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Church Websites

Predefined Templates

Build a professional, user-friendly site.

With Refresh Websites, choose from sixteen pre-formatted templates and customize them with your church’s branding to take your virtual presence to the next level.

predefined church website templates
unlimited pages church website

Unlimited Pages

Expand your website to all your ministries.

Create pages for each area of your church. You can create a page to welcome visitors, let congregants know about events in your church, share a staff directory – anything you want.

Graphics Library & Editor

Choose images that best represent your parish.

Select images from the gallery or upload and edit your own to customize your website to fit your church.

graphics library church website


Understand who is engaging and how.

View which pages people are visiting most, how people came to your page, where visitors are located, and so much more.


Fill out your information and we will be in touch.

Feature Highlights

ACS Tools

Access ACS

You can accomplish so much more when you connect ACS to the cloud. Access ACS is a Web-based companion to ACS’s church management software. It

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ACS Accounts Payable

Give your accounting staff the ability to: Select a Cash or Accrual method in setup to determine how invoice amounts are reflected in General Ledger

Read More »

ACS Accounts Receivable

Give your accounting staff the ability to: Provide on-the-spot receipting which is convenient for ‘walk in’ payments. Create custom billing codes for convenient, accurate billing

Read More »

ACS Attendance

You can’t start the conversation if you don’t know who was there. ACS Attendance organizes and tracks the attendance history for all of your classes,

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ACS Background Checks

Safety Done Right in Volunteer Management Protect the people you care about with comprehensive background checks using advanced technology. ACS Technologies® and Verified First are

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ACS Checkpoint

Check in with ease. Check out with confidence. You are right to be concerned for the safety and protection of children and youth on Sunday

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ACS Connections

Don’t let people fall through the cracks. Make sure your staff, members, and visitors feel connected to and a part of your ministry. ACS Connections

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ACS Contributions

Manage all your ministry’s contribution information accurately and privately. When people give, they want to know their financial gifts are in safe hands. They want

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ACS Facility Scheduler

Attempting to manage all of your people, events, and facilities in one calendar is madness. Churches simply have too many people, events, facilities, and changes

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ACS Fixed Assets

Equip your accounting staff with the ability to: Provide your organization with an excellent way to keep up with inventory and produce reports necessary throughout

Read More »

ACS General Ledger

Flexibility in record keeping with adherence to nonprofit accounting standards. ACS General Ledger is the ultimate tool for creating budget reports, income and expense statements,

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ACS Organizations

Bringing important data together to support churches better. ACS Organizations is an application for multi-tiered organizations like denominations to store data about individual churches in

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ACS Payroll

Ensure that your employees receive accurate payments. Set up specific pay types that may be assigned to an employee. Each type has the ability to

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ACS People

The core component of your church management software solution. It’s your member database’s foundation and required for all other ChMS modules. ACS People is the

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ACS Purchase Orders

Give your accounting staff the ability to: Control all outgoing expenses by ensuring accurate and on-budget spending. Configurable to give warning messages – or not

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ACS SpeedCheck

Process contributions quicker with lightning fast remote deposits and integrated record keeping. With a single scan, your contribution funds are simultaneously ready for electronic bank

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ACS Tax E-file

Quickly and securely file tax forms online. Filing W-2s, 1099s, and 1095s just got a whole lot easier with ACS Tax E-File. File all of

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An ACS™ integration with HeadMaster™ Software Childcare for the next generation. ACS™ with HeadMaster™ helps churches provide quality, individualized care to children, communicate with parents,

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Constant Contact

Send email newsletters to everyone on your contact list and see who is opening them and what’s catching their interest. ACS Technologies is pleased to

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Online Giving

Abundant, the new eGiving solution in ACS, offers giving via text, mobile, online, and so much more. Giving is an important part of the spiritual

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Refresh Websites allows you to easily build a professional, user-friendly site using templates and drag and drop editing

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How are we doing?

We build our software for you. Send us your enhancement requests or wish lists through the Enhancement Request Forum. We want to hear from you.

We offer a variety of personalized training options that are tailored to your specific needs and moves at your speed. For more information regarding personalized training options, pricing, and availability, click the button for your product below.

24/7 Self-Service Support

Sign into the client portal to access all of your support resources.

Please note: Self-service support for Realm® is accessible after you sign in.

Online Knowledge Bases


MinistrySmart on a laptop

Learn Together. Serve Together.

Take your church ministry to the next level.

Empower your entire team with interactive courses, in-depth webinars, proactive strategies, insightful tools, effective mindsets, and so much more.


We've got so much to share with you!

You are doing the Lord’s work, and we truly believe there is nothing more important than the ministry you provide day in and day out. But ministry is not easy. There’s no single formula that works 100% of the time. It’s a constant challenge, and there’s always something new to tackle. That’s why we work extremely hard every day to provide the best church management software and service options.

You're never alone.

We’re here to partner in the the success of your ministry. If there is anything you need, please make us the first ones you ask. We’ve got your back.

We pass on what we've learned to you.

We’ve worked with churches of all different traditions, sizes, budgets, and teams. We’ve seen what works and how churches have made customizations for their unique needs. We’re happy to share what we’ve seen.

We've built ourselves around serving you.

We’ve built the largest support department in the industry and employ teams of people working on multiple aspects of ministry support. We’re confident we can provide you the best support around.

Migration Assistance

Change takes effort, but it doesn't have to be hard.

No one understands this more than you. You help people make life changes so they can grow and become all that God has equipped them to be, and so do we. We know changing church management software can feel daunting, but we’ve helped thousands of churches do it, and we make it as simple as possible.

Moving your staff over to our tools is a clear, straight-forward process. Our team can work with you to develop a plan for mapping over your profiles, groups, and contributor records. We can also review your data after it has been converted and offer suggestions for any remaining clean-up. 

We offer direct, one-on-one instruction from certified trainers who can walk you through key areas of your setup process. This 2-hour guided assistance is conducted online through our web conferencing tools and may be divided into two 1-hour increments if preferred. Any number of your staff are welcome to sit together for this training. Instruction will cover whatever areas you wish to prioritize for your training, such as: admin setup, managing people profiles, giving, ministry areas, and accounting.

With thousands of successful launches already to their credit, our launch team can help you utilize proven best practices to achieve your ministry goals. Many of our coaches are former church staff who understand how churches operate. We can help you implement whichever ChMS you choose effectively and launch it successfully to your staff and church.

Rollout is the process of engaging your church family. For example, Realm® is an excellent tool for your ministry staff, but it also connects your church family in amazing new ways. So after you’ve transitioned your staff to Realm, we can equip them with ideas, materials, and guidance for rolling out Realm’s free mobile app (Realm Connect) to your entire church.

Personalized Training & Consultation

You're the place people look for answers, and so are we.

Software alone does not make ministry successful, so we’re here to help you with the other parts too. We’ve got over 40 years of experience, we’ve worked with tens of thousands of churches, and we understand the challenges you face every day. We can’t wait to share what we’ve learned with you.

Unmatched Support

If you have to take calls in the middle of the night, so do we.

We’re passionate about supporting your ministry with service levels that consistently rank above our competitors. We offer several support options and have teams of people to help your ministry reach its full potential.

Church Know-How

Learn Together. Serve Together.

Tap into a wealth of knowledge and master vital aspects of your ministry.

In MinstrySmart™, you and your entire team will have access to interactive courses, in-depth webinars, proactive strategies, and several learning experiences designed to dismantle silos and unite your church. You’ll be able to learn at your own pace and on your own time, all while being guided by our team of ministry experts. Be sure to bring a friend.

ministry training

Community Insights

Serving your community better begins with understanding it better.

MissionInsite integrates many different proprietary databases so you can better understand your church and community at large. With these insights, your leadership and ministry teams will quickly gain additional knowledge and solutions they have been looking for, resulting in greater strategic vision and courses of action.



General Ledger

The heart and soul of church accounting.

ACS church accounting software is a flexible, easy-to-use, double-entry accounting system that adheres to nonprofit accounting standards and offers either a cash or accrual basis. Setup begins with the creation of your unique chart of accounts that interfaces with all the other financial modules and optionally with ACS Contributions and HeadMaster. You can track budgets and spending by fund, department, committee, and project. Budgeting and reporting have never been easier.

General Ledger
Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

Keep track of what you owe and pay bills on time.

As your complete check writing and vendor management program, ACS Accounts Payable saves you time and coordinates the way your employees pay bills and issue 1099s. You can centrally process your outgoing funds, print checks, store vendor information, and keep track of your invoices with this church accounting software module.


Save valuable time and avoid confusion by handling all types of payroll procedures with one central solution.

ACS Payroll handles the special needs of churches and pastors, from housing allowances to insurance. Accommodates multiple cost centers, so pay is charged to appropriate areas. Customize with additions & deductions to pay. With ACS church accounting software you’ll have everything you need to pay your employees with consistency and accuracy.

Or, learn more about ACS Tax E-file
purchase orders

Purchase Orders

The tools you need to help manage your spending.

ACS Purchase Orders automates your organization’s cash-flow planning process to help prevent overspending. You can also easily cross-check and reference your purchasing.

Fixed Assets

A reliable, centralized asset inventory and management system.

As a central inventory system for managing your organization’s equipment, ACS Fixed Assets tracks specific asset details from acquisition to depreciation to maintenance. Use it to plan, to document insurance claims, and to support good stewardship of plans and property.

Fixed Assets
Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable

Effectively manage your outgoing billings and incoming payments.

Whether on cash or accrual basis, ACS Accounts Receivable is automatically integrated with ACS General Ledger, ACS People and other ACS church accounting software modules. The customized, unlimited revenue centers ensure accurate posting to the correct accounts, billing codes that offer easy handling of recurring invoices to given customers, and payment codes that enable efficient crediting of payments for multiple accounts at one time. You can create unlimited revenues and connect income to specific accounts. Unlimited charge items, with customized frequencies, means fast and accurate billing. Process automation enables you to produce batch invoices quickly.



ACS Contributions

Process Giving and Contributions

Good stewardship starts here.

Track and organize your contribution details, run fundraising drives more effectively, and offer your members more ways to tithe or give — online or off.

Enable Multiple Forms of Convenient Giving

Abundant is FREE to get started with no monthly payment.

Empower your congregation with easier ways to give and your staff with better ways
to manage all your eGiving. Abundant™ is the one total giving tool your church needs.

Grow Your Giving: Connect with an eGiving Consultant at Giving Solutions 

ACS Online Giving
Burroughs's Smart Source

Speed through Batches of Checks

Lightening fast remote deposit capture.

ACS SpeedCheck will save your staff time and money by depositing funds and posting contributions automatically. It scans your checks and transmits information to any bank in the U.S. based on the electronic images it captures from the original items.

The cornerstones of Church Ministry Software

You've got options.

ACS Technologies is a ministry development company that helps churches identify their optimum ministry focus, educate their teams for maximum effectiveness, and provide them the right tools to make it all work together to build the Kingdom. Our cornerstones either come ready to use, or you can fully customize your solution to meet your church’s specific needs. 

Ready to Use
Ready to Customize

Our most popular church management solution.

Realm - Church Management Software Solution by ACS Technologies

Online ChMS

100% online and mobile, Realm can be personalized to fit all kinds of faith traditions, roles, and ministry areas.

Custom Dev



Manage Member Information

It's not about data. It's about people and how you touch their lives.

Families and individuals are the heart and soul of your organization. Managing information about them is crucial. You need a trusted system to capture information, track participation, and simplify communication. That’s what our cloud-based church management software (ChMS) is all about.

ACS People Member Information
Pastoral Care

Provide Exceptional Pastoral Care

Tools to help you establish and develop meaningful spiritual relationships.

Ensure your staff, members, and visitors stay fully connected with your ministry. ACS provides powerful church management software contact tools in the cloud to help you become more responsive, proactive, personal, and informed about ongoing outreach at your church.

Also recommended: ACS Attendance and ACS Report Designer

Engage with Small Groups

Enabling people in your church to build relationships on a more personal level.

Small groups are one of the best ways to bring your church together, create lasting relationships, and bring focus to your ministry.

Small Groups

Manage Services and Special Events

Provide opportunities for the people in your church to fellowship.

Events bring your church together and create new opportunities for you to reach out to your community. But in order to pull them off successfully, you need the right tools to help you organize the countless details that go into each one.

Provide Peace of Mind with Child Security

Protecting the youth in your church.

Churches need to be proactive about the safety and protection of the children in their care. This means having in place the necessary security and documentation for dropping off and picking up family members from events like youth group, children’s church, and the nursery.

Get additional peace of mind with ACS Background Checks

Child Security
Background Checks

Run Quick Background Checks

Keep your ministry safe with state-of-the-art background check technology.

Submit background check requests directly from your ACS software to Verified First without having to re-enter information. Verified First is a premier online pre-employment, volunteer, and tenant screening service used by Human Resource professionals, hiring managers, and volunteer recruiters.

Go Mobile

Enable your staff and members to do more on the go from their mobile phone.

ACS Church Life is an easy-to-use app that’s free and available to all current Access ACS and Facility Scheduler clients. Your church members and staff simply use the same username and password that they use for Access ACS.

Recommended modules: Access ACS and ACS Church Life

Download the ACS Church Life mobile app for iPhone or for Android

Mobile Apps
Multi-Site Churches

Multi-Site Church Administration

Coordinate church information across every location.

Churches with additional campuses can track information in one centralized system. ACS stores data about multiple ministry locations and tracks donations given at each location. Advanced controls enable administrators to create specific security rights to define the information available to authorized staff members.

Denominational Office Software

Bringing together vital information about the churches in your denomination.

Not only does ACS support the needs of the local church, denominations can take advantage of our connective structure to aggregate information from all of its participating churches. Dioceses, associations, districts, presbyteries, synods, conferences, and conventions use ACS to provide higher quality leadership and services to their member churches and organizations.

Denominational headquarters can track personnel and membership data from individual churches and roll up the data into comprehensive directories, accurate statistical reports, and comparative reports and graphs—all while communicating the right information to the right people.

HeadMaster Childcare
HeadMaster logo

Provide Quality Care to Children

Make common daycare tasks easier for your staff.

HeadMaster™ provides churches and childcare centers with administration, billing, accounting, donor tracking, and communication in a single, cloud-based solution.

Send email newsletters to everyone on your contact list and see who is opening them and what's catching their interest.

ACS Technologies is pleased to partner with Constant Contact. Constant Contact is helping ministries everywhere bring style and sophistication to their email campaigns and communications. With easily customized design templates, real-time response tracking, and features designed to help you grow your audience the right way, Constant Contact will change the way you interact with your visitors, members and fans.

  • Available to all ACS clients on  ACS version 10.0 and higher
  • Send data from your database automatically into your choice of mailing lists
  • Get started fast with customizable HTML email templates
  • Create email campaigns in a snap with Constant Contact’s easy-to-use Email Wizard
  • Build, manage, and secure your email marketing contacts
  • Send email marketing communications and be confident they’ll get delivered
  • Get results fast with instant tracking and reporting
  • Extend the life of your email marketing when you add Email Archive
  • Access a stock image gallery of 3400 pictures when you add Premium Image Hosting
  • Get help every step of the way with FREE coaching & support

Billing is based on the number of email addresses in your account, not on the number of emails that are sent. Terms and pricing tiers are listed on the Constant Contact Web Site. Prepaid Nonprofit and Education discounts are also available and listed.

HeadMaster logo
An ACS™ integration with HeadMaster™ Software

Childcare for the next generation.

ACS™ with HeadMaster™ helps churches provide quality, individualized care to children, communicate with parents, handle billing, and equip your staff to run a professional childcare service.

Provide Quality Care to Children

Access important information any time.

HeadMaster stores all of your information safely in the cloud behind a private, staff-only login so you can conveniently perform your administrative tasks anywhere.

Store all kinds of family contact information.

HeadMaster gives you the flexibility to add any number of addresses, contact numbers, and family member details if children split time between multiple households.

Keep immunization and health records handy.

Lookup a child’s immunization records, allergies, emergency contacts, or any other meaningful health information from the convenience of your connected device.

Monitor child to teacher ratios in real-time.

Maintain mandated staffing levels through out the day by using HeadMaster’s check-in system to see exactly how long a child attended the program and who picked them up.

Track details for field trips and other activities.

Use an unlimited number of custom fields to track important event dates, permission forms and releases, and event-specific rosters for those signed up to attend.

Add Value to Parents

Provide extra value back to families.

Connect with parents and students outside of the classroom by enabling them to go online and view School and Class announcements, homework, assignments, grades, progress, and communicate with teachers.

Communicate important details more often.

Your staff can quickly create personalized messages to your parents by inserting custom fields into your correspondence. Messages can be sent via email or printed for mail, and HeadMaster tracks and records all instances of communication.

Post events and reminders to a shared calendar.

Maintain a master calendar for your staff and families in HeadMaster, and publish the information online so parents can see what’s upcoming whenever they sign in. You can even include detailed notes for each calendar item.

Accept online and mobile payments.

Parents can sign in to see their outstanding tuition and lunch balances and make secure payments while online or from the mobile app.

Include the mobile app at no additional cost.

Parents can connect from anywhere with the free HeadMaster iPhone and Android mobile app. It gives families instant access to important information on their mobile device or tablet at no additional charge.

Billing Included

Tuition Billing

Track various tuition rates, fees, and discounts according to different frequencies. Generate invoices, post payments, and give parents the ability to see consolidated family balances and make payments online.

Lunch Program

Turbo-charge your lunch program by enabling teachers to enter orders from the classroom, providing summary reports to cafeteria staff, and giving parents the ability to order and pay online.


Accounting Software

In addition to billing, we provide a full fund accounting system that integrates with HeadMaster. By connecting accounting with student information, you can link tuition payments directly to General Ledger and calculate payroll based on time logs.

SMS Text Messaging

Modernize the way you communicate by using SchoolCast. Easily send important voice, email, or text messages to parents, faculty, and specific groups like sports teams and clubs.

Donation Tracking

Keep your donation information in sync with your family contact information and record contributions directly into your accounting system when bundled with ACS Financials.

Staff Background Checks

Run prospective staff or volunteer background checks directly from HeadMaster. This is an additional service offered by Verified First, one of our partners.

Send direct mail more efficiently to people outside your church.

Track key contact information for anyone who isn’t a member or prospective member, but with whom you stay in touch. Use Special Mailings to communicate with area pastors, other churches and nonprofits, and media contacts. When you want to invite community members to special musical or outreach events, Special Mailings can help.

  • Create, organize and manage unlimited group lists
  • Save and reuse lists for future mailings and save time
  • Add, delete, move, or copy names to multiple lists, making the management of lists flexible for the future
  • Select whole lists, partial lists, or individuals with mail distribution
  • Maintain any number of mailing lists on the system with an unlimited number of persons or groups on each list
  • Add or delete records at any time
  • Print lists for all groups, select groups, or individual groups
  • Enter either a person’s name or organization’s name (A name or organization may be included in as many groups as needed but only has to be entered one time)
  • Support delivery point bar coding, ZIP + 4, line of travel and carrier route coding