an application for multi-tiered organizations like denominations to store data about individual churches in one place. ACS Organizations will help track information about these entities, their staff, and their place in your overall structure.

  • Multi-tiered information management
  • Aggregate church statistical reports
  • Contribution tracking
  • 200 customizable fields
"We have definitely been able to provide better service to our member churches.”
Becky W.
Hamilton County Baptist Association

Customizable to Fit Your Exact Needs

Each denomination is unique in terms of the data it records and tracks, as well as its overall structure. ACS Organizations is completely customizable, accommodating any hierarchy or information requirements. You set up the unlimited levels, relationships between individual organizations, staff positions, church characteristics, and statistics as needed. You can then search and report on any segment of your organization.

ACS Organizations makes it easy to enter information for all levels of your organization.

  • Basic data: Church and staff names, addresses, phones, email and more.
  • Statistical data: Members, baptisms, confirmations, enrollments, and limitless others.
  • Contribution information: Detailed church giving by year.
  • Personal information: Churches or office lookup by name, PIN, or city.
  • Electronic communication: Email correspondence between organization and church from
    one easy location.

Monitor Trends, Meet Needs

Effective ministry goes far beyond mere data gathering. It’s about the practical use of data to identify needs and solve problems. ACS Organizations helps institutions like yours identify and track trends and changes among member churches. By analyzing these trends, denominational offices can develop services and materials to meet the needs of these churches.

There are 7 types of Organizations reports that will turn your data into actionable information. In addition to comprehensive reports, graphs are easy to produce on any statistical information.

  • Contributions: Choose from a variety of custom reports and statements.
  • Directories: Create directories of church document libraries, organization hierarchy, profiles, organizations, staff, and mailings.
  • Extracts: Extract organizational, staff, and statistical information.
  • Lists: Create lists of organization sponsors, primary contacts, and newsletter recipients by church, organization, or staff with related special fields and staff mailing records.
  • Statistics: Create statistical layouts and customizable statistics reports.
  • Connections: Track contacts both to and from churches and individuals.
  • Labels: Customize correspondence by printing cards and labels in a variety of styles.

Facilitate Effective Communication

Whether you are talking by phone, mailing a newsletter, or emailing a report, ACS Organizations makes it easy to communicate with your member churches and their staff. With all the key data in one accessible, secure system, your staff can quickly access information during a phone conversation, create labels, or send group emails.

Integration with ACS

By integrating Organizations with other ACS Technologies products and services, you will receive the broadest, most comprehensive information management package available to denominational offices today.

ACS Organizations integrates with ACS to cover a broad scope of business needs.
  • Accounting: Daily transactions, bill paying, payroll, receivables, and asset management with ACS General Ledger and ACS Accounts Payable.
  • Contributions: Church and individual giving records, and pledge assessment or fulfillment with ACS Contributions.
  • Web site: Custom setup and management of one site or a community of integrated member church sites with ACS Extend Platform.
  • Connections: Manage your contacts and communication with member churches with ACS Connections.
  • Mailings: Sort mailings to all of your member churches and ensure that their addresses comply with postal regulations with ACS Max It! and ACS CASS It!.
  • Reports: Create and maintain custom reports and directories with ACS Report Designer. Mobility: Allow field staff to view information about organizations, primary contacts, and staff members anywhere by uploading Organizations data to Access ACS.
  • Online Event Registration: Allow individuals to register and pay in advance for conferences, conventions, and training events.
  • DataShare: Receive selected ACS People data from your churches on a regular basis.
  • Link to ACS People to track details on individual staff members, including family information.
  • Create committees and important mailing groups by individual name, by church name, or by staff position using the ACS People Module.
  • Link to ACS Contributions Module for recording donations made by churches or organizations.
  • Link to Mail Modules as well.
  • Full integration with standard ACS People modules ensure up-to-date programs for Regional Offices.
More Things You Can Do With ACS Organizations
  • Record organizational basics such as church names, mailing addresses, phone numbers, date of incorporation, and staff records.
  • Customize over 200 statistical entry fields to store the data you want to track.
  • Record information for each organization for as many years as desired.
  • Illustrate membership trends over multiple years graphically.
  • Customize reports with statistical data by organization or by year – makes Annual Reports quick and easy!
  • Record staff associated with the organization for each year and keep staff history for reference.
  • Define unlimited staff positions.

Keep track of your campus and giving information in one place.

ACS Multi-Site is an application that allows you to store data from multiple ministry locations at one site. Easily track donations given at a single location or across all campuses. Set security rights to allow authorized staff members access to view financial information. Track information about each church and it’s staff from one centralized location with ACS Multi-Site.

Keep track of departmental fields across all campuses.

  • Add campuses and services in Define Lists.
  • Categorize fields into a department; create fields for each department in your church.
  • Associate additional fields within each department.
  • Limit access to departmental fields, granting rights only to those specified.
  • Track multiple pages of user defined fields customized for the departments or organizations within your church, school, or organization.
  • Each department field contains data relevant to that department, and you can define the fields you want to track for the department, using up to 22 fields of information.

All your contribution data brought together in one system.

  • Associate fund codes with campuses enabling you to track contributions by each campus.
  • Print selected reports by campus to get a financial picture of each site.
  • Track the gifts received from specific service times at a single campus or across campuses.
  • Reduce the chance of a gift accidentally being posted to a fund for another campus by assigning campus rights so that staff and volunteers at each of your campuses are limited to entering, posting, viewing, and printing reports for their campus’ funds only.
  • Set security rights for assigned entries, editing transactions, posting transactions and rights for all funds.
  • Track gifts and pledges based on the actual post date and pledge start and stop date, rather than a year.
  • Tracking gifts and pledges by a date range lets you track pledges for date ranges less than a year (such as a 6 month pledge) or pledges that span multiple years.

Process contributions quicker with lightning fast remote deposits and integrated record keeping.

With a single scan, your contribution funds are simultaneously ready for electronic bank deposits and posting to ACS Contributions. ACS SpeedCheck streamlines your contributions process and provides complete integration between your ACS Contributions database, electronic banking services, and your ACS SpeedCheck Scanner.

  • Fast remote deposits
  • Speedy scanning, imaging, batching of contributions
  • Improve security, accuracy, and safety


ACS SpeedCheck will save your staff time and money by depositing funds and posting contributions automatically. It scans your checks and transmits information to any bank in the U.S. based on the electronic images it captures from the original items. What’s more, it is smart enough to distribute gifts to multiple contribution funds and automatically match giving details to the appropriate contributor in ACS.

Cuts your data entry time in half!

  • Deposit funds and post contributions automatically
  • Scan checks and transmit information to any bank in the U.S.
  • Distribute gifts to multiple contribution funds
  • Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) ready
  • Seamlessly integrates with ACS Contributions
  • Compatible with desktop installations or our OnDemand service
  • Easily view images of deposited checks from within donor records
  • Especially helpful for churches that handle large amounts of contributions each week
Epson TM-S100 Capture One

Epson TM-S100 Capture One

Epson TM-1000 Check Reader — Multi-stack scans up to 30 documents per minute.

Burroughs's Smart Source

Burroughs Smart Source

Burroughs Smart Source — Multi-stack scans up to 100 documents per minute.

Safety Done Right in Volunteer Management

Protect the people you care about with comprehensive background checks using advanced technology. ACS Technologies® and Verified First are partnering to bring you this new and improved solution because in today’s world, it’s never been this important to know exactly who is volunteering, serving, working, and caring for everyone in your church family.

#1. This leading, most comprehensive background check process verifies information in the top worldwide screening databases, including:

  • Nationwide criminal records
  • Sex offender registries
  • Interpol, terrorist & FBI watch lists
  • Alias searches if requested
  • Valid issuance of Social Security Numbers
  • Death index
  • Driving records
  • Education & employment verifications
  • County-level records
  • Credit check

By using this better background check service, you'll now be able to:

  • Track the date background checks were processed
  • Send background check requests to volunteers and applicants to complete so you
    never need to ask for a Social Security Number
  • Easily identify flagged reports to make the reviewing and hiring process faster

#2. It is the most integrated with your ChMS, providing you with an easy-to-use, quick way to fully manage background screenings. Here are just a few benefits:

  • Process screenings in bulk, based on a search. You can handle all of your staff and volunteers at once.
  • Search for cases where follow-up is needed, or when it’s time for a renewal.
  • Add reference codes to make it easier to connect individual screens to relevant departments.

Pastors want everyone safe.

As a leader, your ultimate responsibility is to protect your attendees and give them a safe and secure environment for worship.

  • Protect your people, finances, and records. Trust those with access to sensitive information.
  • Your church can be held responsible for the actions of an employee or volunteer found unfit for their position. Comprehensive background checks can reduce your ministry’s liability.
  • The lack of better background checks puts everyone at risk. Reduce the risk to children, youth, members, and visitors.

Staff want it done right.

Save time and effort with cost-effective, background checks. Know the work you are in charge of is being done right by people you can really trust.

  • Reduce hiring mistakes before it’s too late by providing a safe work environment for your staff and volunteers to do their jobs and care for others.
  • Comply with all federal and state laws and insurance requirements by running better and more comprehensive background checks on employees and volunteers.
  • Reduce risk of allegations of disparate treatment under Title VII laws.

Background Checks are already part of ACS.

To take advantage of the integration between ACS and Verified First, you will need to be on version or later.

How to set up your new, integrated background checks service in ACS:

  1. Log in to ACS.
  2. Click “Grow Your Ministry” in the toolbar.
  3. Select “Background Checks,” and you’ll be taken to the Verified First signup page.
  4. Follow the prompts to start using background checks.

You can accomplish so much more when you connect ACS to the cloud.

Access ACS is a Web-based companion to ACS’s church management software. It enables your staff to publish key information online so people can visit your church’s website and sign up for events online, give donations, find volunteer opportunities, join groups, and more.

Access ACS is a useful tool for everyone involved in your church: staff, leaders, members, or visitors. With Access ACS, you can:

  • Allow anyone to register for events and pay for them online.
  • Look up or update scheduled visitation while outside the office.
  • Screen and schedule volunteers for church events.
  • Connect people with your various ministry opportunities.
  • View specific church calendars and submit requests for rooms and equipment.
  • Review all data changes before approving and syncing with ACS People.

Access ACS tracks and interacts with key ACS information online.

Access ACS can integrate with other ACS modules such as ACS People, ACS Contributions, ACS Facility Scheduler, and ACS Attendance. You can be incorporate it into your website or our Extend Platform.


Access ACS opens the door for anyone in your organization with assigned permissions and security to access personalized lists of activities, small group members, online maps, e-mails, birthdays, anniversary dates, and much more.

  • Set up an unlimited number of user profiles to use as permissions for various types of users (such as Elders, Finance Committee, Ministry Leaders, and Members)
  • Update personal records and photos, view group and church directories, and share with others
  • Setup and mange groups
  • View each person’s visitation history and responses (requires ACS Connections)
  • Integrate data with ACS People to create a complete information file on each prospect, including when the record was created (requires ACS Connections)

Online giving within Access ACS allows members to manage and track their contributions. Online giving can help increase giving levels in the church and encourages members to grow and mature in their spiritual stewardship.

  • Accept online contributions and view the details of their prior contributions
  • Contributors can give one time or recurring gifts and see gift history and giving schedules
  • Allows gifts by members and non-members
  • View contribution statements and multi-year giving history online
  • Easily give to multiple funds
  • Can accept ACH and credit card gifts
  • Print plain paper contribution statement directly from Access ACS
  • Integrates with ACS Contributions for easy reconciliation of gifts

Give your leaders and members the dynamic communication tools they need. Access ACS lets you connect members, attendees, and seekers to the group events that interest them.

  • Members and prospects can go online and search for the groups that interest them, find out more about them, and even request to join
  • View rosters of people in groups, send out group communications, and quickly update member records
  • Track members through connections, small groups, and special groups
  • Mark group attendance
  • Group members can access contact information, communicate with each other, and view calendars
  • Leaders can update personal records and photos, as well as view group and church directories
  • Pull lists of group members for prayer chains or emergency contact

Online event registration within Access ACS simplifies the entire registration process by allowing members, prospective members, and even guests to discover, register, and pay for events online.

  • Register family members, friends, or groups of individuals for an event in one registration process
  • Promote an event and link individuals directly to the event registration process
  • Edit church and personal event calendars online
  • Accept full and partial event payments online
  • Print receipts directly from the event status page

Coordinating your volunteers with the positions that match their skill sets and speak to their passions is crucial to building a thriving volunteer ministry in your church. Online volunteer coordinating within Access ACS allows staff and volunteers to manage the entire volunteering process in a Web-based format.

  • Leaders and staff can post and manage volunteer positions online
  • Members can find suitable opportunities by searching for available positions based on skills, passion, experience, qualifications, or other attributes
  • Allow users to sign up for volunteer positions online
Privacy and Security

Your information is kept secure with private, password-protected online access.

  • All users must sign in with a user name and password before they can view any data.
  • The administrator creates the staff user accounts and sets up their passwords (Staff can then change their own passwords).
  • When member users first register for Access ACS, they must enter their first name, last name, suffix (if they have one) and email address as entered in ACS People. The member is then sent an email with the user name and temporary password.
  • You may set up an unlimited number of user profiles to be used as permissions for various types of users (such as Elders, Finance Committee, Ministry Leaders, and Members).
"The information that we need to get out there is literally at our fingertips. People want to communicate via this media, and if we aren’t ready, we can’t meet their needs.”
V. K.
CFO, New Life Christian Fellowship


Access ACS is an additional service for clients enrolled in the Preferred Client Program, but it is automatically included with all ACS OnDemand subscriptions at no additional monthly cost.

The monthly subscription price is determined by the number of records uploaded from ACS People to the Access ACS database. Billing for Access ACS appears on your monthly support invoice and begins after you have uploaded records. There’s a one-time $300 setup fee for new subscriptions to Access ACS. Support is included with your subscription.

Number of Records* Monthly Subscription Price Bundled with OnDemand
1-599 $32.00/month Free
600-1,599 $48.50/month Free
1,600-2,999 $83.00/month Free
3000-5999 $119/month Free
6,000-14,999 $135/month Free
15,000-29,999 $173/month Free
30,000+ Call for Pricing Free
Support is included with all plans.

* One record in Access ACS is the equivalent to one individual in your ACS People database.


A 20,000 member church could export 100% of their member records and give online access to all its staff, lay leaders, and members for only $173.00/month. This would include online communications and management of Small Groups, Volunteer Ministries, Directories, Classes and Activities, Connections and Assignments, Group Emails, Attendance, Statistics and Metrics, Reports, Calendars, Event Registration, and Contributions.

Online Payments/Online Giving Processing Fees

After you have signed up for Access ACS, you can add these online transaction services. You can choose to accept online payments for events and/or for donations. However, a merchant account* is required to receive payments.

*For additional details about merchant accounts and how this works plus additional fees from ACS Technologies, please contact us.


Online Access from Anywhere

While Access ACS connects your members and leaders to online groups, events, giving and volunteering; ACS OnDemand empowers your staff with anytime, anywhere full access to all your ACS desktop software via the Internet. Empower your office with the ability to work anywhere, anytime with ACS OnDemand or empower your members and leaders to connect and interact by using Access ACS.


Yes, your members and leaders can use Access ACS from a Mac. However, since some administrative features do not work on a Mac, the Access ACS administrator should use a PC.

No, Access ACS uses a SQL database


Yes, it will work with a wireless device for those users who have permission to search for records. However, it is not responsive and may be harder to read or navigate on smaller devices.

Getting Started

You can sign up for Access ACS through the Help Center. Simply follow the on-screen instructions.

Generally, upload time takes only minutes. A typical DSL line takes 3-4 minutes to upload 1000 records with all the data in the records. We recommend you upload at least once per day if you’re making changes in your ACS database at the church office. You can upload using a modem line, but this process is slower and not recommended for large churches.

No. A link on your website lets your members sign up for an account without your help. The system is set up so that any member signing up is automatically assigned a Member Login user profile.

The system generates a link for your Web site on the Web Links screen under Admin -- Options. You can copy and paste the link to your Web site.



Managing Records

Yes. Perform a search in ACS to find the records you want to upload. Then, upload again using the search results. The new upload removes and replaces old records.

You can perform a search in ACS to choose the records you want to upload. Before you upload, select the check box indicating you want to use the latest search results.

Members can only view their own contributions. You determine who can view the data by assigning permissions inside the user profiles.



No, when you first sign up, you enter the name and e-mail address. However, an e-mail with the password is sent to the e-mail address of the member who signed up. So, even if you enter another member's name and address, that other member receives the e-mail with his password! For more information about Access ACS security features, see our security document.



Rights & Permissions

When you upload your data to the Access ACS server, you are essentially copying your data to another database. This database is the one members and leaders work with, not your ACS database. When you’re ready to approve changes that your members and leaders have made, you simply click a button to accept those changes into your ACS database.

Yes, you can create as many user profiles as you need, and you can customize each profile to fit your organization’s needs.

No, you can assign administrators in Access ACS separately from the ACS administrator.

Event Registration and Online Giving

Yes, currently you must purchase Access ACS to use Event Registration. Online event registration with no money transactions involved is free with basic Access ACS. You must also have Access ACS for Online Giving, but accepting money transactions in any form incurs additional fees.


You will need to setup a compatible merchant account for our Online Giving Products. We work with Vanco Payment Solutions for ACS Pay Plus.

Yes, you can accept electronic checks. With ACS Pay Plus, you can filter to accept only debit credit cards as well.

ACS Technologies does have fees for payments associated with Access ACS in addition to the merchant account. Please contact your sales representative to find out more.

Yes, you can just use the Event Registration without accepting payments. This functionality has no additional cost.

Yes, you can do this. This is included as part of your overall payments solution at the same price.


A portal to stay connected on the go.

Want to make it easy for people to give to your church? They can easily make their gifts with the web portal…anytime, anywhere! Trying to remember an event date? No need to guess at it; easily pull up event calendars while out of the office. Trying to stay organized? Add, view, and complete tasks, or reassign them to other staff members. Visiting members of your congregation? Easily access contact information and photos before making home and hospital visits.

For staff:

  • View profile, contact, and  address information
  • Initiate a call or text while looking at a person’s record
  • Pull up directions and a map for home visits
  • Manage staff tasks and follow-up activities
  • Look up and post edits to member contact information
  • View history of past connections and notes
  • View calendar events in Facility Scheduler™; members can only view published events while staff can view both published and unpublished events based on their security rights in Facility Scheduler. If Facility Scheduler is not available, the events entered into the Access ACS calendar will be shown.

For congregants:

  • Give and view their giving history 
  • View church events calendar
  • Register for events
  • Update profile and contact information 

With ACS Church Life™, you have instant access to the contacts and events in your Access ACS™ and ACS Facility Scheduler™ databases anytime, anywhere, from the portal.

This easy-to-use portal is available to all current Access ACS™ and Facility Scheduler™ clients.

Mobile Minute Videos

Quickly and securely file tax forms online.

Filing W-2s, 1099s, and 1095s just got a whole lot easier with ACS Tax E-File. File all of your W-2s, 1099s, and 1095s electronically to government agencies and have individual forms printed and mailed out to recipients for you, all for one low price through a secure web service. Imagine no more paper tax forms and no more stuffing envelopes – that translates into more time for you to focus on your members.

  • Federal Tax E-Filing
  • State Tax E-Filing
  • Recipient Mailing
  • Check Filing Status
  • View Submitted Forms
  • Print Reports

No more filling out and printing tax forms! No more stuffing envelopes! Use the following E-File processes to save you time and money. Use ACS Tax E-file to file all your W-2s, 1099s, 1095s and 941 forms electronically to government agencies and have individual forms printed and mailed out to recipients for you, all for one low price through a secure web service. ACS Tax E-File also makes it easy for you to quickly check on the status of your filings and print reports.

How it Works

ACS Technologies has partnered with Nelco, our tax form vendor, to offer e-filing solutions for filing federal and state W2s, 1099s, 1095s and 941 forms electronically. ACS Tax E-File is an optional service available within your ACS software for quickly filing wage and information reports online.

This fast and efficient optional service is available on the Period End Reports menu in ACS Accounts Payable for 1099’s and ACS Payroll for W-2, 941, and 1095 forms. When you select the E-File option, you are prompted to create a user account which creates your data extract and sends you to the ACS Tax E-File dashboard to electronically file your federal forms and state W-2s. The data in this electronic filing module comes directly from your ACS program. Each time you enter this electronic filing module, the data available to you is representative of the most current data you have entered into your program. Pricing for this pay-per-use service is based on the number of recipients in a batch and the service selected.

Learn More

For more filing information and details about special ACS client pricing, please visit Nelco’s website for ACS Tax E-File.

Check in with ease. Check out with confidence.

You are right to be concerned for the safety and protection of children and youth on Sunday mornings or any time they are in your facility. Checkpoint provides your organization with the assurance that you can identify and confirm the location of children at any time, and especially in the case of an emergency. Parents simply check in their kids at a workstation (either a manned or a self-guided computer). Checkpoint handles the rest. It’s also a great tool for any event type and knowing exactly where everybody is in case of an emergency.

Checkpoint is designed to work with the attendance classes, activity groups, and small groups you have set up in ACS. Members check in to sessions, which are tied to attendance, activity, and small group events. Checkpoint tracks the number of people checked into a location and enforces maximum occupancy restrictions. Finally, you can post attendance markings directly from Checkpoint.

  • Members and regular attendees can check in themselves.
  • Staff or volunteers can check in visitors and manually produce security badges for them.
  • Compatible with touch-screen monitors
  • Print additional name badges for items like diaper bags, and bottles
  • Check in and out of multiple sessions at one time
  • Display a selected individual’s picture for photo identification at check in/out
  • Attendance, based on those who have checked in, can be posted directly from a manned check-in workstation directly into ACS Attendance.
  • In an emergency, staff can produce session statistics to assure accurate records of everyone and their location.
"Since we started using Checkpoint, I know who is in the Children’s Wing and who is not. We are able to get accurate counts and save so much time posting attendance.”
Children’s Pastor at CrossPointe Church

Assisted or Self Check In

The tracking capability of the Checkpoint module is based on a workstation system. Workstations can be manned for visitors or unmanned for members and regular attendees.

Coordinate email newsletter themes with your check-in screens.

With ACS Checkpoint, you can customize your Vacation Bible School (VBS) check-in screen to compliment the design of your VBS emails. Chose between your own images or use one of our pre-designed themes including VBS designs for Group’s Crocodile Dock and Lifeway’s Boomerang Express as well as other generic designs.

Connects to Individual information

  • Notes such as allergies and medications, can be added for each individual and printed on the security badge.
  • Pager numbers can be assigned to families ahead of time.
  • You can assign your own 9-digit barcode to each individual in place of the system assigned barcode. Barcode must be ACS compatible and approved.

Customized Security Badges

  • Customize and print security badges with unique information and special notes.
  • Each badge prints a system-generated, random number. This makes each security badge unique, ensuring an exact match when the parent or guardian returns to pick up the child.
  • Badges can be designed for each activity (Sunday school, fund raising events, or youth group).
  • Individual pictures can be printed on the badge for quick identification.
  • If multiple children from one family are checked in, all of their security numbers display on the parent’s badge.

Visitor Check In and Badges

  • Newcomers or visitors can be entered manually in Checkpoint and receive a security badge.
  • New people can be added to ACS People directly from Checkpoint if needed.
  • Data-entry defaults will automatically pull over People Setup but can be reset for records added through Checkpoint.

Secure and Confidential Tracking

High security ensures that only staff with the proper clearance will have access to ACS Checkpoint and not to other parts of ACS. Password-protected check-in computers prevent someone from exiting Checkpoint and accessing other data.

Customize Multiple Sessions

  • Any master group from ACS People, Activities, or Attendance can be configured as a session in Checkpoint.
  • Names associated with that master group are automatically available for check in.
  • Visitors or new prospects can receive security badges whether they are added to ACS People or not.

Post Attendance Easily

Simply configure Checkpoint to interact with the ACS Attendance module to mark attendance records. Then you can immediately post attendance markings for individuals who are “checked in” a session.

Review Accurate Lists of Children and Adults in Attendance

Once an individual has checked in, you can quickly find his or her individual information in the Checkpoint module by barcode scan, the last 4 digits of their phone number, pager number, or last name.

Standard and Customized Reports

ACS Checkpoint offers cards, lists, or statistical reports that can be customized easily and saved with brief notes for future use.

Cards – Security badges and bar code labels are easily printed from Checkpoint Reports.

Lists – Listing of barcode numbers, notes, and pager numbers assigned to individuals can be printed.

Statistical Reporting – Real-time session statistics, including class, names, and checkin/out time can be reported quickly while the classes and groups are in session.